Steemians Support Open Mic - Musicians Coming Together For New Live Music Curation Project

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Music is a universal language that unites us all and Steemians have another way to come together musically.
Steemians Open Mic is a great, new project designed to unite musicians on the Steemit platform.


Since its inception 8 weeks ago, many musicians and singers have donated their talent and time to the project and it looks like it's here to stay for a while.

Here's a few of the many comments and words of encouragement from people who have taken part in Open Mic.





Giving musicians the incentive to post a song on their blog has earned them rewards even if they don't win the Open Mic contest. I have seen them earn some good payouts, but more importantly it's fun.

Some musicians have earned rewards that would make a busker (street musician) very happy.

We're currently on our 9th week of running the project and the list of performers keeps growing, vote counts are up, entries are up and some of the posts have been picked up by the @curie project.

As of today the "openmic" tag is placed at number 31 of the top 100 tags

open mic top 100.png

In addition to the $1544 SBD in payouts this tag has earned for Steemians so far there's also 2500 in Steem Prizes that have been rewarded thanks to @pfunk and myself sponsoring the program, plus additional rewards just for posting an original song.

I'm getting a number of people telling me that they have used the Open Mic contest as an easy way of introducing their musician friends to Steemit and some have joined just to enter Open Mic.

For a musician to make a few bucks playing a song is the coolest feeling in the world and to be able to do that without ever leaving your living room is awesome.

Hearing people sing and play from all over the world is a special bonus.

One way you could help promote Open Mic and possibly attract new users to Steemit in the process is to add a link to your blog entry to the description of your Youtube video when you enter the contest so people not on Steemit can find out about Steemit. Also, adding a link to the contest in your Steemit blog will help people discover about the contest too.

So many people have entered so far and it's just getting started. My plans for the future are:

  • Make some promotional videos that could be used to introduce people who are not currently on Steemit to the platform that we can use to recruit musicians to join us
  • Best Of Steemians music CD
  • More collaboration between musicians across the platform.

Below are all the winning entries over the last 8 weeks. Many more have entered then the ones listed below. These are just the ones who placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

I want to thank everyone who entered, upvoted, commented, resteemed and helped spread the word about this fun, inspiring Open Mic contest and encourage you to give it a try, even if you just sing with the radio you can still enter. Here's the link to Open Mic Week 9

Soul Searching Original Music Steemit Open Mic --- by @senseiteekay

Final words

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

Victor Hugo



Awesome stuff! Would love to collaborate with other musicians to make some cool tunes. We can start a new Steemit based mega band and call it Steem or something :-) Just picked up the huge sounding Giant Piano VST software based instrument from Native Instruments and started a new song in the video below. Would anyone like to collaborate and help complete it? Interested in making music for any vocal work anyone might have too. Kind of stuck with where to go from where it's at now. Song could use some lyrics / vocals, real guitar, horns, flute, tambourines, hand claps or whatever anyone would like to add.

Awesome track! Would you like to join us at Open Mic?

cant wait to see more come to steemit

I love seeing how openmic is growing and the fact that so many pieces are originals! Keep up the great work. I haven't shelved my voice but I have to admit that competing against originals is gonna be tough.

You have a lovely voice and should keep singing. Always a pleasure to hear you sing.

@luzcypher I agree @merej99 let's join again !
chat me!

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You may have jumped the gun a little on claiming this is an undervalued post. It seems to have earned a far amount of rewards. Thanks for noticing the post though.

@luzcypher Thanks for all your efforts!
I love open-mic cause when I sing with my sis - this usually happens but here I stood a chance :D. Thanks to the generous sponsors!
I love @papa-pepper's entry the most - all original and easy to sing along with ^ ^