OPEN MIC WEEK 8 ---- "STEEMIT LIKE YOU MEAN IT" ---- New Original Song for STEEMIT From @papa-pepper

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A brand new STEEMIT song fresh out of my mind seemed like the best way to go for my first entry to the OPEN MIC Week 8 Competition from @luzcypher.

I’ve got a lot of older originals, and a ton of covers that I could do, but steemit seems worthy of something fresh and new. I dedicate this song to the over 900 users that choose to follow @papa-pepper, and to everyone on steemit!


The beat is a track that one of my rapper friends JP made some years ago. I actually have a completely different song written and recorded to the same beat, with a whole different sound and lyrical pattern to it, so that makes things even more difficult. A brand new song full of lyrics that I have not yet memorized is always a tough one to do in one take, but here’s what I got.

These are the lyrics that I was aiming for.


It’s time to steemit

So steemit like you mean it

It’s time to steemit

So steemit all night

It’s time to steemit

So steemit like you mean it

In my opinion

Steemit’s all right

They say they like you on facebook but do they really mean it?

I mean I get paid when I post on steemit

They pay me in steem and put it in my account

And if I got expenses then I transfer it out

I bought some gas and I bought me a pig

Steem is the cryptocurrency that I dig

For a while I was buying stuff like a whole bunch

I even bought a hamburger and I ate it for lunch


Since I’ve been on steemit I must confess

I’ve really had some fun with the different contests

Sometimes I will enter, hoping to win

And even when I don’t I’ll enter again

Steemit really is the best place for me

In my opinion – the only place to really be

Where else can you post a simple recipe

And get votes backed with cryptocurrency?

It seems the more I post, the more that I learn

But if you never join, then you will never earn


With facebook propaganda and twitter full of lies

I cast off the censorship and opened up my eyes

Those sites were the only options back in the day

But now there’s a platform that will actually pay

Steemit man, it is here to stay

And show people online that there’s a better way

So get with the times – you gotta keep current see?

Get with the blockchain and the steemit currency


Like anything that’s new steemit’s faced some scrutiny

it ain’t just a platform it’s more like a community

You could make some real steem if a picture you would take

When you put a scorpion in your mouth or pick up a snake

Yes I understand maybe that’s not your thing

But you could get paid when you rap or you sing

Write a story about yourself hugging on a tree

Or just drop some fiction or some poetry

Other places you pay to play OR you play for free

But steemit is the one place where they’re payin' me


I like the whales but the whales I like most

Are the ones who stop by and they upvote my posts

A big thanks to @ned and to @dantheman

I appreciate you guys and I would shake your hand

You gotta be on steemit to know what I mean

Now I’m a STEEMhead so gimme the steem

I won’t eliminate the competition, that’s not my position

I’m not a showstopper – cuz I’m the papa

pepper man, reaching out my helping hand to help the other man – hope you will understand

Upvote and resteem another man – and helpin' out with advice whenever I can


So a BIG THANKS to everyone who’s ever followed me

Your upvotes and comments, they mean the world to me

And I’m glad to see you here where your thoughts mean something

Cuz on other platforms you will get paid nothin

I think steemit’s got us fully under it’s spell

Where we will go – only time will tell

But I got me some steem and I’m getting more soon

Up up and away- steemits going to the moon

It’s time to steemit

So steemit like you mean it (REPEAT…)

These are a few of my favorite lyrics:

They say they like you on facebook but do they really mean it?

I mean I get paid when I post on steemit

Other places you pay to play OR you play for free

But steemit is the one place where they’re payin me

And, of course:

So a BIG THANKS to everyone who’s ever followed me

Your upvotes and comments, they mean the world to me

What was your favorite part of the song?

Also, if you think that you can do better, or if you want to give @papa-pepper some competition, check out the official Open Mic Week 8 post from @luzcypher.

If you liked this song, check out my other one I posted:



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@papa-pepper very nice beat and I loved the lyrics. If you have some room, add the music-trail on future posts. Thanks for the video and tune.

Thanks for the compliment and the advice @instructor2121!

Glad you liked the song and the lyrics!

Ohhhh Yeaah

It’s time to Re-steem
So Re-steem like you mean it
It’s time to Re-steem
So steemit all night
It’s time to Re-steem
So Re- steem like you mean it
In my opinion
Papa- Pepper this is the best post i seen today

Wow, my own tribute song!!!!!

Thanks @guineapig!

ALL RIGHT ! OMG! That was pretty awesome! So love the beat , and what a catchy tune ! " Its in my head now haha! Its Time To Steemt , Steemit Like You Mean It ! " Heheh! Thats great! You rock @papa-pepper ! I really hope you win! Steem On! 🎙🎸🎤🎼🎵🎶🎸🎤🎙


I hope so too, but no matter what, STEEMIT now has another tribute song!

You Bet ! Like no other ! Its awesome! Steem on! Im finding myslf singing your jingle! Haha! Im sure im not the only one! 🎤🎼🎵🎶🎙

Thanks for the resteem too!

I hope you catch some Whale Love ! 🎣🐳🎣🐳🎣

I just hope it blesses others, but whale love is great too!


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Thanks, I think STEEM is priceless!!!


Man, this was AWESOME! Thank you for letting me know.


Always got my respect and upvote.

Thanks again @ethanjames!

I think I might enter in the weeks to come too!

WOW! Such a cool post @papa-pepper. Good to have you on Open Mic!

I think that you can expect to see more of me around the Open Mic...

My apologies for taking so long, but I think it was worth the wait!

ha haaaaaaaaaaaa
Rock out with your socks out!

The one thing I love is the way that you always maintain and overstep the competitive edge!

I love the competition, but I still have to try to eliminate it!

Thanks @breezin!

@papa-pepper Wowza!
Love the lyrics - and the beat! Makes me wanna danza!

Good Luck! I hope you win it!
I mean it ! (that rhymes haha!)

EDIT : replayed - hahaha so cool ;)!

Thanks for that!

It's just the way that I steemit, like i mean it!

Nice entry bro. You've got that old school flow. You got me saying, "Well whaddya know"
I'm sure you'll win since you did your best
Stay creative, inspirational and hoping you're blessed

Appreciate that @verbal-d.

I'm not sure that I'll win, but I did do my best.

Gotta steemit like you mean it, you know?

You'd be surprised. I am sure you will be rewarded in many ways for this song. Your best was enough for sure. It's nice to see more competitions getting involved.

Yeah, I've got hundreds of songs that I could do, so I'm glad that I finally got one entered!

Thanks for the support!

Yeah I'm glad you entered too, winners are announced tomorrow, so best of luck to us both indeed. I think I'll have to pray to place top 3

We will see what happens, and I've got some great ideas for the future!

Thanks for your encouragement!

Awesome song! I wish you win!

Me too!

We will see, thanks for the support @teamsteem!

You're my steemit hero @papa-pepper!

Wish I had seen this video before I made mine because your confidence always inspires me brother.

Time to Steemit like I mean it!

You can always watch it before the next entry you make!

Keep it up @senseiteekay!

Catchy song, and fly glasses!

Yeah, I didn't want everyone to be watching me read the lyrics, so I opted to drop the glasses and go for sunglasses!

Thanks @daveks!

Wow.... add song writer and singer to the business card. :-)

"I even bought a hamburger and I ate it for lunch"
@Technology Approves.

Wow, someone went overboard and bought a lot more hamburgers than I did!


Steemit like you mean it!! Great stuff @papa-pepper!

You can use it as your "Entrance Music" if you want...

For when you enter the kitchen!

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I love your entry, papa!
You are truly adorable. :D

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