How I Cured My "Incurable" Health Problems (And How You Can Too!)

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Do you want to live healthier, happier, longer? I know that sounds a bit click-batey but I want to share something with you that may just make those dreams a reality.

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The cold hard truth is, just under 5 years ago, I (yours truly) was in an emotional, physical and spiritual rut. I was sick... I mean genuinely hate my life sick.

I could barely go for any amount of time without catching some cold or illness. I had a permanent (though arguably sexy) rasp to my voice and a stomach that was constantly battling with the rest of my body. I was so exhausted I felt like I could not continue on. My father was worried, my immune system was MIA and I was passing through my twenties in the blink of an eye.

You are what you eat:
My average diet consisted of a hefty portion of meat, usually some steak or hamburger, shrimp, chicken, bacon, add in all the cheese, milk, butter (oh the butter) and then the breads, crackers, pizza crusts and top it all off with some cheese and meat again... I was an avid carnivore who would sooner switch out a veg option for a side of sour cream.

eggs from the fire.jpg
This is me eating fried eggs from the fire camping in Guatemala

To be fair, I wasn't always this way. When I was young, I would refuse the meat and dairy offered to me and beg my grandma to let me eat fruits instead.

What happened?

I was in university, the height of my prime and yet I was sick to the point that my doctor had given up hope for me after a file-folder that was more like a novel and a never-ending list of misdiagnoses!

When all of this vegetable nonsense/hippie weirdo stuff (in my opinion at the time) started coming my way- I threw a temper tantrum in public (more than once). I cried like a little 5 year old brat. I screamed and I made an ass out of myself, at one point even telling a health care practitioner that I was being abused by this horrendous attack to my diet. All the while, I was refusing to give up what I valued most: my food.

Fast forward:

Phili Cheese Collage.jpg

Holy MOLY my world has completely flipped upside down! My at one point actually horrendous skin has cleared up to the point of surprising me everytime I look into the mirror! My once frizzy unmanageable hair is now beautifully smooth, healthy and grows super fast. The pains in my sides that used to hospitalize me are now no more and it's all because I committed to learning and understanding what's on my plate!
The best part is, I haven't given up anything! I've changed my habits and I enjoy food more now than I ever did!

Boy, do I feel dumb for not doing this sooner.

I know more than anyone that no one likes to be preached to or prodded on the subject of food but I'm here to share with you, everything in my life has changed and I owe it to this kind of information that I'm linking in! This kind of information can save lives. I know it sure has changed mine!

I hope by sharing these experiences here now, it gives you the same kind of opportunity to give it a second thought! My mind was once completely sealed closed but now that it's been opened, I will forever be grateful for my new life!

Vegucated: 2010

Free Youtube link here!

This is a really powerful doco that just puts our health, and environment into perspective in a relatable way! It follows the journey of 3 non-vegans as they undergo a vegan challenge for this documentary.

It comes with the highs, the lows, the impacts and the slips and best of all, we can see firsthand the impact this change can have on someone's life!

I hope you give this a watch and I send you love and healing!

As you know, I believe we can all heal through our food and it's my mission to share that!

XOXO PS: Check out my new plant based donut recipe that is made with healthy ingredients! See it here!

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I'm a similar health journey too of transforming my body. Do you ever crave for meat, dairy or processed foods? How would you deal with cravings if they were to pop up?


HI @victoriacalloway =D Hmmm how would I deal with those cravings... I am trying my best to think of a possible scenario in which a craving would pop up but at this point in my life, I just genuinely do not believe that would happen as I have rid my body of the addictive tendencies that would initiate a craving.

That said, a long time ago I used to have cravings and I would solve them by eating the plant based version of whatever it was ie: ice cream- vegan ice cream, burger- veggie burger, cheese- cashew cheeze. That helped me through it all =D

awesome food.. nice post


yes i agree you

it is delicious, greetings

Nutritious food contains lots of energy, you are eating delicious, I think many tests seem to you ??

There are so many problems that one MUST counter, as it is ONLY way one is able to lead a happy life. I make sure to keep myself on with health radar. And it is incredibly useful with, as it’s the BEST place through which you can keep on with knowing how to handle health. I feel absolutely great with their guidance and has helped me with my life in major way.


That's great that you've found somewhere that resonates with you to improve your health! =D

Wow! How inspiring! I've just enjoyed your reading. Seeing your photos showing your meals, with a healthy and ful- of- life face, the delicious donuts and, most of all, the good style and interesting contents of your analysis. -- cambur-pla.JPGCongratulations and thanks so much for this gift.


Hi @nexonal :) You are most welcome, it's literally the reason why I am here! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed! Have a great weekend!