Antioxidant Galaxy Smoothie: Get ‘Out of This World’ Younger Looking, Beautiful Skin!💜

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Your skin has been asking for this and your tummy won't mind one bit at all to do the honors!

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I was cleaning out my computer closet, making some space for all the amazing photos I have yet to share with you all. when I came across this beautiful smoothie I made last year! You've got to try it!

All of the ingredients in this beautifully, delicious little number are gathered together to pump your body full of antioxidants thus, giving you younger looking, tighter/firmer, brighter skin! Who doesn’t want that?

I have noticed a dramatic difference in the appearance of my skin since I redesigned my diet to disclude any animal products- that means no butter, meat, milk, cheese, yogurt etc and that completely altered the texture of my skin beyond my expectations! I started pumping my skin with beneficial ingredients instead of blocking it up with foods that build up in the body! Everyone talks about the vegan glow and it's definitely true for me (and nothing in my whole life worked before this so I am THRILLED!

Let me share a delicious recipe with you that doesn't have the typical smoothie ingredients like milk or yogurt but instead, will rock your world!

Papaya-Orange, Coconut-Banana, Dragonfruit Antioxidant Twist

Smoothies are a great way to play around with your food! You can try a different combination every day by adding similar ingredients with different proportions and it can be a lot of fun to experiment with new flavors and colors!

Most of the time, I keep things simple and don’t add in anything other than water or juice into my smoothies (occasionally coconut milk or cream like this one if I want something a bit thicker!) Normally, I like to keep my wake-up drink light, sweet and delicious to jump-start my day full of healthy sugars and clean energy and might make a thicket one later in the day!

IMG_6992 (2).JPG

In order to achieve this out-of-this-world-galaxy experience you’ll need to form layers in the smoothie.

How do you do that? Simply put, it’s going to depend on the weight of the liquids you add and you need to do it in steps.

IMG_6971 (2).JPG

If we start like this, (which looks really cool on its own even before we mix), you’ll notice that there are obvious layers throughout. I blended each section separately and poured them gently on top of each other.

Ingredients: (makes 2 servings)





  • Blend the ‘orange’ ingredients together (do not add any water! The orange should be enough to blend your mixture together, you want it to be thick!)
  • Pour ‘orange’ section into cups
  • Blend ‘white’ ingredients together, you want it to be thick and creamy!
  • Pour ‘white’ section into cups
  • Blend the ‘pink’ section together, for this part it’s better to be a bit more liquidy than the previous sections!
  • Now you can add the ‘pink’ section ontop, it should all stay in its layers like shown here!
  • If you want, you can drink it like this but if you want the galaxy effect, take a utensil and put it in the cup, continually gently lifting the liquid to the top, mixing it bit by bit and creating your own masterpiece!


Now you have this fantastic, beautiful smoothie to share with your face and your friends!

Play around with it, do different layerings, Instagram it and most importantly, enjoy it!

BEWARE people might want to start licking your face! ;)

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This looks amazing and looks so delicious and extremely healthy.
I have never tried the dragon fruit yet.
Thank you for sharing this awesome smoothie and the health benefits it gives us.

Dogs are people too, when comes to face licking. :)

That looks so amazing and tempting! The colors are so rich how can it not be nutritious! I always have a beautiful bowl of colors when I juice, I hate to mix them lol. I'll have to try this combo!

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so beautiful!

Soooooo beautiful Sweetie and I can only imagine the taste 🍒 🍌🍑🌿🍍🍓🍇

@heart-to-heart I have a serious problem with this smoothie...

It's that you haven't made it for me sooner.

Cause if you had.

I would know how good you are at making food - that is bad.


When I say, bad. I mean Michael Jackson BAD!

You know- how he started to look real bad at the end of his life...

Now get in my brain mouth!