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Today's thought

So it’s been 3 months since I recruited @ivargereiko to help me undergo a body transformation. I met Ivar seven months ago at Steemfest 2 where he agreed to guide my body transformation and in February we had our first session.

It’s been 3 months and I’ve been training with Ivar twice, sometimes three times a week. However my sessions with Ivar have been part of the story. I’ve adopted a “no-days-off” mentality when it has come to training. I try to make sure I do something everyday, whether it’s kickboxing with @colossus39 or jogging or going to my local gym to do a workout.

Also a lot of the work for the transformation happens outside of the gym, primarily in the kitchen. Even though I haven’t strictly stuck to Ivar’s eating plan, I’ve been monitoring my calorie intake to ensure that I’m in a deficit.

I’ve lost around 20lb in three months. I’m well on my way to getting shredded however I appreciate the hard work really starts now. Each pound of fat lost will be harder to lose and each ounce of muscle harder to retain… but I’m looking forward to the challenge!

Three months ago…

2018-02-13 09.32.09.jpg


2018-05-22 11.46.42.jpg

2018-05-22 11.46.40.jpg

I’m keeping a daily log of my activities, trials and tribulations which you can follow on my fitness account @fitat40.

Today's stats

MonthDayMorning WeightCalories InWorkoutProtein (g)Carbs (g)Fats (g)
TueMay22218.52440Chest +300cal Cardio16424754

Today's workout

Chest workout

Incline Bench Press/ Leg Raises/ Incline Narrow Push-ups
36kg x15/ x15/ x15
48kg x15/ x15/ x15
56kg x15/ x15/ x15
56kg x15/ x15/ x15

Chest Fly/ Pec Dec/ Obliques
20kg x15/ 25 x15/ x15
20kg x15/ 35 x15/ x15
20kg x15/ 35 x15/ x15
20kg x15/ 35 x15/ x15

TRX Rows/ TRX Abs + Pushups/ Burpees
x15/ x15/ x15
x15/ x15/ x15
x15/ x15/ x15

Last month stats

MonthDayMorning WeightCalories InWorkoutProtein (g)Carbs (g)Fats (g)
SatApril28223.41826Cardio+Bag work12212466
SunApril29223.43591Cardio + Legs112353185
WedMay22231998Rest day15424845
ThuMay3221.62221Chest +300cal Cardio14717696
FriMay4221.52206Legs +300cal Cardio130189192
SatMay5220.22216Abs +300cal Cardio13118898
SunMay6221.43160+300cal Cardio155256103
MonMay7223.23501Rest day111323165
TueMay8223.42178Push/ Pull +300cal Cardio15320088
WedMay9222.52087+300cal Cardio15816288
ThuMay10222.31953Push/ Pull +300cal Cardio15925937
FriMay11221.21879+1000cal Cardio12718072
SatMay12221.71288Hill Sprints10412837
SunMay13220.63094+300cal Cardio131320141
MonMay142222260Insanity Day 1145188104
WedMay16220.22143Rest day15321175
FriMay18219.12477+300cal Cardio, Kickboxing14521866
SatMay19218.53152Rest day134403144
SunMay20219.31831Leg day, bag work13167116
MonMay21217.92052+300cal Cardio, bag work17616973
TueMay22218.52440Chest +300cal Cardio16424754

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My video is at DLive


You are looking really slim right now and i am happy that your dedication pays off,

It's good to read your fitness artical on your regular vlog @nanzo-scoop

Thanks - I really appreciate your following and feedback on my @fitat40 account.

It's a pleasure to see you work towards your fitness goals and your fitness update also give me motivation to keep myself in shape because i know how hard it is to keep ourselves in discipline because I myself loose almost 25 kg last year.
So all the best for you future fitness plans @nanzo-scoop.

Wow...this is amazing transformation and a good reward for healthy living and hardwork.
I hope you have a reward system for yourself to keep the steam alive😃

Great one...im inspired

Thank you - yes, I make sure I have the occasional 'cheat meal' to keep my going however the biggest reward is having to extra energy to keep up with my kids!!

Isn't it just amazing how the very little things in our lives turn out to be so precious and important and lso how the blockchain can conbect to iur real-life experiences.

I should get some chisel on my body soon...lol

lol... good luck with that. Yes, blockchain is just a tool, it up to us how we use it! 👍

hey that is a quite an achievement.Within just three month it's tough to believe.If someone see the first picture of before starting work out he will be stunned.I am sure you people did very hard work to achieve that kind of body.I just like the fit guys,in fact every one likes that.But there is a only very few people who is ready to work that much to achieve that kinds of body.I think you are a work freak man who never takes day off.Is that a right way to work?I think some times you should take a break from your work,otherwise your life will be boring.

Thanks - yes a lot of pushing myself in the gym.

I think spending a minimum of 30 minutes a day working up a sweat isn't too much work. Especially if you varying up (weight-lifting, cardio, martial arts even things like yoga). Life sometimes gets in the way so I may naturally miss a day here or there. However I believe including a workout in my daily routine is the way to go.

That's great thinking man.You love your work it's nice man.

Just unbelievable.That is really a huge transformation.Three months ago he had tires and lots of fat all over his body now it awesome man.Hard work always pays off.Great job done man.

Thanks - much appreciated!

You are most well come @nanzo-scoop.Looking really great.

Mate that's seriously impressive, can I ask how old you are? (I'm just asking cos I'm 52 and with all due respect, I suspect you're no spring chicken yourself lol)

Thanks! I'm in my early 40s... so yes, no spring chicken! What I lack in youth I make up for in patience, persistence and youthful-enthusiasm!

Well whatever it is, respect to you. The before and afters prove the results which must be really satisfying for you. Just wondered if your next post was going to about your back,sack and crack experience lol ;-)
Keep up the hard work young man, and I look forward to the next update :-)

Lol... Thanks an experience I can do without!! 😱

Amazing transformation, your body changes are noticeables. You seem more athletic. Your journey is an inspiration for me: I've started to go to the gym 2 months ago, because I wanted to have a new body which in I could feel confident and also to be healthier, because I have pre-diabetes. I congratulate you for your effort, because I know how hard it is. Keep going. This changes will come with a lot of rewards in the long-term.
Can I ask you, how much cardio do you do? That's my eternal doubt, I don't know how much to do in order to help burn fat but without stoping my progress with the muscular gain.

Thanks! 👍

I do a fair bit of cardio. I'm more strategic about it now than I use to be. My current approach is to try to burn 300 calories in pure cardio 3 or 5 times a week. I try to vary it to keep my body guessing. Sometimes do it on the treadmill, sometimes I do HIIT (hill sprints), sometimes I do treadmill. Sometimes I do fasted cardio.

My sessions with Ivar are quite cardio intensive too. Lots of supersets and circuit training.

I think the fear of losing muscle mass is more psychological than real. If you're overweight (like I still am) becoming lean means losing size, I often feel skinny when I lose size however in order to see any muscle (and definition) I had to lose the fat covering it! Which means being in a calorie deficit. I love my food so I do cardio to get the job done! 👍Cardio is also good to keep the heart healthy but you can do without it as long as you're in hitting the caloric deficit you need.

As long as your protein intake is good, you're not starving yourself (i.e. losing weight too drastically) and you're lifting weights consistently, you should minimise any muscle loss, so I wouldn't be overly concerned about that.

I have been doing exactly the same thing the past couple months, using this secondary steemit account (my main account is @costanza) to post a daily update on the progress I'm making during a 100 day challenge where I put much more focus on my health, fitness and social life. It really has been a great way to stey with it and push myself. Seeing how you transfomed really motivates me to do even better. It has been also a great way to experience what new accounts have to go through to grow on steemit which I learned a lot from.

I have also been socially active looking for like minded accounts that are in daily work outs and healthy food but never came across your body transformation account. Shows how difficult it actually is to get noticed on this platform. I'm following now.

I'm really impressed by your progress picture !
Keep it up

Thanks I'll be following your progress and showing some support - keep it up!! 👍 You even have a 'no fap' streak... that's what I call dedication and keeping it real!!

Well! I always love to see people working out and inspiring the world. I am dying to start my run since i got an injury for last 6 months and still not recovered fully.

Nyway let's cut to the chase.

The transformation is very much visible I don't need to talk about that, but the great thing I notice is has 1st the fats too and you look much cooler n younger. And I sure these posts will inspire a lot of people to move their arses.

I did'nt know about your @fitat40 blog, have subscribed to it. Cheers!

Thanks! 👍Yes the main thing has been to focus on reducing body fat. Getting lean is the best way to reveal what muscle exists underneath.

I hope you're able to recover soon and start running again. 🙏

Well done!! Looking great! Real exapmle what hard and consistent work pays off!! Well done!!!

Thanks Ivar! You take most of the credit. Whether your guidance I would have no were near these amount of gains! Thanks man!! 👍

That is what you call hard work plays off . I’ve been trying to loose a lot of stomach fat after the baby but can’t seem to loose it . Can you give me some tips on stomach fat ?

My wife has the same battle... I always say that stomach fat/ loose skin is a symbol of the beauty people she delivered into the world! It's something that should be admired more in society....

Back to the question though, I don't think there is a way to just reduce the stomach fat. I try to focus on reducing overall fat, the body will decide where it takes it from, eventually it will have no choice but to go get it from the tummy also! 😀

But society here in NYC judges . And it makes me feel worse about myself . Maybe using wraps one toamch while working out ?

And you’re right , overall target is better than targeting one area

wow, amazing body change.
in just three months you become a bodybuilder.
ideal body shape.
congratulations for you.

Thanks - not quite a bodybuilder yet but working on it! As long as I'm healthy and lean that will do me.

You are welcome..
Good luck...!!

wow Tony! you look amazing and lost insane amount of weight! well done im so proud of you and @ivargereiko work!!

I think I put half of the weight back on eating your delicious food on Saturday! 😀Can't wait for the next one!

I've been putting in work myself to get my behind in shape and to see this really inspires me to not stop!

If I can work on what I eat and do things right, I should be good to go! Thanks for posting your updates!

Good luck with getting back in shape... getting back started is always the hardest part.

@nanzo-scoop, You're looking to be really handsome and great looks body build facts. You're doing amazing task. Better work out schedule you've. Last month stats nice to see and shown your growth up. Congrats your body building and slim shaping work.

this is amazing. That is really a very big change in the near future. all this time I often see it takes several months for someone fatty like you do it. but you only need Three months to be like this, really a very amazing change.

Lol... 'someone fatty' like me 😂 😂 😂 I guess I was piling on the pounds a bit, who would have known what was lying underneath that fat!

😂 😂 😂 now there is nothing you need to worry about anymore. with the body as you have now, you look more captivating.😂

wow unbelievable...........
In just 3months you've been able to come up with this great transformation....
Really inspiring..
Happy TRANSITION @nanzo-scoop.

wow you are a real inspiration ! Keep it it buddy, train hard and eat well, those are the 2 most important things !

They are indeed - thanks! 👍

I'm just wondering to see your growing process via content and videos. Congratulations @nanzo-scoop. You might great work for shape your body. Nice you decided to shared.

I post more regular content on my @fitat40 blog. I'll probably do a compilation video when I reach my target. 👍

Damn mate, thats an incredible before and after and you aint even at the end of your after! Top notch!

Thanks! 👍It's good to take stock of progress but you're right, I'm not at the end of my after yet! Which means more hard work and sweat! 😱 😅

Wow..such a detailed workout given...it is really a great transformation @nanzo-scoop

Thanks you sir 👍... Keeping across the details helps me stay motivated, so I'm happy to share with others.

Its such an inspiration

Nanzo you look freakin amazing! I saw the photo of you on Appics before I saw this & I was like daaaaaamnnnnnn I want to be that fly @ 40 haha!!! Great inspiration dude x

haha... I'm sure you will be (and are)! Thanks! 👍

This is really awesome and inspirational for others too awesome workout you did all these days :)

Wow!!!! You're looking great. Congratulations for your discipline and hard work, I know it's not easy, but you made it!!!

👍Thanks, I'm getting there, slowly but surely!

Bro as a 40 year old you are looking better than some 18 year old kids. Keep up the gains

Thanks! 👍 I wish I'd found Ivar when I was 18... who knows what my body would look like now if I had!!

WOW! Congrats! Way to achieve your fitness goals. That's amazing!!!!

Thanks! I'm getting closer to my target. 👍

The result is impressive! 20 pounds is a big number,
CONGRATULATIONS @nanzo-scoop!!!
It is never too late to look and feel healthy, you dedicated your effort during these months to have a great result that is incrible, many fail to take that self-challenge so to speak!
apart from that it is very good because you leave everything explained, so that other people can achieve what you achieved!
Something I would like to know is about food, what is your daily diet that helps your transformation? What do you have to eat?

Thanks! My diet varies most days I try to eat clean, wholesome healthy foods. Some days I'm not so healthy! 😆However I always try to make sure I burn more calories in the gym than I eat!

It is difficult, but your perseverance in 3 months have given you an excellent result and that makes me happy. ;)

The most delicious food is the one that does more damage, but it really is what we like. :(

When you have time @nanzo-scoop review the message that I left you in the chat a few days ago please.

You're doing great. It's cool to see your progress. Keep it up and stay motivated!

Thanks... I'll try to keep it going.

Wow this is amazing, only 3 months there is a significant change. I like it.
I hope you can keep it up.
Thanks for sharing us @nanzo-scoop

Congratulations. Your excellent results are the direct result of your dedication and hard work. Kudos to you.

Looking good @nanzo-scoop. Great progress. Hard work really pays off! I know you had a lot of discipline, otherwise we wouldn't be able to notice this progress. Keep going, because you are inspiring others, including me!
Thanks for sharing.

Whoow that’s really impressive. Hard work does pay off.
Really have to do some myself!

sturdy body has a very strong carbohydrate content, I like with your body pieces as many athletes are bodies like you.
success always keeps you on steemit

[email protected] #41 - My Body Transformation: 3 month update has been resteemed by @resteemmuse

Wow is a big change! You look a lot better now, keep training hard and stay fit :)

Wow! So cool 💪

Wow!!!! You look amazing, congrats to the body transformation... I can imagine the hard work behind it and really well done, Tony!! Time to convince @ezzy to get some proper training from Iva too, lol.

Waiting for @ezzy and @sneak ! It is time for next amazing transformation! By the way we still 1/2 way through with @fitat40 we will push it till six pack will come out!!!!

making gainz ma man :)

What about you sir I also dreaming that I have a body like you thank you for the information it will very help for me to make a body just like you so thank you sir..

Please keep in touch and please about me and comment comment me. And please don't forget to Upvote

Wow, you sure are on your way to getting that awesome body. You have got all it takes already to achieve that; "commitment to your routine exercise". Good one @nanzo-scoop.

Very good post @nanzo-scoop....
I like it....

Nice to meet you. I am a friend from today. I wish you all the best and healthy. Your friend lucky7777

@nanzo-scoop that is indeed a great transformation so far .Many things have improved .While I must say keep it going and those abs are gonna be there in no time.

Workout the triceps , it will suit you even more ;)

Like your body @nanzo-scoop.
It definitely takes a hard workout to get the ideal body.

When I saw the photo of 3 months ago, "What???" Unbelievable. :))) Keep working out makes you not only healthier but also younger. 3 months ago, you looked like almost 50. but now is just 30-40. lol

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