Steemit Contests Compilation (26.03-01.04): Win SBD, STEEM, upvotes and other prizes!

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As usual on Mondays I make a compilation of challenges and contests for current week. This list will be updated on a daily basis with newly found contests. Don’t miss a chance to win some SBD, STEEM, upvotes and other nice prizes.

Fun Contests

ContestAuthorStartEndPrize pool
PhotoBomb Challenge #14@fibra5922.03.1827.03.18$26 paid in STEEM
Comedy Open Mic #6@comedyopenmic23.03.1830.03.18> 60 SBD
WHALESHARES Fun Challenge@officialfuzzy24.03.1831.03.1890 WhaleShares
WILD & STRANGE CONTEST SEASON 13 ROUND 2@papa-pepper25.03.1801.04.18$50 paid in STEEM or SBD
Meme challenge #62@fibra5926.03.1830.03.18$50 paid in STEEM
Make My Day Meme Contest@mermaidvampire27.03.1803.04.181.75 SBD
Steemit Sandwich Contest #34@jaybird27.03.1802.04.1823 STEEM
Weekly Movie GIF Contest #21@lost10827.03.1803.04.1845 WhaleShares

Daily meme contest by @z8teyb289qav9z

Conducted by @z8teyb289qav9z daily. The winner gets a 100% upvote (> $22).

Writing Contests

ContestAuthorStartEndPrize pool
The Poetry Dice Challenge #30@rensoul1722.03.1828.03.189 SBD
Constrained Writing Contest #23@svashta24.03.1831.03.1890% of post’s payout (SBD and STEEM)
Bands About Bands S01:E02@ftlob24.03.1803.04.1810 STEEM
Fox Tales #18@vermillionfox25.03.1831.03.189 SBD
STEEMIT HAIKU CONTEST #22@moonleesteem26.03.1831.03.188 STEEM/SBD
Kudos Short Poem Competition@damianjayclay26.03.1802.04.188 SBD
Fractal Writing Contest #11@nyarlathotep27.03.1803.04.18100% of liquid SBD post payout
STACH Short Story Contest #24@stach28.03.1804.04.1815 SBD

Drawing Contests

ContestAuthorStartEndPrize pool
DESIGN A CHARACTER - Season 9@w0olf23.03.1805.04.1870% of the SBD Rewards + 3 @trophy-token + 200 whaleshares
Artstorm Contest #16@deemarshall26.03.1829.03.182 SBD
Art Explosion #34@juliakponsford26.03.1801.04.1825 STEEM
Pinky And Spiky Drawing Contest #1@organduo26.03.1802.04.1890% of liquid SBD post payout
Untalented Artists Contest #6@artz27.03.1802.04.18100% of liquid SBD post payout
ART CONTEST #12@agneslaczo27.03.1803.04.183 SBD
Zen Colouring Contest #7@magiccleatus27.03.1803.04.1890% of liquid SBD post payout
Design our Logo@steem-bounty28.03.18unknown300 STEEM
Pixel Art Weekly@jonny-clearwater27.03.1803.04.1850% of liquid SBD post payout

Music Contests

ContestAuthorStartEndPrize pool
SML Feedback Contest #5@inthenow16.03.1831.03.1830 SBD + 60 Whaleshares
STEEMIT Open Mic #78@luzcypher25.03.1830.03.18300 STEEM
STEEMIT RAP CHALLENGE #25@rondonson25.03.1830.03.1812 SBD
PitchPerfect Week #9@alejandra2326.03.1830.03.18upvotes and SBD
Worldwide Cypher Jam #27@termitemusic26.03.1802.04.18liquid SBD post payout
Karaoke #34@killerwhale26.03.1802.04.1820 SBD

Photo Contests

ContestAuthorStartEndPrize pool
The Daily Dose Challenge #4@inthenow03.03.1803.04.1810 STEEM
A City a Story #19@aaronli21.03.1827.03.18100% of liquid SBD post payout (minimum 10 SBD)
KillerPix Photography Contest #28@killerwhale22.03.1826.03.1820 SBD
SHADOW PHOTO CONTEST #11@melinda01010022.03.1829.03.185 SBD
COMBINATION PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST #26@papa-pepper23.03.1830.03.1875% of liquid post payout
Steemit Portrait Photography Contest #30@portraitcontest24.03.1813.04.1818+ STEEM and 160 Whaleshares
Weekly Petshots Contest #7@gabeboy25.03.1831.03.18100% of liquid SBD post payout
Wiwcontest #20@dmcamera25.03.1831.03.183 SBD + 100% of liquid SBD post payout
Photo Fun Contest #13@claudiaz25.03.1801.04.185 STEEM
B&W Photo Contest: Waterscape@daveks26.03.1830.03.1820 SBD/STEEM
Photocollagecontest #1@marcovanhassel26.03.1831.03.182 SBD

Daily photo contests

Conducted by @juliank. Don’t forget to follow her not to miss “last day” call for her contests.
Prize pool: 10 SBD daily are shared between winners.

7 World's Continents Photo Challenge

Conducted by @czechglobalhosts.
Submit your personal photo that you took during your travels from the continent of the day and adding a short description between 30 to 50 words. That will give you a chance to go through several rounds of the contest and win approximately 200 SBD in total.

Weekly photo contests

Conducted by @photogames. Several contest every week.

Sports contests

Most sports contest are conducted on schedule of sports tournaments. Follow these Steemians not to miss their regular contest:

NBA Daily Contests

Conducted by @jsock. Liquid posts's earnings are granted to the winners.

Primetime Sports: NFL Weekly Contest

Conducted by @primetimesports. Liquid rewards from the contest post will be divided among 3 winners.


Conducted by @davor27. You need to predict correct result of La Liga matches. The winner will take 3 SBD or 50% of the SBD generated in the contest.Should there be more than one position winner, the prize will be shared.

NFL Winner-Takes-All, Free-For-All and NCAA Football Rivalry Week

Conducted by @ats-david. For those who want to test their prediction skills for american football games.
You can try your luck to win % of SBD rewards.

Soccer Sweepstakes 17/18

Conducted by @nanzo-scoop. Before every Premier League matchweek you have a chance to make your predictions and win 50 STEEM jackpot (if you correctly predict all game results) and SBD allocated to contest post. 1st place wins 60% of the pot, 2nd place wins 30%, 3rd place wins 10%.

Free 1SBD Plus 1SBD

Conducted by @goldkey. Just need to make a prediction for a selected NFL match to get a chance to win some SBD.

NBA Daily Pick'em Contest

Conducted by @sportsncoffee. Make predictions for NBA games and get 50% of liquid post earnings (paid in SBD).

Crypto Forecast contests

1 SBD Daily Giveaway contest

Conducted by @mvrr007 daily. All you need to do is predict which currency from Top 30 Crypto Currencies (from CoinMarketCap) will make maximum growth in next 24 hours.
Prize pool: 1 SBD. The winner takes it all.

Crypto Contest

Conducted by @maarnio daily. All you need is to upvote one of several statements with crypto price forecast. That’s enough to get a chance to win 50% of SBD from contest post.

DAILY Crypto-Guess Contest

Conducted by @killerwhale. Share your price predictions for some crypto coin. If you are a success - get SBD award generated from contest announcing post.

Other Contests

ContestAuthorStartEndPrize pool
Information Finding Championship - Season 1@apolymask26.01.1818.07.18STEEM/SBD payouts from posts and 150 STEEM grand prize
VeganHeroesContest@deliciousplants15.03.1829.03.1810 SBD
GUESS THAT USERNAME #7@bluerthangreen20.03.1827.03.1810 SBD + 50% of liquid SBD post payout
Caption Contest #18@runicar20.03.1827.03.184.5 SBD
"Deskflip and Chill" Logo Design@techslut20.03.18unknown10 SBD
GooglyPrize #36@googlyeyes21.03.1828.03.182.806 SBD + delegation of 131.887 SP
Travel with @iwanderela Challenge@iwanderela22.03.1827.03.1815 SBD
SIMPLE FOOD CONTEST #6@mutitum23.03.1830.03.181.5 SBD
Scrapbook Contest #1@korinkrafting23.03.1831.03.186 SBD
STEEMIT IRON CHEF 2018 #01 Round 11@progressivechef23.03.1830.03.1831 SBD + other tokens
Dance contest #35@donatello24.03.1830.03.184 SBD
Spectrum Economics Challenge 1@spectrumecons25.03.1830.03.1825 SBD
"KILL THE PAD" CHALLENGE #7@jamesgetsit25.03.1831.03.1810 SBD + 45 SML points
MSP Weekly Resteem@minnowsupport26.03.1829.03.18Resteem
MSP Music & Art Curation Contest #7@isaria26.03.1801.04.1825 USD
SBD Forever Contest #2@zpedro26.03.1802.04.181 Steem Basic Income share
Facebook Scandal@yairdd27.03.18unknown5 SBD
Cook with Us #4@cookwithus27.03.1802.04.189 SBD
The Questions Contest #46@thepassenger27.03.1830.03.18100% of the reward pool
Caption This #8@thomasjmitchell27.03.1831.03.1810 SBD
Knock Knock Challenge #1@johnjan169728.03.1804.04.181 SBD
Steemit Bingo Game #2@fibrefox28.03.1804.04.1850% of the reward pool
AIR-CLINIC FM CONTEST 2@air-clinic28.03.1804.04.186 SBD
Tell Bunnypuncher a Secret@bunnypuncher29.03.1805.04.1817.5 SBD

Daily Contests by Mona Jam
Conducted by @monajam. Participate in daily contest and have a chance to win SBD and upvotes from @monajam.

Daily Brain Games by @ksolymosi
Conducted by @ksolymosi. Participate to win a part of 11+ SBD prize pool.


Conducted by @cathi-xx practically every day. You need to identify the film from described in the haiku (a short Japanese poem). The winner takes a part of SBD post payout.

Daily Steem-Python Challenge

Conducted by @steempytutorials. Take the code from @steempytutorials's tutorial and change it to be able to accomplish the task from the post.

Prize Pool: 1 STEEM to the person that solves the problem first.

That list will be updated if I find any other contests. Check this post occasionally to find updates.
P.S. If you know about some contests that are not listed above (or plan to make a contest by yourself) - feel free to post a link in comments and I’ll update the list.

Best regards,


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Hey @artz, Idk if you list meme contest but I have one running just now. Thanks!

Sure, done)

mermaid and vampire... those are two words you don't see together very often.

And a very touching story for your entry to the My hobby contest. It has definitely inspired many people to make the most of their opportunities and not let their life simply pass by! Thanks for sharing it with us :)

Thanks for this!! Absolutely awesome!

I know where to come when I host a yoga challenge :D

Thanks for this! It’s hard to keep track of all that’s going on and that’s why people like you make a difference. Gonna save this one ;)

Thanks for the shoutout for my contests, much appreciated! :-D Have a great day.

Thank you)

Once again, thanks for this great list of contests and thanks for including my shadow contest!! Resteemed

Thank you)

thank you so much for including my Photo Fun Contest in your link, Much appreciated.

Great post! Really great to have gathered all these awesome initiatives in one post.

You might be interested in our Bands About Bands | S01:E02 | Announcement | 10 STEEM rewards :-D :-D

Hi @artz. I'm hosting a brandnew weekly contest as well. I don't know if this is the place to let you know about it, but here goes :

the right place. updated)

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Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

Don't forget about the #beatbattle and #smlchallenge. Both part of the Steemit Music League which runs 8 music contests.

Great compilation, thank you so much! I've been looking for photography contests, since I am a photographer and I find this very useful. Keep up the good work!

great list.. thank you @artz

Awesome list. Thanks for the effort it took to put this together.

@mvrr007 didn't post for more then 1 month 😥

Hey there @artz! I just made a contest thats going on for the whole week. Would be very appreciative if you would add it to your awesome list this week and next?! Its a fun one if youd like to join!

Very useful information for me,thanks for sharing

I am creating bingo contests to promote different groups within Steemit. The first one was for newbiegames followers, and this time it is for @asapers followers:

Hey @artz i have a daily 'caption this' contest - can you add it to your list please?

Thanks for including my contest :) :)

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