Untalented Artists Contest #6 + winners of #5. Do you have bad drawing skills but good imagination? I have a contest for you!

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There are a lot of drawing challenges and contests on Steemit (you can check them at my weekly compilation. But there is not a single drawing contest for those whose drawing skills remained at the level of a five-year-old child (I’m sure that I’m not the only one!). That’s why I’ve decided to start a new weekly contest - “Untalented Artists Contest”.
Round #5 is over. It’s time to sum up the results and start the next round of the Untalented Artists Contest.

Results of Round #5

The base picture for the fifth round was:

We had 11 participants (which I would like to thank) and a 0.635 SBD prize pool (100% of SBD payouts from “Untalented Artists Contest #5” post). The prize pool is not really big – but I hope that with every new round we will have more participants and attention. This will help us to increase the prize pool!

So now it’s time to look at our winners.

3rd place

Third place and 0.127 SBD goes to @annycor for a band of aliens:

original post with above picture

2nd place

Second place and 0.19 SBD goes to @dranren for a pair of giraffes:

original post with above picture

1st place

First place and 0.318 SBD goes to @mariabarreto for children enjoying nature:

original post with above picture

Honorable mention

Also I’d like to mention a great imagination of @kike.hjv and present 0.1 SBD for three libraries. I really like the picture but one of my contest rule is having some action in the picture :(

original post with above picture

Congratulations to the winners!

Details of Round #6

You need to show your imagination and draw some story (there should be some action in the picture) based on the picture below:

link to download

You can draw on a piece of paper or using some PC soft. Your image can be black&white or colored. Your fantasy is the only limit!
Please remember that we are going to estimate your imagination, not your drawing skills!


  1. Title of your entry post must contain "Untalented Artists Contest #6...";
  2. One tag of your post must be #UntalentedArtists;
  3. Each user can have up to 3 entries;
  4. You should post a link to your post in the comments;
  5. You need to vote on this post to increase the prize pool;
  6. Deadline: all entries should be submitted until April 02, 00:00 UTC


I will be a judge for this week. I’ll try to find some other judges in the future. Please remember that I’m going to estimate your imagination, not your drawing skills!

Prize pool

Total prize pool: 100% SBD from that post payouts will be shared between 3 winners:

  • 1st place: 50% SBD from that post payouts
  • 2nd place: 30% SBD from that post payouts
  • 3rd place: 20% SBD from that post payouts

Good luck to everybody!

Previous rounds of “Untalented Artists Contest”:
Round 4 results
Round 3 results
Round 2 results
Round 1 results


Comparto mi dibujo!
Fue bastante divertido! tenia mucho tiempo que no hacia uno! me atrevo a decir que años! Animense

Thanks for this opportunity. Maybe my piglet Pinky and hedgehog Spiky can be a part of this initiative too.


But I will read your rules better and so I follow them ... /. \

That's a very cool contest

Aww thank you so much bro @artz for choosing my entry, and congrats also to all of us, at least we do our best and else we share our great imagination 😇 A blessed evening steemit community 😁

This is my second entry

My second entry

No i'm not talented..

You can do it! put the best of you!

Dont commit that you are not talented, we all are talented @rudnicki but in different ways . Just show what you've got and share it to everybody 😇


regards thank you I am grateful to be in first place the important thing is to participate although win or not we are winners equal thanks because every day we learn more of the contest makes us fly the mind to be creative and enjoy this contest every day are best congratulations to all ... and the judges and @artz.

I just tried to download your prompt and it tells me that permission is denied...
I will try to do something for you though.

Hi!!! Thanks for the contest, I loved to particite. Congratulations to all the winners

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