STACH Short Story Contest #24: 199 words, 5 winners, 15SBD prize pool!

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Hello Everyone, @kingst here with the announcement for the STACH Short Story Contest #24.

What is a Short Story.

A short story is a story with a fully developed theme but significantly shorter and less elaborate than a novel. It makes use of plot, resonance, and other dynamic components to a far greater degree than is typical of an anecdote. You can read it in less than 90 seconds.

Contest Rules:

•Write a Short Story based on the topic that will be given every week.
•Write an Original Short Story (Plagiarism will be flagged and reported).
•The Story must contain no more than 199 words.
•One entry per user.
•Story should be pasted in the comment section below, no links.
•Contestants are permitted to post their stories in an article on their blog, so they also get upvotes from the @stach trail.

Winners Selection.

Winners will be selected based on the topic, story plot, number of words and delivery as determined by the selected Judge. One word above 199, disqualifies the entry.

Contest Topic.

Write a 199 words story based on ALL IS NOT LOST.


FIVE winners will be selected for a share of the 15SBD. The story with the most interaction gets a 1SBD prize from @ejemai.
First Prize: ----------------------4SBD
Second Prize: ------------------3.5SBD
Third Prize: ---------------------3SBD
Fourth Prize: -------------------2.5SBD
Fifth Prize: ----------------------2SBD

Good luck guys!

Sharpen your writing skills and throw in some inspiring short stories. XO!


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Sorry Everyone.
Edit: the topic is ALL IS NOT LOST and not otherwise.


Ohhh!! I didn't saw the edit 😵😵😵

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Oh, such interesting Contest Topic! I upvoted & resteemed and I'll try to write)

That evening all footsteps in the village was traced to Mr Obinnas compound. He had just been discharged from the hospital uptown, where he was in intensive care from about 3 months. Everyone looked forward to hearing from the horses mouth on how he lost his leg foot.
They had been married for 5years without any child. Amidst all odds, scorn, from neighbors and even family members what kept him and his wife still married is the fact that they truly loved each other and were determined to stay no matter what.
images (12).jpg
After 9months for the first time there was the sound of a baby in the house. This was indeed a miracle and she had been having several miscarriage before this time.
As custom he headed to the riverside to buy fresh fish to prepare a special meal for her.
Mr Obinna on his way back was knocked down by a hit and run drunk driver and that was how he woke up in the hospital. Now he cannot walk again with aids. "life may have been cruel to me somehow," he said "but I am confident of the fact that all is not lost"

This is how Tade almost lost his head. Tade left his house at Agege, that fateful evening. He had no destination in mind. He just kept walking. And walking. Like a homeless mongrel. Truth be told, he wasn’t different from one. His landlord had thrown him out to the streets. Perhaps, he would live under a bridge.

Tade walked aimlessly till he walked into a shed, “Mama Sikira’s Kitchen.” With his empty pockets. Three wraps of fufu and egusi soup. Goat meat. Empty pockets. Perhaps he was mad just as he was homeless. He ate till his stomach was close to explosion, drank the “pure water” he was served and made to leave.

This is the part where Tade almost lost his head. Mama Sikira tugged hard at his tattered shirt with shouts of “Thief! Pay me my money!” Tade clasped his hands in prayer to Mama Sikira. Her shouts alerted area boys already. Tyre was set. Petrol was on the way. Tade could see death. But at that moment the big man came in. You know all these big men that like roadside food. He paid Tades bill. All is not lost, Tade’s head would stay in place.

Recovering the Faith

George loved his wife, since his illness took a 180 degree turn, between his job, taking care of his wife and his young son, he felt overwhelmed and lost.

George's days passed slowly, he felt that every day he lost his faith. He did not understand why God had failed him. His family had always been devoted, and although they were not perfect, they always tried to help others.

George felt that every day he lost his faith in what he had always believed. His wife did not improve, and on the contrary he had little time to live. His anger with God caused him to reject his faith when his wife died.

One month later sitting in the park watching his son play, an old lady sat next to him and said: "Not everything is lost, even when a loved one dies, God gives us a new opportunity to return to love".

George looked at her and looked at the sky, remembered his wife, and understood that without her he would not have his son. He knew the happiness of marriage thanks to his wife, and it was not too late to recover his faith.

It felt like the world had fallen apart, Kike didn't know what to do. Mark had been the love of her life, she trusted him and would have done anything for him. As she drove to work, the events of the last two week came flashing back. She had tried to reach her cousin Bisi on phone, but she wasn't picking up, this was unlike her, Bisi always picked up her calls. All morning Kike tried calling but couldn't get across to her cousin. As the minutes passed, fear began embracing her gradually, "I think something is wrong", she thought. She got her keys and drove to her cousin's apartment, she got there to find her boyfriend pants down with her cousin. She was devastated. "What did she do to deserve this" she lamented

In her grieving moments, Max, her neighbor was the one nursing her. He had been in love with her since she moved in and he vowed to himself to bring back her joy. Even though Kike lost her relationship with Mark, all was not lost. True love loomed in the neighborhood, when one door closes, a larger one is opened


Really touching story you have here




I can totally relate to this story


Thank you


learning not to trust people, especially the ones who have the power to hurt one thing I've learnt.


this one's a really good story




her cousin is a traitor, a real backstabbing bitch


This is a picture of what happens in the real world

All is not lost
Come on guys, we're gonna be late, screamed Sonia. She had waited for this trip for so long and even had a calendar to mark the days. Calm down, we are coming! Alex and Vivian screamed back. They all get into the car and drove off.
We've been driving for a while now, someone please tell me we're close cos I'm tired of sitting, Vivian said. Sonia and Alex laughed at her, they knew Vivian didn't like sittting in a spot for long. She would complain till your ears got sore. Suddenly, their car broke down. Alex rushed out to see what was wrong, they had a flat tire and he ran to the boot to get a spare but there was none. Oh no! He screamed. They were in the middle of no where with no spare tire.
After standing for what seemed like hours, they saw a truck approaching and waved at it. The driver stopped and when they explained their situation to him, he decided to help them since he was heading in their direction. They were relieved as they thought they had to cancel their trip after spending so much time and money planning it.

The old man dipped his paintbrush in the white paint. Upon the dark hull of his fishing boat, he began forming letters.

His granddaughter watched, saying the letters as they were painted. “A-L-L. I-S. N-O-T. L-O-S-T. What does that mean, Grandpa? 'All Is Not Lost?'”

He put down his paintbrush. “It was your grandmother's saying. It reminds us of the times when we did not have enough. No matter how bad things got, we still had life and we still had hope. She would shrug her shoulders and say 'All is not lost!' and then buckle down and get back to work.”

“You miss her, don't you, Grandpa?” the girl asked.

Tears formed in the old man's eyes. “Every minute of every day,” he replied. “I wish you had got to know her. She would have loved your questions and wisdom.”

“But she is here! Her spirit is always here, Grandpa,” the girl protested.

“I just wish I could hold her again.”

“But you have me to hold now,”the girl replied hugging her grandfather tightly.

“Indeed, she was right.” He looked at the boat, his eyes glistening with moisture. “All is not lost!”


I liked that, sometimes it is the littlest among us that are the wisest.


Children so often become teachers. :-)
Thanks for your comment.

This is my entry for the stach short story contest. Titled,

Jerry paced up and down his room as he thought of what would happen next. Several times, he took a brief look at the wristwatch on his hand and also, the wall clock hanging. “She'll be here anytime soon.” he gasped.

For four months now, his life hadn't been as happy as it used to be. His wife caught him with another woman and since then moved out of the house with their daughter. He regretted his actions but everything he did to show he was sorry had since proved abortive. Until last week when his wife decided that she is coming back home.

A strange number called his phone.

“Hello, who is this?”

“Come to the hospital now, it's urgent.”

There has been an accident just at the entrance of the city. Everyone in the car died except a little girl; the little girl was his daughter.

He knelt close to her daughter on her bed and buried his face in the bedspread. His daughter reached out for his hands and said, "don't cry, dad. Mum had already forgiven you and you still have me with you.”


I trudge along the snowy wilderness. My snow boots sink deeper and deeper into the snow with every step I take. I do not breathe pure oxygen anymore. It's a solid combination of frost and oxygen.
For miles I don't see anything, just a desolate iceland. I have been trekking for days, days I have lost count of. Traversing this icy hinterlands with nothing save for my compass,hiking gear and ten energy bars I have salvaged from our crashed plane.
We were headed for the Himalayas. A fierce blizzard had reduced visibility and our pilot had flown blind for half an hour, leaving us to the hands of fate.
Fate didn't keep us airborne for long as our planes wing scraped against the side of a cliff and down we plunged.
Long story cut short, our plane crashed and I was the only surviving crew member.
So here I am in this icy wilderness blowing with a devilish blizzard.
A sound jolts me back to reality as I plug along.
There's a light in the distance. As I inch closer I recognize the outline of a human form besides a fire.
ALL IS NOT LOST afterall.

I've thought of committing suicide for a long time. I even went as far as asking my brother to write a suicide note for me deceiving him that it was for an assignment in school so he won't tell our parents.
One phrase of the notes read:

You don't have to be ashamed of me anymore.

This phrase has been in my mind when I stumbled on the bitter story of how my mum refused to hold me after she realized that I was born without limbs.
I couldn't get myself to tie the knobs of a rope so I started making plans towards taking poison.
I loved my parents and siblings but then I had fears bigger than love at the moment.

  • Fear of being laughed at in school
  • Fear of not having friends to talk to and play with when in school.

But then my whole self esteem changed when I was told the story of Nick Vujicic
by my mother.
No matter where he goes he communicates one core message

that no matter your circumstance, you can overcome!

It was then I realized that ALL IS NOT LOST

In Venezuela we are living a difficult situation, in the economic and political aspects, however, "not everything is lost", because Venezuelans love our country and we are workers, scholars and entrepreneurs. Not everything is lost, as long as we have Faith and Hope in our future and we put all our best effort to be the beautiful and bright country we all want.
Cheer Venezuela! And thanks brothers from other countries for supporting us and wishing us all the best. Thank you very much ... infinite thanks ...



Albert has just been withdrawn from the University due to his inability to meet the institution score standards during his second year in the University. Life becomes unbearable and wickedly unfair to Albert after a deep reflection of how hard he has put on his efforts and the never ending assistance from his mum, just to see that his son becomes a graduate.

Months and few years passed, Albert mum keep on encouraging his son to try the second time. All falls on deaf hear because he has given up been a graduate.

Failure is not the absence of not trying but the absence of not given it the very best

Albert mum, never give up on his son ability to become someone great in life. In a particular year, Albert finally agreed to return back to school. His return was like a ferocious lion ready to devour all odds. He came out the best through the years of his study and he was crown the overall best student in all university with lots of gifts attached to it.

Albert finally accomplished his dream of becoming a medical doctor with a different, despite the challenges it comes with.

In 1960 in the United States, an African-American marriage were walking on a long avenue. The husband was just fired from his job because he helped a woman who was raped by her white boss. The wife had a long day as housewife too, she got insulted by the white children of the house just because she sprinkle some juice on the floor. They were so sad that day, but someting strange happend. A white man who was selling chocolates at the street, with a big smile he gave them two and he told them "This are for free, everything is going to be better, all is not lost".

Image Pexels

A light in the gloom.

Larry, a young man without a father who was constantly being beaten by life, but still got up for a very strong reason. At 20 years pregnant his wife, and just nine months later when the day of childbirth, his mother dies because of an illness. The reaction to the events was devastating, because he felt it was his reason for existing, he wanted to give her a better quality of life, the one that she deserved forever. Between so much pain and crying Larry thought about the new life that was about to arrive and perhaps it was his new reason to continue standing, so he was overcoming everything and today 10 years later he is the father of two children who gave him the will to live to guide them on this road called life. Not everything has been lost, there is always a light that guides you in the shadows.


Suddenly in a very quiet city called Canaima, the children began to disappear, nobody knew because that strange situation was happening. But a very curious young man named Diego thought and said "Not all is lost".

A group of children led by little Diego, went to solve this great mystery, the interesting thing is that the children were lost at 6 in the afternoon, always in the same place. It was there when those children began looking in the glens of the city and found that a terrible man dressed as a dinosaur took the children and had them kidnapped in one of the tunnels in the ravines.

The young men decided to go after the kidnapper in order to find where the rest of the children were and thus solve this mystery, armed with bats, stones and bottless, we will rescue them when they reach the site they were able to fight the kidnapper and rescue all the children who were captured and end it with that terrible event that was happening in the city.


Cristina, 14 years old, who suffered from a heart condition, needed a heart to continue living. Her boyfriend Felipe always thought to donate the heart to her friend.
Felipe apparently was in good health, but a few weeks ago he had begun to suffer headaches and sporadic memory loss, which led to the feeling that his death would happen very soon. That shadow had settled on his face in such a way that said "I'm going to die soon and I want to donate my heart to my friend Cristina”.

Cristina believes that everything was lost, the disease that suffered and no longer let her perform any physical activity so she had to stay in bed for many hours. The death came to Felipe, died suddenly because of having broken a blood vessel. When Felipe Garza's body arrived at the hospital, the doctors declared him clinically dead. The teenager had suffered a rupture of a blood vessel and the brain was left without blood supply. At the time the family knew that Felipe Garza had died, no one resisted what had been the great desire of the young man in the previous weeks. Her heart was transplanted into Cristina's chest.

By @norkamoran

All Is Not Lost

I find it hard believing that its been three years since my husband died. You see, we were a happy family,with two daughters and a son and Tobi's business doing great. Life was good.
It all changed on a day I've come to hate when a stray bullet from a robbery scene hit him. Within two hours, he died, leaving me to face the aftermath.
Up until then, I was getting on marvellously well with his family. But barely three months after Tobi died they had succeeded in chasing me and my children out of my marital home. I left with only what I had saved, to start a new life.
Things are slightly better now. I have a supermarket and with the proceeds, I'm sponsoring my two daughters in the university studying Medicine and Law. Junior just finished primary school too with a brilliant result. When I look at my kids, I'm assured that I've still got hope.
All is not lost.

All Is Not Lost

I never realised that I made people angry until I landed in the hospital. I am an athlete and I make sure I'm good at what I do.
In two months, I'll be attending a national competition and I have been training for sometime now.
Two days back, I went jogging early in the morning listening to music on my headset. Shortly after, I noticed four guys jogging behind me. I waved at them and kept on jogging.
Out of nowhere I felt something tangle with my legs and I went crashing to the ground. And then they descended on me, hitting me with all manner of planks. When the pain was too much, I passed out.
I woke up to find myself in the hospital,covered in casts. Here I was told that fortunately for me, a police vehicle was patrolling and the guys ran away when they saw it.
The doctor has assured me that I'll be back to normal in a month. Although that leaves me a month to train, it's better than nothing. I'll just have to train harder. But most of all, I'm grateful that all is not lost.

It was Holy Thursday, when Feliana saw Fabio her 7-year-old grandson come into her room, and he noticed it very strange, his intuition told him that he was possessed by a malignant spirit that caused him abnormal behavior, it made him look sick all the time and without encouragement. Immediately and instinctively he made the sign of the cross with both index fingers, and as Feliana was very spiritual and a believer, she invoked the name of Jesus Christ to throw out of the child's body the evil that afflicted him, and as if by magic appeared On their feet some black insects that started walking at first and then fled in terror, left the room, crossed the corridor and went through a transparent door illuminated by the sun, until they reached the front of the house, where they disappeared before the unbelieving eyes of Feliana and Fabio began to experience the health and improvement of all the ills that afflicted him.

Feliana thanked God and remembered what Jesus said: "EVERYTHING YOU ASK FOR THE FATHER IN MY NAME HE WILL GRANT YOU"

I was working on a project that would take my company to the next level. This project might even award me a raise or a promotion when completed. I started seeing myself in that light because I knew I had succeeded.

On the day of presentation, I got dressed and was ready for my big moment. Suddenly my stomach was upset just about 5 mins to taking my shot. It was so pressing I could not bear it. The board of directors were all seated and I cannot miss this moment for anything. I had worked too hard and good for this. I remembered I had celebrated with some friends last night eating and drinking.

Quickly, I rushed to the toilet like a mad man and did a quick one sweating and shaking. Praying oh God don't let this moment pass me by. Looked at the time - 1 more minute, I said to myself ALL IS NOT LOST. I dashed into the board room sweating and smiling just at the nick of time.

All Is Not Lost

Stepping out of my car, I chuckled, anticipating the looks of surprise on my family's face when they see me. I was supposed to be gone for a month on covert operations but wrapped it up in two weeks,earning some well-deserved holiday.
One foot in the parlour and I felt my knees go weak as tears sprang to my eyes. On a sofa, my son was staring at me with eyes that'd never see me and a knife slash on his throat.
I went screaming all over the house for my wife and remaining kids. Seeing no sign of violence, I pulled myself together and headed for the concealed panic room I'd had built.
I found my wife and two remaining kids passed out,but definitely alive. Turns out they'd been in there for almost a day. As I called an ambulance, I noted a postcard with traces of blood on it in the parlour belonging to no one in the house. I've got what I need to track down who did this and make sure they can't hurt my family again. All is not lost.


Dr. Adekola, a surgeon, neurosurgeon to be precise has been in medical service for 25 years now. He is a renowned neurosurgeon, well known and respected by others surgeons in the hospital because of his best practices on brain surgery.

He has a home in GRA, 200 kilometres far from the hospital.

On a friday after he had left for work in hurry, a terrible incident happened at his resistance which had made neighbours running helter skelter to put off fire outbreak boozing out at his residence. This happened because he totally forgot to switch off the electric kettle he used making hot tea for his break fast. His wife couldn't do this because she already left for UK the previous day with their children.

The water left in the electric kettle dried off, the kettle became overheated and melted all plastic around it. From there, the fire touched the curtain nearby.

The whole house was burnt remaining just only one thing at his place where he always commune with God, which is THE BIBLE.

He came back seeing everything with a bitter heart, but when he entered, he saw Bible and said with faith "ALL IS NOT LOST"

Tade sat down in his car wondering the fortunate event that happened to him just now after he dropped the call. He has just gotten a contract worth million after he had given up on it already. He has gone from being a giver to almost a beggar, He had lost everything he worked for with just a simple decision.
Two month ago, a friend introduced a business idea to him, he was impressed and happy about the profits to be made if it comes through. They planned to come up with the capital together and share the proceedings. A month ago, he put up with all his savings and got a loan from his bank. He called his friend and gave him his own part of the capital, two weeks ago, they learnt that they have been duped.
The bank has been on his neck since he had passed the due time to pay back. They had promised to confiscate his house if he did not come up with the money soon.
Now, he was relieved he would pay up. All Is Not Lost after all, he thought.

All is not lost

In my country, Venezuela, we are going through the worst humanitarian crisis of all time. It is well known that medicines are not available, money is not enough to buy food, goods and services and insecurity is at an all-time high. All this has led to a large migration of people to different countries of the world, being the most sought after Latin Americans and the United States, this with the purpose of providing a better quality of life to their family, especially children, since any illness in them, the medicines for them are the ones that get less, although not everything is lost in this case, since many Venezuelans who are abroad (established for a long time or famous people) constantly perform donation activities and there they collect supplies such as medicines, diapers, milk, wet wipes, among other things to help Venezuelans who are still struggling to rescue this beautiful country.

Karen, the fat girl at school, was tired of so much contempt, bad looks and murmurs behind her. She did not like her body and her weight.
She went shopping and nothing was left, that depressed her even more. His biggest dream was to get married and have a family, but who would want a fat wife.
Albeth a young tender, began to approach Karen, he seemed beautiful, despite his overweight, his inner beauty was what mattered. They became friends and he helped her to somehow deal with her obesity and accept herself as she was.
Karen stopped paying attention to the comments of others, she felt that she was interested in someone and that made her happy. He decided to take the initiative to improve his diet and quality of life, he realized that it was worth a lot, despite the opinion of other people, and that everything has not been lost to begin a new stage in his life.

Anna was an expert Mibster. She could knuckle-down with the best of them in a game for keeps, earning her the nickname 'The Keepsie Queen' and today was no different. Simon was the unlucky prey she chose to take advantage of.

It was over within 10 minutes. Simon was left clutching tightly onto his shooter in complete shock. There was nothing left of his favourite collection. All of them. Gone.

"How could this happen?" He said in amazement.

As Anna got up to leave, Simon stuck out his foot and tripped her, falling to the ground. When she landed, her bag of marbles flew from her hand and began spilling all her newly won trophies into the storm drain.

Simon walked over, picked up the bag, and handed it back to Anna with the type of grin your little brother gives you when he's gotten you in trouble with your parents.

She snatched the bag from his hand and quickly peered inside to see the damage. As tears started to fill her eyes she looked up at Simon standing over her with a condescending look.

"At least you didn't lose them all."


image source

"Hey Granny?Would you like to click a picture with me?",Ellie requested.
With those old eyes that could barely see anything,the old woman tried to figure out who it was.
"Do I know you?"
"No grandma!But I have just got some sweets for you because it's my birthday.Shower your blessings upon me."
For a woman who had been thrown into the old age home just the day before inspite of her three successful sons and their families,it seemed to be something unexpected.While the lady was still trying to figure out what wrong she had done ,Ellie appeared with a smile.
"God bless you dear.Never let your parents go through this.".....and a tear rolled down her old wrinkled cheeks.
"I have no family.I lost all.I was brought up in the orphanage nearby."
The old lady hugged Ellie tightly saying,"Dont worry darling.All is not lost.We both found a family now."


THE MAXI C.A Oil Platform, which was 5 miles from the coast extracting the crude oil. In full production, there was a bad weather hurricane which caused a slide in the base of the platform, the workers of guards tried to control the stability of the platform, while the operator called the tugs asking for help, because the wrong time to make things worse, was when by speaker reported that one of the anchors that held the platform had burst and at any moment could sink, the tugs were already close with auxiliary anchors to secure the platform and its pumping position, while bad weather continued, they were placed because the waves were too high and the safety of it was in danger. The operations manager led the stability maneuver with the help of tugboats. Presenting an outbreak of fire in the production line that was controlled. After the bad weather, the platform was stabilized. "NOT EVERYTHING HAS BEEN LOST" despite the fact that the production was stopped, the spilling of oil in the sea was avoided.

Not everything is lost

The most awaited holidays arrived for my family, we decided to sail on a cruise around the ocean, the days passed by in a blink, we were on the exclusive boat for us, they treated us like kings and the view was magical. This trip would last a week, the days went by and the homecoming was coming back, I really did not want to leave, the last night my sister and I saw the stars from the highest floor of the ship, contemplating the bright stars without waiting for it quickly crossed a fleeting one at once I asked for my wish, that the trip would lengthen. I went to bed sad because the next day we would go home, I did not know if my wish would be fulfilled. Every morning was strange, without realizing the same episodes were repeated, I did not know what day it was, then I understood that my wish was fulfilled, the ship began to present failures and there were no provisions, we were shipwrecked at sea, lost and homeless . I calculated 3 weeks from then, when I thought that everything was lost and we would die because of me, the same shooting star shining in the sky, I asked my wish "to go back home".

All is not lost
I think we lost them, maybe we can stop running now said isabel trying to catch her breath. I think so too replied Martha,if we ever make it out of this cannibal infested island, I'm never going to look at anything that flies ever again.
Be quiet i think i heard something, its coming from those bushes, its them, run! Yelled isabel.
Both sisters ran as quickly as their feet could carry them, suddenly they were both inside a ditch, why didn't you watch where you were probably stepped on something and now we are about to become dinner.
How many times do i have to tell you to be quiet, they should have found us by now, maybe they didn't see us fall, lets just wait it out.Found them!yelled one of the cannabals,they are over here come quickly. Yippee the other shouted as he stopped to do a quick dance move.
Finally we're home,now tie them over that pot while i get the ingredients ready. In an instant a volcano began to erupt and all the man eaters fled for their lives leaving behind the only boat they had ever seen.

The fishing Martin, had invested a lot of money for the tuna season, when they were fishing in the sea, one of the machines that dragged the nets broke down and the captain decided to collect the fishing and return to the coast to repair the fault. When they repaired the machine, they returned to the fishing point, decided to recover the lost time and started fishing again. After having had a good fishing time, suddenly there was a storm of waves of 10 meters high that hit the hull and one of the sailors who was on the deck was hit by one of her leaving him unconscious. When seeing the gravity of the situation, the captain decided to collect all the networks to put the fish in the tanks, since in those conditions it was not possible to fish, and they did not want to risk any life. To return to the land they made the evaluation of the fishing and, in spite of so many inconveniences, they realized that "NOT EVERYTHING WAS LOST" in both opportunities they caught enough to cover the investment, and most importantly, they did not lose their lives.

                              **All is not lost**

It has been a tragic year so far. Funmi lay supine on the bed in tears . Thoughts of the events that led to this day flashed through her mind . I was supposed to be a joyful visit to their in laws place. Her mum and dad joined them in hubby's landrover . They had been travelling for just two hours when the unexpected happened. There was suddenly blood everywhere and she couldn't move. It wasn't Long before good passers by came to their rescue. The moment of truth alas as the doctor broke to her the news of her losses , she couldn't believe that her 7months baby was still living and breathing. Alas ! She thought "All is not lost"


All is not Lost:

Rosa Was a family of good principles, educated, beautiful, had an older sister only called Samantha she loved her a lot, combed her, played were friends and confidants, but one day Samantha dies in an automobile accident. This leaves Rosa devastated, her sister not only friend has died, Rosa is not the same as before, she does not sing, she does not talk to anyone, the years go by and Rosa remains the same and her parents are worried. A pink day enters Samantha's room and checks her belongings that are still intact and she sees a drawing that her older sister made is a rainbow, one and two people holding hands and written on the given drawing even if you feel them alone, and feel that the world falls, calm, all is not lost.

The scents of pure bad luck pervaded my senses bringing back the horrors of last week. The memory of disaster filled my mind. The storm hit on our last day at sea. Zus the seaman had promised us that if we left the ship for a night, we’d b safe. He said he knew the sea like his wife’s body, assuring that nothing would happen. I trusted him with my life. He was wrong. A few minutes after we left the cruise ship, a current took hold of our little canoe and drove us far into open waters.
That was when the storm hit.
We struggled for hours, then when the storm was about to free us, lightning struck. What were the odds? What were the bloody odds?
I passed out and when I came to, I was on this island. Despair gripped my heart. I was going to die here. There was no doubt about it. I went back to the sea to try fishing again, maybe I’d be more lucky this time, but instead I saw our captain examining our wreck. I was saved. my life wasn’t over. All was not lost.

Life could never be worse than this. You think you've been through hell? Think again! I was just released from prison after serving 3 years for a crime I knew nothing about. The first news I was greeted with was the demise of my mother. She couldn't bear seeing her only child rot in prison. She thought about it day and night until she couldn't think anymore. She finally yielded after battling with high blood pressure.

Shortly after, my dad followed suit. It was as if he was waiting for me to get out of prison before he could join his ancestors. He died the same night I came home from prison. I was broken. It all felt like life has totally lost its essence.

I stared at the two graves in front of me. In there lay my parents who labored tirelessly for me till their last breath. I couldn't even say an adequate "thank you" for all their stress and troubles.
Life really is not fair.

I looked down at my little sister who was cuddled up in my arms; She flashed me a beautiful smile and at that moment, I realized that all is not lost.

All is not lost

"So what the elites have left for mars leaving hubris of their abuse and rest of us in this hostile diseased planet? So what the technology cannot be improved upon to wrong the right without resources that of which nary is left? I used to work for the travel agency and I know for a fact that the out of service portal number 2 is operable with 87% chance of survival and if we brave the heart and take a chance and those that crossover fight the regime of soft elites, maybe the young ones will have a chance. All is not lost. Not yet." Sylvester addressed the earth, what remained of it. A glimpse of courage and hope sparked in their heart by their burnt black lungs. As far as eye could see, Sylvester's people seemed packing their kids, clothes, ammunition and guns. Tomorrow they'd march to Mars and their probable death. There will be no celebration tonight.

All is not lost
Hey Becky,let me have that flashlight, i just stepped on something, its dead, unless you brought some juice i would say we keep walking she replied. I hope we find this thing after what we lost today and by that i mean mason and tyler,i just dont get how you guys are still chasing a fantasy. Listen we are all starving and its all thanks to you for forgetting our supplies after swearing that you packed them ,not another word from you.Relax boys, cut in sarah,you can get at each others throats on our way back.
Okay we're here, the map says he was killed and buried in this tomb, but there's nothing here. I cant believe we came this far for nothing. Wait all is not lost yet,ithink i found it screamed Becky, oh wait it's just a twig sorry guys. We better get going there's nothing here,it was all a waste of time said Harvey in a beaten tone as he sat on the ground. Yeah,we should never have come with you in the first place, said sarah as she tripped over something,and there it was Poseidon's triton.

"There was an accident, Sorry ma'am",
"What are you sorry for, tell me, what happened" she begged the caller
"We tried all we could, but we lost him", the caller said
"Lost who, who did you lose?" she asked, her heart was beating at a fast pace, she held her chest
"we identified him as your son", the caller replied
Those words hit her like the punch of a heavyweight boxing champion, the phone fell from her hands and she past out.

Mrs. Eze had been married for 15 years without a child, it was an excruciating ordeal. When she finally got a son, she was so attached to him, she loved him with all her life, now he's dead. It felt like life itself was sapped from her. How would she live without him now? What is her guarantee that she'd have another child.
She was nearing menopause, was her husband up to the task.
Her mother had tried to console her, "all is not lost my dear", she told her for the umpteenth time.
She knew all was not lost, she had hope, but the loss of her son would always be remembered.

This Sunday,21st June, is a special one, it's my birthday. so excited, got out of bed early to prepare for church. I played the saxophone with tears while thanking God for the past years.
After the service and wishes, I realize I got no foodstuffs. Nothing at all. Broke undergraduate life.
I sat down alongside my Broke church friends. Then one said "let's go to my hostel, I'll feed you guys. I dressed up ready to go,then i asked what he was going to cook and he said beans. That alone demoralised the other guys.
But because hunger dey,no choice. I said I wasn't going,not because I had an option or I wasn't hungry.
Anyways, they left,i was too broke to even get pure water. I said a word of prayer and slept off. Around 6pm,a knock came from my door, it was the girl I've been asking out. She actually brought me dinner, Moi-moi (steamed beans pudding).mehn.....i devoured! Not only did I get a yes and a Kiss that night, my friends came back hungry and savoured the remaining wraps.



I am full of debts and I have not been able to pay the mortgage, the bank will no longer give me more time, I will lose my home, the house that my parents left me, I am a disaster.
My phone rings, it's my sister inviting me to dinner, I needed to clear my mind and accepted the invitation. She is the opposite of me organized and perfectionist, I notice that I was distracted and silent, I ask what happened to me? I told her with great embarrassment, I had to vent and who better than her to do it; I take my hands and he told me: not everything has been lost, I will help you with the mortgage, it is what our parents would have wanted.
My eyes filled with tears, I hugged her tightly and promised to pay her every penny, thanking her infinitely.

Sarah sat by the lake, the waters a perfect mirror of the night sky, and silently stared into the great expanse. Her eyes inspected every star, each distant galaxy so far from her own, and though she was outwardly emotionless her rampant thoughts wept their broken tears.

It had been over a year… they had told her that the pain would end, that the Fates would deliver their kindness in the end. But they had been wrong.

The Fates had forsaken her! She had been cursed. Her husband and family, dead; her home and livelihood, eradicated; her very existence, stolen. She was nothing and had nothing! How could the pain possibly end?

Do not despair, kin.

The soft voice breathed itself across the way alongside the sudden breeze, unexpected within the night’s stillness. It reminded her of her mother, though she knew that was impossible.

All is not lost; we are coming.

A star fall from the heavens. A good omen! It pirouetted impossibly across the sky until the mass hovered above, and she felt relief as the lightbeam fell upon her and drew her into its depths.

The Fates had not forsaken her; they had come at last.


Back in the days, youths aspire to become a lot of things due to what was told; education is the key. Study to become a good Doctor, Lawyer or an Engineer for a great life in the future.

The most interesting thing was the love and respect youths had for their elders, irrespective of what they are in the society. Having a boy friend or a girl friend was not something to be told at home or envied by the majority, because you will be seen as wanting to destroy your future or as a sinner.

In this 21st century, it seems like the youths have gone crazy. They are more interested in the things we were meant to detest as youth. No one cares about the gray haired wise councel nor the pride of working hard/smart for a decent life. Imorality acts of experimenting sex with same sex and animals is now the order. Taking laws into their hands and call it jungle justice. No more reverenve for the teachings of the Bible but ALL IS NOT LOST for this generation. Steemit is building youths who are responsible citizens.

Doyin was bustling with life not so long ago, nothing could be more better for her than this, she just got married with the love of her life and her business was growing on a daily basis. Three years from then, they have still not had a child talk less of children. Her mother-in-law had been a thorn to her flesh, no day passed without her reminding Doyin of how unfortunate she is.
Now as she lie down on the hospital bed, she was reminiscing on how she got here. She could not remember anything. She tried standing up but found out she could not move her spine. She feared the worst.
Her husband came in after and the mood he was confirmed her fears.
Your spinal cord got injured in the accident and the doctor isn't sure about you able to walk again,he announced but there is something you need to know dear. He smiled.
You're pregnant!!.
Doyin was happy and sad at this news... All Is Not Lost . She thought as she sobbed.

Hello @stach this is my entry the contest my story.
One night, when we all slept soundly, dreaming of our future, that night where only the silence and the breeze of the wind could be heard. We were awakened by a loud roar that struck without compassion the doors, the windows, we were dragged by a strong tsunami, very high waves that headed for houses, buildings, food stores, bridges, crumbling roads, cars, but never our dreams. Here we are on our feet to fight again, lives and many material things were lost, but not yet everything is lost. The love that unites us as a family helped us to stay together while we dragged the strength of the waters. Today we have the strength to remain united and together to help our people to continue dreaming of a new city and show that all is not lost and we can start over to build our dreams that nature snatched us from night to morning. Dawn with a radiant sun but without a roof has been the strongest we have lived, we touched and with this step we will learn to be better people and give a hand to those who need it and say everything has not been lost.

"Stop right there Smart ass!"
Bayo heard the voice and halted immediately. This was no good at all, he thought.
It was just two days after that scenario in class where he had won Tunde hands-down in the quiz competition. Tunde was the meanest bully in school and everyone was scared of him. Usually, the other classmates lost to him willingly to avoid encounters such as the one that was about to happen.
"Turn around!"
Bayo turned slowly praying that Tunde would at least spare his face in the beating he was about to receive. He should have just answered some questions incorrectly like everyone else, he thought to himself. Now it was too late.
They were out of school premises which meant no one would come to his rescue.
"So you had the guts to win that quiz right?" Tunde bellowed at him.
"No, not really".
"Seriously?" Tunde raised his fist while Bayo shielded his face.
But the blow never came. Seconds later Bayo opened his eyes to find Chika, their tomboy classmate stopping Tunde from hitting him.
They stood staring at each other angrily and for the first time that afternoon, Bayo knew all was not lost!

"Should I add stones to the blouse?" I asked my boss.
"No oh, add rocks" came her sarcastic reply.
I hated her so much, but this job was my only source of livelihood. So I come in here everyday, enslave myself praying something better will come my way, while trying to stop wishing my boss would drop dead already. She was the worst boss to ever exist. No employee of hers had lasted more than two months with her, except me of course. That was because while the others would prefer to sit home doing nothing rather than work here. I had no choice, I had three mouths to feed.
She suddenly started coughing and asked me to get her a glass of water. This was the worst part. She used you as both a seamstress and a maid.
As I give her the water, I get a text and quickly picked my phone. She gave me a hard look. I paid her no attention. To hell with her 'no phone during work hours' rule.
The text message read...
You have just been selected as one of the lucky winners of YOUWIN
I screamed, Finally, all is not lost!

Mr. Juan tired of his country of birth sold all his goods and went with his family to California in the USA a little disappointed in life since everything was going wrong, in business in his country of origin came to his new house one day Friday which all great and happy for the change but the next day Saturday afternoon there was a very strong category 4 hurricane where Juan left with his family to his underground shelter for his safeguards to pass the bad weather came out to the surface and they found that they had nothing left and it was the only thing they had left they took all their house, their corotos, their car were completely amazed and with tearful eyes could not believe it, at the moment they come out of debris to her little dog who gave them a lot of joy for which their dog jumped into their arms happy to get their owners for which Mr. Juan told his 3 children and his wife, Maria, my love and You see everything has not been lost.


No one knows where she comes from: oddly dressed, her face concealed under her a hijab.

She takes a sharp turn at Crescent Street and heads towards the lagoon.

She has been running for days, holding onto all the paper she has gathered for years, thirteen sheets in total.

Authorities have banned all forms of writing. Writers are inciting civilian uprising, they say. All Writing softwares flushed away, internet platforms supporting texts are taken down, papers are banned too.

She lost some of it last night as she ran, with the Police on her trail. Writers are outlaws, a large number now imprisoned or killed.

At the lagoon, she locates a desolate wooden boat, hops on it and paddles to the middle. Here, on water, she tastes freedom. She imagines herself as water, swirling into endless spaces.

She dips her hand into her bag, making for her paper. She hopes all is not lost: one is left. All the years of hiding, running and being hunted is down to one sheet of paper.

She brings out her pen, warm tears streaming down to burn her cheeks, and writes for the first time in years:

'We're writers, and we're here.'

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“That was a hell of a fight you boys put up today!” Coach Ted announced as he walk into the dispirited change rooms – trying to cheer everyone up.

“I know losing isn’t easy but, you did yourselves proud – You didn’t let them settle in for a minute...” he paused, “...You did something far more important than winning today!” he paused again ensuring he had everyone’s attention – “You earned your opponents’ respect!”

“Hey! Robert – Hell of a tackle you put in there towards the end” trying to weave some positive elements into his pep talk, “He he he!” he chuckled, “You rattled that defender alright!”

“I guarantee you boys if you play all of next season the way you played today – we can start engraving your names on that cup!” coach Ted seemingly getting lost in his own thoughts for a moment - relishing the prospect.

“Now, stop mopping like a bunch of Patsies”, he instructed, “Get out of here and go have some fun – you’ve earned it!”

As, the final player left, Coach Ted, thought to himself, finally after 15 years of coaching,” I finally have a bunch of boys I can take all the way to the Top.”


Mathias was a handsome young man, and with a heart full of love for me, my best gift was to be by my side, I always dreamed of a blue prince, today we are on anniversary 2 years of courtship, I was surprised with flowers, chocolates and a special dinner only for two, but in our evening I noticed a little strange and distant, I asked him what happened but I did not get an answer, since then all change, was not the same with me and I think he did not love me any more, my days either they were normal, the insertity and the sadness consumed me. What happened to our love? I tried to talk and fix things, but it was not therefore decided to get away with the immense pain that caused me. Weeks passed and I got used to that he would not return for me, but desperately received his call in the early morning where between tears I was told that he had been wrong and that he wanted her to be his only love, that we should intervene once more, sigh and understand that all was not lost, our love moved mountains.

All is not lost.
Hot tears ran through my cheeks when the doctor gave me his final words "All hope is not lost".But how can i forgive this man who took away my virginity and also infected me with an incurable disease thereby bringing me closer to the grave. It hurts down to the bone marrow when you think you know somebody but then you have only been deceiving yourself. On feb 14 2006, I decided to give Tunde my virginity because i felt he deserved it after a 7 year blissful relationship. Tunde was so sweet, loving and caring. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing. I went into his room that day only to meet Tunde having sex with another person in the bed. My legs could no longer hold me when i realised that it was his best friend Edmond that was in bed with him. Before i could leave, they both raped me. Till date, i don't regret the fact that i stabbed tunde to death and now I have been infected with HIV and also in prison. I will just keep my fingers crossed and trust the doctor's words that ALL IS NOT LOST


The beginning of sunrise

They were up from the constant seizure of the community’s blast. It is nothing new again. Not once, not twice have they woken to silence the grief on their children’s lips. ‘They are the future of tomorrow, if the future cries, what shall we, the past do?’ Mama Kabiru softly mixes the words together. After all, confusion only has only one language, confusion. Every night, a Psalm is beckoned upon by the lips that have kept tales of the dark outside the hearings of distant friends. Slowly, they sing every Psalm out like a rhyme. They are disturbed, depressed, they have fallen and all they need now is revival and something of faith. What would save them, the loss of two out of five kids or what?

Every evening without horror, father plants a kiss on everyone’s faces and wears a believing smile. He always taught them about righteousness, a Psalm he had stumbled on himself. He taught them about Job’s patience. He read those beautiful verses and they found courage daily in them. One evening, as he was up with his family, they bore wings and they sailed for RAPTURE.

Gina, you're needed in the principal's office, Mrs Smith said. Gina wondered what she had done this time. On getting to the office, she was told that she had to go home as her mom had called.
What happened? Gina asked ,she knew her mom won't have called if it was not important.
On getting home,her mom was in living room and she could tell that she had been crying. What's wrong mom? Gina said. Her mom asked her to sit. Mom please tell me what happened, Gina was growing impatient. Gina it's your dad, I just got back from the hospital he was admitted. We lost him dear.
Gina could not believe her ears. She knew her dad was sick,and had been in and out of the hospital but she never expected to get this type of news. Gina burst into tears, she was inconsolable but her mom tried all she could to console her. She told her everything would be alright. She was going to do everything in her power to make sure she does not feel her dad's absence. Gina felt relieved with her mother's words,she knew they were going to be alright.


Michael came back home looking like a man that escape from the Lion's mouth.In his usual french wear he staggered by the door side with a brown envelope in his hand.Tears rain from his eyes as his wife approach him.The look on his face could tell that he wasn't going back to work the next day.He narrated the disheartening story of his dismissal letter to his wife who also burst into tears.A fellow staff of the company falsely accused him of hiding valuable documents that was needed by the Managing Director of the company. Michael's dreams has suddenly been burnt by the dismissal letter issued to him by the company.He was now left with his mini farm which could help him fetch a little money for him to pay bills and perform his duties as a man.Nura, Michael's wife was always there to support and encourage him. She help him sold the goods.
On a very hot Saturday while Micheal was in his farm with his ever supporting wife, a letter came from the company that sacked him insisting that he resumes work immediately,not as a secretary but as an assistant manager which made Micheal shade tears of joy

All Is Not Lost (A Widow Tells Her Tale)

It was the harmattan of 2015 when his smiles warmed my heart despite the cold winds. He spoke words of eternal love and I saw my son in his eyes. He was comely, had a large company and Father liked him. Father rarely liked people.

Two years later we fell in love but he stood up first and alone. While I swam in dreams of conjugal bliss, he struggled to play the role of a boyfriend. It was like watching your favourite soap-opera, only that the lead actor had been replaced by a stranger.

Then one morning, Mother found out what only mothers could find out. Father had no issues, as long as the yams were presented before nightfall. And we became man and wife. I became a wife but he remained the man he was.

One night, he walked in saying he was tired of it all. He was taking another wife and would give her a space in the will. I have never been good with sharing. The following morning, I made some calls and lost a husband.

But all is not lost. My son has a company to inherit and I have a home to myself.

Laura disappeared mysteriously in 2009, when she was only 9 years old. She walked through one of the streets near her house, went to look for some dry leaves in the park, for a school assignment. His Mother was the first to realize that little Laura had disappeared.

The news spread all over the place; family and friends joined the search. The town was filled with anguish and despair, something like this had never happened before in that quiet place. The police made all their efforts and no trace of Laura was found. Days, months and years passed, and every year on the anniversary of his disappearance the local newspaper was filled with announcements and reports recalling the sad loss of Laurita. After a while, the police stopped investigating the case. But the only ones who maintained hope were their parents, who did not have happiness again, but in their hearts there was love.

After nine years a deaf-mute woman was encouraged to give some statements that have served as clues to find Laura. The police resumed the case there is hope all has not been lost. Laura may be alive, now she must be 18 years old.


The flood crept into the town at night, silently, like a slimy millipede. The people of the town awoke to the sight of water perilously clutching the walls of their homes. The smell of danger rose and stayed in the air.

Abutu, a local canoe maker was one of those evacuating his house. On the 4th day of the flood, as he and his little boy, his only child, were packing the last of their things, they heard the roof of the house grunt while some concrete dust sifted to the ground. They hastened their hands. Once done and outside, they heard the roof groan further as though it would crumble soon.

Just then, the little boy screamed: "My soldier!!", refering to his favourite toy, and began to run back into the house. Abutu yelled and ran after him but soon stopped for, just as the boy entered the house, the house collapsed on him.

Abutu was left bewildered and in shock. In that little boy was everything he ever truly had. He wept and wept, like a child.

But not long after, he heard someone coughing and wriggling himself free from under the rubble..

The boy lived.

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Venezuela, all is not lost!

In a country called Venezuela with happy people who greet, treat with affection and without complexes, in which everyone with a smile gives love and a coffee, it became 20 years in a nation with dark hours, without faith, full of hate and resentments.

I remember that peaceful Venezuela very much, what beautiful now only exists in the memory of grandparents, young people can only see it in a miserable way and wanting to escape from it. Venezuela fell into the hands of rulers that what they have done is to tear the future of this beautiful country, they have wrested the desire to create a life in their homes.

But even so Venezuelans are filled with hope in face of God, with the need to feed the soul with prayer to heal the leaders of this nation, that will cure them of the evil and desire to satisfy their needs uniquelythere is only one hope pray and know that all is not lost.

Those us who still in this country, hope the time of God, that everything a story.


images (3).jpeg
Anna sat on her bed, lost in thought. Two major things had happened in her life -- almost simultaneously. First, she got admitted to study her dream course in her dream institution. Talk of dream come true. The admission letter lay beside her, begging to be read. 48

Her dad had promised to educate her to any reasonable level she might desire. And he had, so far. Her dad was not rich, but made much sacrifices for Anna. 78

Anna was an only child. Her mom had died during childbirth. It was a big world, but Anna always felt secure around her dad; the only person Anna could rely on. And now, she had been offered an admission, Anna felt like telling her dad and recieving hugs and gifts as it was a custom to. 133

But the second major life changing event in her life had happened a day ago. Her dad was dead. Anna was lost. She sat on her bed, holding her father's picture in trembling hands, crying. On the back of the picture, was her dad's writting. 'Never give up, for when there is life, there is hope; All is not lost'.
And she was determined not to. 199



All Is Not Lost

My life flashed as the shuttle went down. Years of training, decades of travelling and it was all being undone in a moment.

I am an astronaut, part of an exploration team in deep space. Our mission had been going well these past three decades until now.

A solar storm had struck LV139J, generating massive electromagnetic pulses that damaged all electronic equipment on the planet.

I was in the air when the storm struck, and now I had crash landed in the middle of nowhere.

My shuttle was damaged; communications lost and I didn't know my bearings.

Without the aid of our satellites I couldn't tell where I was. For all I knew, I was a continent away from base camp.

A myraid of questions go through my mind: would base camp still function after this?, was our mothership still operational?, was I alone on this planet?.

I salvage some supplies and head out into the wilderness. All is not lost; maybe I can reach my base, maybe I can survive, maybe there is still hope.

Sam was a poor fisherman with a wife and two daughters. They lived on the outskirt of the village, Munduga where only the rich live within the village.

One night, he set out to fish.The night was cool, the sea calm; the stars shone brightly in the sky.He set up his fishing gear and laid back to wait. Time went by so fast he fell asleep until a wave rocked his canoe causing him to wake up.The sky was dark,sign of a storm. He started paddling back but the storm grew and knocked his canoe over. He got ahold of a gangplank and held unto it. The sea gave up its fury but he was lost entirely.

Bruised,sore and full of despair of dying at sea, he offered a prayer to the goddess of the sea begging for her divine intervention.The sun rose and beat up on him. Thirsty and hungry, he gave up hope on making it back; laid in wait to die and thought of home.

Sooner, a bird cawed overhead,he looked and saw a treeline. He set his plank in that direction, a conviction in his heart that "all is not lost"


A Day At School

It was two months to summer break, Precious was preparing for her exams and also anticipating a beautiful and unforgettable holidays.
As usual It was characterized, by the toils of the midnight candle. Precious, has always been an student excellent student In her Academics.

On this day, after preparing and she was set to go and blast her exams as usual. Her friend Priscilla came to her hostel and whispered to her.. "Hey Presh the exam question has leaked would you love to have a look?? " As an astute student she replied "NO".

A few hours into the exams her friend is caught for exam malpractice and she is taken in for questioning. She was asked to mention the names of people that partook of the leak. She mentioned her friend's name "Precious".

All parties involved were served with an official letter from the disciplinary committee. A day was fixed to determine the fate of people involved in this abhorrent act.

Precious' hope of completing school and having a great summer break hung on this particular date and she said to herself..
"ALL IS NOT LOST i will take my place on the stands and defend myself."

Life lesson.


It was a magical afternoon, it was the final match of the spring championship with the two strongest teams, the eternal rivals of all time, a custom that comes from generation among different families. My team started losing, it was barely 5 minutes and we were down in the score by 1 to 0. From that moment we lost our heads and just when we put together a good play, they took the ball away and scored the 2-0. first time with a header at minute 44. In the locker room began the coach's sermon, he said: "Not everything has been lost, each of you has the potential to turn the scoreboard and win champions. and do magic, for them. " We were mentalized, we took control of the game and the party began. At minute 55. we deducted 1 goal, and then another 2 fell, MINUTE 90+ and the score was 3 to 3, a penalty would decide everything. I got to kick it and luckily I scored the winning goal. We won the trophy and a great lesson in life.

All Is Not Lost

I don't know how I made it to the bank after receiving the alert. I was scared shitless and beginning to wonder how jail would be like. With my mind on hyperdrive, I narrowly avoided driving into other vehicles a couple of times.
Recently, my boss had transferred five hundred thousand dollars to my account to be used in purchasing some stuff abroad. Yesterday my wife told me she had to go on a business trip so I'm sure you can imagine how I felt when she called me to say she had absconded the country with the money. Shortly after, I got an alert showing that the money was truly gone.
Not believing, I went to the bank where this was confirmed. Just as I started hyperventilating, my phone rang and I got another alert that the money had been deposited into our joint account. Turns out she made a mistake in the transfer. Immediately, I withdrew the money, and opened a new bank account. So now I've got my boss's money back, though my marriage is definitely over. But at least I don't have to think of prison so, ***all is not lost

All is not lost

I had been knocking on doors for a long time, and although I auditioned in several companies they never called me. My wife left me, she could not stand the situation, leaving my son who had mainly to feed; my world was collapsing.
One morning when leaving a job interview, a hurried man approached me, he had an emergency and asked me $ 5 to pay for the taxi, with the hassle he forgot his wallet. They were my only $ 5 I did not know what to do at that time, but nevertheless I gave them to them.
I walked to my house thinking what to do with my life, despair invaded me, lost hope. The next day they knocked on my door, it was that man to whom I gave the $ 5, he went to return them and to offer me the job that the previous day had gone to look for; my mind is clouded, I could not believe it, not all is lost, I thought but who is he? He was the owner of the company he had helped without knowing.

The story begins 4.6 billion years ago, it was the day when our mother 'EARTH' was borned. Every thing was developing and heading towards a more newer and brighter morning. Life originated here and evolved each an every moment. Every creature was so special and unique that it made earth completely different and beautiful in whole universe, but all this beauty and uniqueness were just for few years and then started evolving the distructor of the earth and they were humans. They harassed it a lot but then to it beared all for a long time and didn't uttered a little. Every thing has some limits and if we stay behind them then it's all safe otherwise not. But soon the day will come when it will turn into 'A BLOOD RED SKY' and and humans will be destroyed forever from earth.

My love everything has not been lost! It was the beautiful words that a man told his wife after his home was destroyed by the mudslide of a river that was near his home in a neighborhood in ateneas, leaving them homeless.
The couple lived in a humble house far from the city, she was a seamstress and he worked as a courier in a post office. The day after the disaster he asked to speak with his boss to inform him of what had happened and in turn to ask for his help.
In view of the fact that the man was very efficient in his work and much loved by his colleagues, the boss proposed to give him a position as a post supervisor and gave him a loan to buy a house.
The man, very happy for what he had accomplished, came to his house to tell his wife what had happened. Both managed to buy their new home and belongings, continuing in the company with a new position. They both learned that when you believe that everything is lost there will always be a light on the road.

That evening at dinner, I was truly puzzled at how my mum responded to the question that was thrown at her.
"It really must be be tough for you, I hear this sad news that you lost your husband to diabetes how true is it?", the visiting doctor.
Immediately I began to have butterflies in my stomach for the insensitive nature of the such question at dinner.
In my mind I was like "are you gonna bring him back to life if you found it is as true as it sounds?".
As though mum was in the same frequency of thought wave with me she responded in a proverbial manner I consider just perfect for that moment.
"Not all those who wander are lost...", she impressed.
"..the old that is strong does not wither;
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes, a fire shall be woken"

As she continued, every being were glued to her in attention, no words from her lips fell the ground.
"A light from the shadows shall spring:
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king"
Life may seem unfair but all is not lost"

As I ran towards the stage, my heartbeat uttered sounds only heard by my internal auditory organs.

"Bassey three marks deducted!"

And there I stood lost but seen. I felt my courage vanishing into thin air. What could I possibly come out with, without three marks?

Aggressively, I jammed the strings of my guitar. Initially, I was to resume in low pitches but anger unconsciously crescendoed my voice and boom! Everyone was amazed.

The handclapping was enough to tell I was the best already but out of humility and sadness of loosing three marks I sat quietly not uttering a word to anyone all through the performances of the other contestants.

As the moderator called out the first ten, I was already depressed, but surprisingly I came third and that was Hundred Thousand Naira.

The first position beat me with 1.2 marks and if I had come earlier that wouldn't have occurred.
And I was signed into the record label not him, so all is not lost. It was obvious I came first and got the best contract but not the award of being first!

Wait a minute! That award was just a paper thing!

Miranda was a very charismatic girl, with a unique sense of humor. I was surrounded by very good people, excellent dancer and model. I participate in big events for his amazing talent. Each day she grew more as an artist, her parents supported her a lot in all her challenges, which she filled with joy and strength. For life issues suffered an accident while dancing, his right leg was affected by a fracture. When she found out what had happened to her, she became discouraged, put out the light with which she shone and only said that she was no longer anybody, she was no longer an artist because with her leg she could not dance or model, she was lost. Well, her parents made her understand that not everything was lost, she was operated on, and as time went by with the help of therapies, she recovered her leg, until she could ride on large modeling catwalks and excellent dance stages. He smiled again and realized that all is not lost.

This is a topic of determination.

The topic reminds me of a scenario.
One fateful afternoon, everything was happening peacefully, a second later the atmosphere was scattered with the sound of gunshots. Robbers came to rob a bank near our store, everyone ran for safety, there was a woman inside the security door coming out of the bank, unfortunately she was shot and died at the instant. After the whole scene her body was packed, leaving her only child (age 16 at the time) with no father. And nobody to help, she did all sort of work (legal) ranging from selling fruits to working in a food store. One day the food store owner decided to help her through high school (secondary school). With her passion to succeed, she saved a lot and went to high school after completing her high school she worked with the woman (food store owner), saved more and later a became a successful business woman and happily married.
Even with the death of her mother "ALL IS NOT LOST'.

after watching the topic blood red sky my minds directly goes to flash back to that day when in our school in pakistan was attacked by the start of the day everything was clear on the sky but as soon as the first boy bath in blood the color of the day changing and i was an eye witness to saw all those things.when that first bullet fires and the scary sounds and shouts of children and teachers make me soo much scary that i stood their and one by one 900 children of different ages were killed without any mercy.the whole school was like the tube of blood their was nothing in the school than blood dead bodies and the morning it was like the fresh day of the year but in afternoon it was the most dangerious scary and terrible day of the year which will not be forgetted by anyone living their and that day the sky was blood red sky. @stach here its my entry

Trudging through the swamp wasn't what he'd had in mind today. He's done it plenty prior. Baggin' the hog ruinin' your garden each year required it. Waking up there is a different story.
Through the bottom, curly remembered the night before well enough. Having his last drink with Walt and riding to the shack. Did I go inside, he thought, pushing through the last stretch of briers out of the bottom.
Limping up the hill behind the shack he passed the garden she'd loved. The second love of her life. Curly would have given anything to have her back. It had been 8 years since she left for a trot through the woods behind the shack. It wasn't a shack then but a a beautiful home on Gunder Mtn., West Virginia. Without Sandy it became "The Shack".
Stumbling into the plain kitchen, Curly saw it sitting on the floor. Right beside the oak farm table he'd built Sandy, it was there. Praying for something left to start the day with he reached down to find it still half-full. "All is not lost", he chuckled, sittin' down to polish off the last half of Walt's White Lightening.

“I’m tired, tired of everything! Tired of writing stories everyday but yet, nothing to show for it”! James said. “I would rather think of something else to do than sit all day writing unproductive stories!”
You don’t have to give up bro! You never can tell when your stories would pay off, be consistent man, and patient!” David cut in.
“Patient? Did you say patient?! I have been writing stories for months now and nothing! Not even a dime to show for it! It’s really frustrating man!” James replied angrily.
‘’I know man! I know! But that doesn’t mean you have to give up! Remember I won my first contest after having written several stories, too many to count for 7 good months?! Keep up man, it would soon pay off! Just read there is a new contest ongoing.”
“Really? Title?” James asked reluctantly but yet, seriously. “All is not lost. Sounds like a perfect title for you if you ask me.” David said sheepishly.
1 Week Later….
“Congrats bro! I told you!” Yeah you did! Can’t believe I won that contest! I just got 10SBD!” James replied. (Smiles). ‘’I told you bro, David said. ‘’All is not lost.’’

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If you'd like to help spread the word about the Steemit Writing Contest List I'd really appreciate a resteem, but it certainly isn't necessary. The project is simply meant to help writers save time and contest creators attract more contestants.

P.S. If you know of any contests I've missed I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!

Wow am soo much looking forward to participating in this.

Hope In Life and Death

The chants of the executors got closer, alerting Anuli to the depth of trouble she was in, but the scary thought was nothing compared to the pain she felt from the stillness... the nothingness in her arms.

She knew her children were dead; no need to look at them.

She no longer ran, but walked briskly; no more fighting for their lives, but for time to honour their deaths.

She needed to mourn her dead children, though they died from cold in her arms instead of being killed by wild beasts in the forest.

Tired to her bones, she made to sit at the foot of an Iroko tree and wait for her pursuers to catch up, when she felt a stirring, then heard a whimper.

Standing back upright, she looked at the bundle in her arms and with mixed feelings of hope and fear, opened the wrapper folds and found life and death lying together. One twin was as cold as death, and the other was whimpering and fighting for life.

New life and strength seeped back into Anuli’s body. “All is not lost,” she said, continuing her journey into the forest.

“All is not lost,” she repeated.

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Wow, i think this is great. I haven't give a shut on this contest. Maybe i do fasten my belt a give it a trial. I hope to hit it hot like the Red sky. Lol.

They both stared at the horizon, while the sun went down. Odie asked: "Where do you think our owners were? Will they take long time to come back?". Rex, without taking his eyes off the sunset, replied: "Sometimes, we are chosen by owners who are irresponsible and who consider us as a burden rather than as a blessing".

Odie, still did not understand. Rex continued: "They tell us that they're going to take us for a walk, to a place very far from home, actually. Then they will leave us on our own"

Odie, looked down and was disappointed.

Rex, seeing his sad friend, added: "All is not lost. Look the bright side, we have each other. "

"Come on! Let's find something to eat"

"We'll find another owner who loves us. I can assure you. There are many good people in this beautiful and cruel world. Do not worry"

Odie smiled back

when the contest closes?

sidney had lived a happy life when her mom was alive. She sometimes remembered how things were and wished she could get those days back but her mom was never coming back . Her stepmom made it her responsibility to make life difficult for her and her siblings. Her dad was never around and there was nothing he could do to help even if she managed to tell him, her stepmom never did wrong in his eyes. Maybe it was because she put up a good act of being the perfect mom when he was around but Sidney wished he would believe her sometimes.
Sidney had to play the role of a mother to her younger ones. Sometimes, she would go hungry to make sure they had enough to eat. On several occasions, she had thought of running away with her siblings but she knew better. She didn't know if they would survive one day so she had to pray that her stepmother changed her attitude towards them.
One day, her dad walked in on her step-mom melting out her cruel punishment on them. That was when he realized that all Sidney had been telling him was the truth.

its a good idea ;)

I thought the last contest was A Blood Red Sky.


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Jose was a poor boy who attended a school for rich children, thanks to his mother's bosses.
One day in the presentation of a project, José showed his simple work done with little material because it was what his mother could buy, while his classmates showed great works of art made by their parents, architects and engineers, that day José got 5 points, while his classmates earned 10. This discouraged the child and came with a broken heart telling his mother what happened and also repudiating being poor.
The afflicted mother raises Jose's face with a caress and says: son, never despise what you are! because humility is what makes the human being, not all is lost just because you get 5 points in your project and, we are poor if! But that has nothing to do with today's score, maybe the teacher did not look beyond expectations and simply let himself be guided by what he saw. On the contrary, you should feel proud of those 5 points because it was something you achieved with effort and the pride of feeling deserved for something you do yourself, that may be something your classmates never feel.

Herdsmen in my country are dread more or less terrorists, they destroy farm lands and kill farmers with no mercy, some regions in my country are always scared of these evil people. The land is always bathed with blood of the farmers instead fertilizer and water. The herdsmen sometimes go into villages late at night and slaughter both men and women, old and young and paints the villages red leaving some people in agony. The news is always widespread but the government of my dear country could not help the poor, everyone is living in fear. People are so much more growing to be strong enough to survive the greatest threat. I believe ALL IS NOT LOST. Time will tell people will grow stronger.

Year 2113.
The first thing I want to say is, we survived....... Mankind survived the meteors, we rebuilt after the mega earthquakes and tsunamis, we even won wars against 3 alien races. We thought we were unstoppable.

But one Sunday, just after noon, the ground began to shake violently. It was as if the earth cracked in half.

No one thought they existed. The scientist believed they fed on the magma beneath the earth and when they realised it was running out, they came up to go to another planet. But before thy left they destroyed everything searching for the last drop of magma they could find. 65% of the human race was wiped-out.

The spaceX program had completed the Mars bases just in time and all the survivors where able to leave earth. Years after we left, the earth dried up and died like a rose. We now knew what happened to other planets in the galaxy.

All is not lost! We are humans, we will build on the this red rock and make it our home. As long as we have life, ALL IS NOT LOST!

Thanks for reading


Typical Jungle Justice

Stop am!, catch am!, see am!, na him be dat!. These were all shouting words from the mob as they chased Chinedu through the market place. Chinedu was very tall, with deep brown eyes, ebony skin, black hair and was dressed in a faded blue shirt with red shorts. He knocked the traders goods off their racks as he tried to escape the mob after him. Soon enough he mistakenly knocks down an Aboki's tray of oranges as the Aboki shouts Anuofia! at him meaning "wild animal". Trying not to step on the oranges, he trips over a sitting stool and crashes to the ground like an eagle that lost it's wings mid air.

The mob immediately catches up with him as they unleashed various weapons of pain on his body. Ewo! Ewo! Chinedu screams as more people gather to beat him. From nowhere a tyre is hung around his neck, by this time Chinedu was already too weak to protest as he just lay on the floor, blood everywhere.

Chinedu was a victim of mistaken identity. The mob began pouring petrol on him and as they wanted to light the matches, an officer stops them.

All is not lost
My mom and I have struggled to get by and eating three square meal a day was difficult. I took to the street to beg and I was able to raise a little amount which I use to buy rice and some other ingredients. I skipped home joyfully just to show mom what I got and as I was about to turn the corner a man collided with me and I fell to the ground. I did not care about my wounded knee but the grain of rice which had scattered all over the ground. Quickly I gathered the little amount I could before it would be stepped upon. The young man apologized and I told him it's alright, all is not lost so I can make do with what's left. I looked up at him and saw that he was crying, what's wrong mister? I asked… I have always complained about what life has given me rather than appreciate the little i have,my attitude towards life has been bad, I would see a glass of water half empty rather than half filled but son you made me realize all hope is not lost when there is life.

All is not lost.

Shortly after father passed on, our mother became a trader at Jakpan market in Warri, where the 'heat' of the daily hustle by traders of all sorts saw the emanation various troubles, quarrels and strong competition. If you were not resolute about doing your trade there, then you might as well just quit and pack up. It was a hard time as things seemed to have gone 'from grace to grass'. Mum was married as a housewife, which was the preference of Dad before he passed. I mean, she had complained severally that she wanted to work those years, but he never consented.

One day that she called the family for a meeting just before she would be packing up and heading to her parents' town at Bayelsa. We arrived on that fateful day and as first son of the family, I was called upon to speak my mind on the issue. I said a short prayer and sought for Divine wisdom for a word that would reveal Gods' will concerning this very situation. The moment I was done praying, all I had to say to her were the words, 'Mama all is not lost'!..


She got her heart broken, by her first love. It hit her hard, she felt her heart literally ripped out, and in despair she sunk.

All guys' advances fell on deaf ears. She locked up. She felt betrayed by the man she loved the most. He ditched her for her best friend. She couldn't bring herself to look them in the eyes, anytime they run across each other in her favourite mall.

She remembered how she gave her body away, for love, now, she is filled with regret and she wish she could go back just in time.

She sought revenge. What seem to be heartbreak, turned into revenge. She sought to break them up, or at least, give them a dose of what they dished out to her. She had sleepless nights.

She actually brought this guy into the U.S. They met online, and love happened. Her best friend lived not too far from her place, that was why it hurt her so much.

She hired a "detective" to dig out dirty things about both his ex boyfriend, and ex best friend. Amidst the "revenge", she fell in love with this detective; who once faced similar situation too.

Jack Spit woke up in a terrible form. At first he thought he had lost his hands, head and legs but as he was bitten by an insect he flared up realizing every part of him is still alive although half dead. His eyes were blurry but he could see smoke and flames dancing all around him, his nose was smokey and his skin boiling from the heat.
He rubbed his face, turned 360. "All was lost" he heard himself. The fired had took everything: the house, the golds, jewels, all the money he had saved and the treasure which he seeks the most(his wife). It was his greed that brought the fire, he fell on his knees devastated.

He heard crack, rustling from the fire but he never turned until, "all is not lost" an angelic voice said behind him. He rolled back his body, head and eyes, it was Maria, his lover. They hugged, kissed and kissed again.
"I thought I lost you"
"I never doubted you would come for me"
He felt hot tears burnt his cheek and it fell in her cleavage she felt it too.

?All is not lost? They sang!.
?we have each other ?
?all is not lost?

Once upon a time, about 20 years ago, a family known as the WURA FAMILY lived in a village called Gaura Village. The WURA FAMILY was a rich family.
The Gaura Village was a place that was filled with evil powers because of the witch doctor who lived there. So, virtually everyone who lived in the village were controlled by this witch doctor and all their decisions in life were manipulated by the witch doctor. That is, anything that has to do with the happiness or success of any family must be first taken to the witch doctor and all the time the time witch doctor always request for a sacrifice before anything can be done and usually the results are always negative.
So, the WURA FAMILY had always disobeyed the orders of the witch doctor and because of this the witch doctor strucked the family with poverty and sicknesses which badly affected the happiness of the family for 10 years.
On one faithful day the WURA FAMILY came across some missionaries who were preaching salvation and deliverance in Jesus and they accepted Jesus's gospel and they were prayed for and they realized in Jesus ALL IS NOT LOST.

This is my entry.

Does death occur by losing a modicum of life with each tick of the clock, or does death happen in a snap?

Morenike had only parked her ride for a few minutes to quickly purchase few items omitted on the list. She had left her baby inside the vehicle, “I’ll be back in a jiffy anyway, no need to stress”, she thought to herself. She came back several minutes later to behold a lifeless baby, cold, innocent, devoid of a blameful expression.
Was it her fault? As fatalists opine, would the baby have died anyway? Wiping off tears with one hand and driving to the hospital with the other, she agreed that she wouldn’t tell a soul: not her siblings, not her parents.
The child never had a beautiful welcome into the family anyway, her father said he was utterly disappointed in her, her mother wagged her head for days, "You are pregnant for a married man! This has never happened in this family"
Her only only solace was in grandma's words. "All is not lost my child, you're young, you should go back to school, you should build a career, you should move on, all cannot be lost".

“All is lost,” the demon said to her, “They are mine.”

She’d been walking for weeks, perhaps months—she did not remember—her steps compelled and guided by a soft wind, forever pressing against her shoulders, warming her when she needed warmth, cooling her when she needed cooled. She had been called. This, she remembered.

Behind the demon sat the distant city, surrounded by a flat ocean of sand. She did not speak, but only stared at the featureless shadow, at the demon’s physical form, and watched as it grew in size, until it towered over her, like a massive unnatural tree. Yet, she was not fearful. She had been called. She had been born for such a moment.

The wind picked up, and the breeze touched her lips. She began to speak.

“You’re a liar. They are not yours. All is not lost. Their screams and prayers have been heard. Their hopes and dreams have been seen.”

She smiled and then laughed.

“I know why you’re here. Do you know why I am?”

She paused, waiting for an answer, but the demon remained silent.

“I am here for them,” she said, “I am here to destroy you.”