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This is the Introduction
to the Newest and soon to be
the largest contest on
the Steem Blockchain!
the SteemIt Decathlon
As a renaissance man
I don't believe in doing
things in one field.
its boring
So why would I have a
contest in one field only?

nope.jpg I wouldn't
Move in close listen, because I'm breaking the mode with this one.

My inspiration for this contest comes from the diverse community of the Steem Blockchain where there is Curators, Witnesses, Authors, Artists, Teachers, Mentors, Video producers, Musicians, Comedians, Crypto currency experts, Day Traders, Scientists, Inventors, Entrepuneus, Programmers, Foodies, Bakers, Chefs, Travelers, Photographers, Sports Fans, Card Players, Gamblers, Gamers, Policy Wonks, Florist, Farmers, Investors, Poets, Chefs , Reporters, Business, Minnows, Bot Users and Whales.

There are contests out there for memes, funny videos, artwork, logo design, videos, music,
writing, poetry, photography, jokes, drawings, digital art, games of chance.
some take 15 minutes, while others take a few days...
...and many other things.....

But nothing for everyone?

I wanted to reward the

Virtuosos who
excel at one thing
Well rounded generalist who
can do alot of stuff above average
Those that show us stuff
People who help out
People who just want to participate in a competition

I also wanted to be inclusive, so everyone would want to play.
I wanted to inject some non-creative fun events into the Mix.

So how to bring all this together and make an even playing field?

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks

A multi-contest event, where points are earned towards the overall Event based on the finish position in each event,
and or participation in a task. Which are tracked on an Event Leaderboard.

The top position finishers of each contest,
and The Overall Points Leaders.

Will both win Awards....

Each event will target a different group members of the Steem Community and will not be repeated two days in a row.

There will be a minimum of three different events of 3 types will be launched every day.

You may participate in as many as you like.
Here are the names of the different types (all give points):

  1. Quickshot (will be every day)
  2. I'm up for it (will be every day)
  3. Come on Baby Needs a new pair of Shoes!
  4. Deep in the Weeds (will be every day)
  5. The Beatle's Help!

So what do they mean
1 "Quickshots"
is a 24 hour event, focusing on short creatives!
Essentially if it will take short period of time and not to
much of a headache this is the Contest for you!
Here are an example of some previously seen on the Steem Blockchain:

  • An ArtStorm 15 minute piece of art.
    checkout my entry to Artstorm Contest #13 - buttercups and daisies
  • A Dmania Contest Turn a Picture Provided into a Meme
    checkout one of my entries to "Meme challenge #61" here
  • A Foodie Photography
  • A Curation recommendation review of another authors blog post.
    2 "I'm up for it"
    is another 24 hour event. This is a participation event. As long as you abide by the
    rules and do the instructions you will receive points and a percentage of the payout.
    plus there may be additional rewards for you
    Where you will need to do a couple of actions
    Examples would be:
  • Choose an article of good informational content write a summary of why it is good and the purpose it serves and upvote it.
  • sign up for an Airdrop which will give you additional rewards....
  • Use a cryptocurrency faucet to get free cryptocurrency
    3 "Come on Baby Needs a new pair of Shoes!"
    Is a event contest where you are in competion with every one else signed up for the event
    Not a creative bone is needed in your body...But you may need luck, or use your smarts.
    There will multiday and single day events.

Examples include:

  • A multiday Scavanger Hunt for information
  • A Trivia Game
  • A provenly fair game like PokerSteem
  • Logic Problems,
    4 "Deep in the Weeds"
    This is the big one for creators / teachers / professionals types you get a full 7 days
    from the time of annoucement of each to submit a new posting.
    This will be indepth based on the subject matter.
    The type of Post is based on the rules I outline that Day.

Examples include:

  • Create a Design for a Deck of cards for incorporating Steem Community as your inspiration.
  • Record a funny music video lipsyncing a song
  • Blogged a how to tutorial with your contest results like
    Like my entry Crypto Logo Art Challenge here
  • Step by Step Cooking a Recipe
  • Travel log of your local area
  • Multiple pieces of information sourced, organize, rated and made part of a library for the community


5 "The Beatle's Help!"
This for the community that
responds to requests to put
on the decathalon.
  • Guest Judges
  • Contributors
  • People who collberate with me on the programming end
  • Suggestions
  • Clerical work.
  • Those that delegate to the cause.
  • sponsors

So what are the rewards?
All real entries that follow all the rules will be upvoted with my steem powered account.

The top placers of each event will:

  • split a majority upvote rewards on the posting for the event.
  • receive special medallion stickers on their blog post entry.
  • if it is a sponsored event some real world physical rewards (more on this to come)
  • Points placed on position towards the Overall Decathlon Leaderboard

There will be three leaderboards:

  • Overall points from event finishes...
  • Participation Quantity List
  • Contributors List.

The Overall Points and Participation List top positions will

  • split a reward pools compromised from a piece of all the events upvote rewards
  • will receive special medallion stickers to display on their blog post entries.
  • if it is a sponsored competition some real world physical rewards (more on this to come)

The Contributor's List will receive a split of a small rewards pool.
Plus some extras
Exact details on the points system, payouts and more rules will be coming tomorrow.

Right now I'm looking for some people to help me out with, some parts of it, specifically Independent Judges, Ideas for some of the event inspirations, a programmer or two to collaborate with and a some contribution of some steem power to get us going.

Please contact me below and resteem this to others to get the word out!

The first set of contests starts sunday! Get ready to rock and roll!


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Too good this contest. Greetings from Venezuela


get ready to participate please resteem..


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its so much informative...thank u @richatvns
@resteem done

This post has received a 23.03 % upvote from @boomerang.

I think it's a wonderful idea, park tomorrow to be able to participate, there are several issues that catch my attention

It's an awesome idea. Very similar to what we're doing at the IFC actually. :) We do a contest where we include all subjects, and we've been running for a couple months now and have a few witnesses helping to sponso us.
It's been a great adventure so far and a bunch of the players say they have a lot of fun. :) Good luck with your contest and also I'm also happy to help do some guest judging as well if time permits! Will try to contact you on discord soon and talk more.


Cool check my next blog post I set up a Discord channel...
I know we can help each other out....

Essentially by doing a joint event or 2 during each Decathlon which is 30 events... That way people will earn double the prizes by entering their submission in both locations. And I would go with your decision on the winner.....

I will be doing it with other event and contest runners as well....


Sorry for the delayed response. I can't keep up with all the messages and had to track this one down before I lost it too far back in the history. And.. Hmm the idea of a joint event is an interesting one. Will look for the post you mentioned and your discord info and stuff next.

Idea looks mutipronged, thoughts are rational, appeal is unbiased and rewarding may brake records.

If you may consider my services except the steem power, that sometimes is too small to keep my bandwidth alive, your request may never return.

You are having a good thought, hope you succeed in your good wishes and we may provide some helping hand too.


it is and I do need help read todays blog post...
I need judges, admins, and help...


Thanks for your reply and gesture, waiting for the same. In case you find me legible to anyhow.

its so much informative
@resteem done



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Good idea....


Have you done discord channel


yes but I'm still working on it