[EDITED] The world is your oyster #1 : Scrapbook Contest by korinkrafting

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I'm alive and kicking!!

How are you, folks?

I've been away from Steemit for more than 2 weeks because adulthood. *sigh. As much as I want to post regularly, life was being a bitch on me lately. However, I was still on the shadows reading, upvoting and resteeming stuff.
So, what do I have for you, today?

Last Wednesday was me and my husband's anniversary. He was very sweet to gift me a corner desk table, which I always wanted. The desk was finally assembled and as I was organizing my craft materials, I was bombarded with a lot of craft materials that was either used once or none at all. My first instinct was to throw them away since I wasn't using them, but I asked my teammates at @steemitachievers if anyone wanted them. Nobody responded but @mermaidvampire gave me a wonderful idea. She recommended I hold a contest and give the lonely craft materials to the winner.

YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT! I'm holding my first ever contest!!!
This way, I can let go of the lonely craft materials, give them a new home and honestly, to prove to myself that I am not a hoarder. LOL

Behold, "The world is your oyster: Scrapbook Contest" !!


So, why Scrapbook?
Why not? After all, I'm Korin Krafting :D *winks at @mervamp

Contest title: The world is your oyster #1: Scrapbook Contest
Scrapbook is a decorated book use to compile, collect and preserve things that mean something to you; memorabilias such a photos, letters and artworks and may or may not include extensive journaling.


  • Steemians with reputation 60 and below who are stationery lovers and are genuinely interested to win not only SBDs but also craft materials

Contest Duration
The contest will run until Saturday, March 31, 2018, Japan Standard Time UTC +9.

The contest is extending until Tuesday, April 3, 2018, Japan Standard Time, UTC +9 11:59 PM.
Check your timezone here.

How to Join?

  • You are free to upvote this post but upvoting will help me gather enough amount to reward all participants. It's a win-win situation here. But DO NOT upvote this post after March 31. The contest runs for a total of 10 days and your Voting Power will only go to waste if you upvote after the payout. If anything, I recommend you upvote the Update Posts but that's still your choice.
  • You are free to resteem this post but resteeming will allow more people to see this and may be interested to join. The more the merrier, they say.

Guidelines and requirements

  • Make a 3 to 5 page Scrapbook of about anything you want. Choose your own theme. The world is your oyster.
  • Be as creative as you can be. You must not buy new materials to make the scrapbook.
  • The scrapbook MUST have photos, handwritten words and doodles or drawings. You are not prohibited to use type written words or print images but 80% of the scrapbook must be made traditionally and by your own hands.
  • Show process photos, share your thoughts and why you decided on that theme in your post about the scrapbook.
  • Sharing is caring. Refer this contest to a (fellow) stationery lover you know. Mention them in your post. They may thank you later.
  • Add the contest banner as your first image and the tag #kraftingscrap in your post
  • Leave a link of your entry in the comments below.

1st prize = 3 SBD and a stationery set of 40+ stickers, 5 letter set packs, 10+ origami papers, 3 craft scissors, 24 washi tapes, 5 random craft papers, 2 brush pens with refill and a mobile fountain pen.

lonely craft materials

Heads up. I can only shoulder the shipping fee from my end however, if customs in your country asks for customs handling fee, I may shoulder 50% of it.

2nd prize = 2 SBD and @steembasicincome sponsorship
3rd prize = 1 SBD and @steembasicincome sponsorship
Consolation prizes will be given to non-winning participants. Amount may vary depending on the earnings of this post. Rest assured that everyone will receive a fraction of the total earnings of this post.

Awesome Judges
Entries will be judged by @mermaidvampire because she got me to hold this contest and @jacinta.sevilla who is a very good critique. Impress these ladies, okay?

Criteria for judging
Following of instructions = 20%
Creativity = 40%
Scrapbook-ness = 20%
Presentation in your post = 20%

Are you ready?
Get Krafting and win some SBDs and stationeries!!

May Furirin be on your favor

Check out this AMAZING pipz

Member of

Artistic vessel of @furirin


Thanks for stopping by.

See you on my next post.



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The details of the contest follows the outline of @mermaidvampire 's DIY Greeting Card contest guidelines

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Join na mga suki! Imported ang papremyo ni mayora. Ahahahahaha! Pakiresteem na rin ng umabot sa mga kinauukulan.


Katawa ko s comment nimo lol!


Thahahahahahahaah!!!! This comment wins!


Zhahahaha molang dri ta mg biinisaya kay walay penalty...

Ahahahahaha! JK



Bwahahahahah doom

Haha uy ang pirma !!! Murag resibo hahaha. Char.

Full support!


murag legit diba?
Thanks, heika :D




Wa koy tulog ginupit jajaja


Thank you!!!!


YEAH!!! Thank you!!

Hi @korinkrafting! Finally, here's my entry https://steemit.com/kraftingscrap/@wondersofnature/the-world-is-your-oyster-1-scrapbook-contest-or-summer-fun

I hope you and our lovely judges like it :) Thanks for extending the contest ;)


Hello @wondersofnature!! Thanks for joining!! :D


yeeey!! thank you!!


Yes!!! Contestant number 1 at last!!!!!


Am I qualified/ did I miss one of the rules?
Thank you!


You are good to go, bruh!! Thanks for joining

Hello! This is my participation. Click on the image: D

cocurso ateriales.png


Yeeeay!!!! Contestant number 2!!!


hahaha! great: D. By the way I would like you to recommend me some manhwas :3


Oh sorry, I don’t read manhwas hehehe


I invite you to: @rubeidy @rosbellycc @stefanyo

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I want this, thank God I'm not late. I will have to put to work. Good thing you did not throw them out. In my country it's expensive! Just buying that, it's a work salary. DO NOT BOOT IT.


GIIIRL THE ENERGY!!!! Hahahahahaha
Lol I’ve spent most of my salary in this mess, too!! Yeah, I was stupid for thinking of throwing this away. So come on, girl! Work that scrapbook! Yaaasss


Also don’t forget to read the instructions careful, aight?

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Grabe.. gusto ko makadaog para anang mga items..huhu


Hahaha join na!!!

Wow! Another interesting contest! I'm joining! Thanks for the initiative furirin!

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this contest is wayyy awesome. I could try for a bit, since i am practicing calligraphy :D


Oh please do! I’m excited for your entry!!!

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Thank you!!!

I want to join!!!
Kahit fountain pen lang mapanalunan ko... 😟
But I don't know how to make a scrapbook.. 😕hehehe.. I never made one before... 😩

Sana makasali ako....


You can search the internet in how to make one. Maybe you’ll like it

Wow! I will definitely join here! Thank you for sharing @mermaidvampire!


Thanks for taking interest in my contest. Excited for your entry!

Squad Goals! mga talentadong tropadits.labas na! hehehe, yan pwede ulit salihan. @shirleynpenalosa @mavicalipda, @catietan, @ajasmin14 @girlalugirl @mallowfitt, @magendaaaa, mam @jedralin


Join na! haha Baka may manalo isa sa inyo tapos share nyo sa lahat ang prize hehe :D

  ·  last year (edited)

oo,heheh na- forward na sa mga kasama ko @korinkrafting. actually sumali sila @mermaidvampire. thanks.


Thank you! Excited for your entries.

this contest is very interesting ,nice idea

OMG!!!! This is so cool!!!! And the prizes! I love them!!! :) OMG! I will definitely join this! :) :)


I’m excited for your entry!!!

Hala kaa uiii!! Kalami ana 💓💓💓💓💓 if online ko atong pagask, motubag jud ko. walay ulaway! hahaha. I-try ko ni kay.


Apil na, go!! Hahaha