SMA Feedback Contest - A DSound Community Initiative - Round 5 Is Live!

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SMA Feedback Contest - A DSound Community Initiative - Round 5 Is Live!

15 Days To Enter And Earn Points!

The main focus of this Feedback Contest, is for Musicians and Producers that are participating in the SMA Challenges and the Beat Battle League for Season 2. I find that having a fresh set of ears listening to your track always comes in handy! And you never know, that bit of feedback you receive, just might put you in the winners slot.

Consider this an open invitation to all, submit your tracks, and give some positive and constructive feedback to your fellow Producers and Musicians taking part in the challenges. :-)

And now the SMA is partnered with DSound, the decentralized sound platform harnessing the power of the STEEM blockchain.

DSound's support of the Steemit Music League & SMA will allow for greater recognition and rewards the Steemians who take part in the SMA's contests and challenges. So a big shout out to @prc , @dsound!

I will be awarding SBD Prizes, and Double Whaleshares this round.

And if you want to win the top spot this is how ya do it:

This is what we need, detailed song analysis! So take note of @novili's feedback. The last round was really great, and thanks to all who took part! So let's keep that momentum going with Round 5 with some awesome feedback, that is detailed as you can get.

Good Luck!

The Rules of the Road:

  1. Your track can be of any genre.

  2. Producers/Musicians: If you submit a track for feedback, in order to qualify, you need to give feedback to others on at least 1 track.

  3. Feedbackers: Provide constructive and positive feedback. BS comments will get a big red flag.

  4. There will be three tiers of prizes for the best feedback provided, judged by yours truly.

  5. Both the Producer and the person giving the feedback will get a 50/50 split of the prizes. And the Producer/Musician will earn points for the Challenges.

  6. In order to be awarded Whaleshares, you will need a BitShares Wallet, or have an account on OpenLedger. Any WS or VS not claimed will be kept in the prize vault for future contests.

Current Prize Pool:

First Prize: 14 SBD and 26 Whaleshares For 40 Points/2

Second Prize: 10 SBD and 20 Whaleshares For 30 Points/2

Third Prize: 6 SBD and 14 Whaleshares For 20 Points/2

So let's get it going on! Submit your tracks, and earn some Challenge Points...

And don't forget... show some love to your fellow Musicians and Producers with an Upvote!

The Feedback Contest: Round 5 is now live, and the current dates for submissions are:

Mar 16th until Mar 31st - 12 midnight est. Winners announced on Apr 1st 2018.

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Had a lot of fun with the last contest. Here is another composition of mine, to get things started. It's titled "Under Glass", in case the imbed isn't showing the cover image in your browser. Just click the upper left and it should play.

Your tune has a lot of originality, and many interesting instruments and sounds happening. Actually when the track started, I was pretty hyped! The opening brought me back to somewhere in the 80's in the best way.
As the track grew and went on, it started to get a little to convoluted and was going into to many directions. for me that is. perhaps someone else might say, you need to take your tune into farther out there into the disjointed world. And if that is what you are going for, take it further!!
Or if you want to clean it up and strip it down a little bit in places where it seems to be the messiest.
i even believe you need to do more EQing. it sounds like a lot of the sounds are hitting in the same low freq zone. I tend to do this a lot myself, as i enjoy the warmth of low deep bass like tones. but I have found you just cant do it. you need the sounds to sit in their own zones to make the space for them all! i am sure you know this but if not, I seriously think it could make this track pop. also maybe some more panning of the sounds might help. Evan with electronic music, I like to think of how many sounds i am using, as kinda like, my band members and want them all to have room and be heard!
with all that being said, i really like original, and highly creative tracks, and really want to hear this one shine like the heavens. and i believe it can. give it 2 to 3 more solid session and see how this beautiful outspace druggy tune of magic will sound like! great work @fireawaymarmont

Thanks very much for your feedback. I definitely see your point about separating the sounds more and opening up more space. I will try to follow your advice on a remix in the near future.

Thanks for your submission, much appreciated! :-)

love the tropic beat to too.make me feel like I'm on the beach.

original with a nice combination of sounds! great

Hello I haven't entered this contest before. I am only using pre-made loops in Music Maker, so I have not fiddled with any adjustments. But I would still love to get feed back on the use of the instrumentals, sounds, and timing :D

This is a beat I made. I used it in a video to show off my Sims 4 beach house. Take a look and let me know what you think!!

The synth lead seems slightly off, but it still works well - I really got into the groove after the first few bars. And yet again, your arrangement skills are really nice. I think once you dare to make your own sounds in a DAW you will have a lot of headstart to most producers out there because your arrangement keeps me engaged til the end, which is something I still struggle with many times today. Having great material is one thing, but arranging it so the track doesn't get boring is quite another, and the tracks from you I have heard always kept me engaged, despite it not being my favorite style. Good job!

As for mix, it might be a good idea to decide what to put emphasis on. While this is always acoording to taste it would be beneficial to lower the volume of the other instruments in the mid range as long as the main vocal is singing. This helps because then the attention of the listener will stick with the vocals and not get sidetracked so much by the other instruments in the same frequency range - vocals, piano, guitars often share thios mid range in frequency and the ear tries to capture these all at the same time. The beginning is good, the "aha yeah's work well with the piano, but when she goes into the verse DARE to lower the synth, or turn her voice up a bit. In DAWs you can also automate this, meaning that whenever the vocals come in, the piano and the lead dip away in volume slightly (which producers generally call a "sidechain")

I really like the vox samples that your software offers. And if you just keep building you will eventually want to move to some DAW just to put all your ideas into music. Until then you will have learned so much already that I feel your approach might pay off greatly. Mileage now and keeping the love for producing alive, working with what you have vs. getting into some hardcore program too early and not being able to get anything done, which is frustrating.

The tune was catchy as well. A little too catchy for my taste ahahahaha. Don't want booty lyrics in my head all day and they are stuck there now after second listening, I need to get them out now ;) Generally though that is precisely what you want to happen though ;)


Thank you so much for the feedback. I do have the options to turn down the other instruments, which I haven't been doing because I am afraid to mess it up too much, but I will try that from now on. :) I will keep trying.

i listened to your tune and i do not know much if anything about music maker, so i do not know what the deal is. so i can say that i was laughing and thats a good thing! i find a lot of humor in this track for some reason. if i am laughing, i am liking! and as far as your timing goes for your changes and such, all wonderful! the parts kept fresh, and i like the loops you pixked. i believe they all work together very well! i would like to see you go farther and make some tunes not just using loops and such. go deep my friend! its the funnest place in the world. you obviously have the love and natural talent! well done!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for submitting @simgirl :-D It's all good my friend, let's see if we can round up some comments and tips. Have a great day. :-)

Thank you! It is weird I will go to make a song one day and everything sounds good, and then I start another one and nothing sounds right! How do the producers keep track of all these loops??? I feel like I pick the same ones all the time. :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

hope you like this. I just write and sing? the words........ I get the music than to match the tone I'm going for.

This was something different for sure. The music was amazing and I got into the unique rhythm of the track quickly, really fond of the bold nature of arranging the vocals over the music. This would be a prime candidate for the celtic crossroads round, have you submitted it? It reminds me greatly of a bard(ess) telling her story on a medieval marketplace in times when lyrical beauty was still marvelled at and not pushed to the side like today.

As for technicals, I got distracted a bit by the abrupt coming in of the vocals, meaning if you would fade them in and out a tiny bit (like 25 ms or so) it would sound much smoother. But then maybe that's what you wanted to go for specifically. I hear these things quickly and tend to overfocus on them being a producer. Your voice could also benefit from a tiny bit of reverb or delay, just to have it sit IN the track a bit deeper, and not so much ON TOP of it. The sound of the music is very warm, and it might be worth a try getting the vocals to sound a bit more smooth in that way, especially because the voice is so nice and smooth.

A really unique track, it's amazing to see how different music can be coming from different people. And I think I picked up some things to try myself from this hehe. Thanks and continue onwards!

well, most think I'm different just in general lol

No, @simgirl made me submit my 'song' here........this is all new to me.......this is me just having fun but I like to learn new things.......and goof around......with learning new things.

lyrical beauty was still marvelled

This was worth everything @simgirl makes me do just for that comment alone. I say I'm a 'storyteller' so you just gave me the best compliment you ever could. THANK YOU for that!

as for your technical advice. Thank you for taking the time to write it all out. I mean that!!! but to be very honest I have no idea what I'm doing in Audacity.....I just try and make it sound good to my ear......but yes get frustrated when I want my voice lower or music higher most times but just do the best I can playing with the settings that I don't know anything about......

saying that I still like the story/songs that come out or I would not post them I just think they could sound better if I knew what I was doing...........but it sounds like that takes money and a lot of time that I don't have........

@inthenow mixed my voice in a song of his he let me play with and it sounded wonderful and think that is what you are getting at.........but that is way beyond my capabilities........but if you have not heard the song we did called 'Sizzle' should because I think that is what you are talking about....what he did to my voice..........

and last, Thank you for taking so much time and writing out all you did for me. means a lot. I'm very happy you got some idea's form my 'song' if you ever want a voice let me know .........I would be happy to try something knew........ just putting it out there......not looking for a job LOLL but I have fun with making these right now and it's very cool for me to hear when someone takes what I have done and makes it sound like I want it to like @inthenow did.

sorry for writing a book. :D

super rad words and i love the drug like voice you are speaking with! strange and sexy! i like the music you have picked for your peace. you are totally nutS1 i love it!

Thank you :D I have a lot of fun making these !!!! thank you for the great feedback. I'm sorry, this my reply so late........been a heck of a week for me. and yes, many say I 'dance to my own toon' yes, nuts lolll

so good!!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thx for your submission @snook :-D much appreciated! Cool, gonna have me a listen real quick. Have a great day.

Thanks and you also!!!

Ah cool, so I I should give my feedback here then, still not having dropped my comment on the track :(

I absolutely love how you take us in, the depth and width of space is hard to capture sometimes for me and you did amazing in doing so - it's so calming and epic. The pad is absolutely incredible, and even catchy without being cheesy, and the beat supports it really well - it takes me away from Earth existence for a while which is precisely what I expected it to do before first hearing it. Well done!

The only thing that keeps distracting me a bit is the "distorted'ish" sound of the pad that comes and goes in the upper ranges. While its foundation is solid, it does remind me heavily of some of the pads I build often times, where certain frequencies stack so much that they will make the pad peak or sound overly aggressive in some higher ranges.

Then again, listening to the fifth time or so now it might just have been an artistic choice and has its own charm in a way, maybe I am confusing my preference in psy-pads with what a spacy pad can ALSO sound like from another perspective.

The arrangement is really well thought out too and the bassline stuck with me and makes me kinda sad once it ends ;) I am steadily grooving away, feels like a ... star TREK actually. It has this hiking vibe to it due to the solid foundation of bass and the relaxed but steady (and satisfying) beat. It keeps me on point with my whole body rocking to the groove and I could just go forever with it.

The lead is just beautiful too, I should really do that more - nice reverb'y piano and only sprinkled in here and there. On certain states of mind I would cry my eyeballs out listening to this, it has so much heart. Once again, well done!

The synth toward the end complements the track really well, especially because it is not so much in the foreground, but definitely audible enough.

So other than that peaking-like sound of the pad it is a REALLY REALLY awesome track to me, and even to that I got somewhat used to now - would be weird if it were missing now ahahah. Let me know if this was intentional, it would greatly broaden my horizons for production.

Mad respect dude, and mad respect to Dr. Rinkel as well!
You will make soundtracks for high caliber movies one day, now the directors and producers just have to find ya ;)

Thanks for the detailed feedback @paradigmprospect! It's great to hear the track takes you away into outer space on a Trek(!)...and the fact that you keep on coming back to it definitely means we did something right! :) I'm quite humbled by your comments in general actually, it's always pretty special to hear when someone really quite connects with a track I (we) created!
We did decide to make the pad sound the way it does...I play around quite often with 'distorting' sounds and I like to include hints of it in tracks. I guess in a way I don't want it to sound too 'smooth'...I like tracks to have a bit of an edge, one way or another. I do see what you mean though, I guess it really comes down to artistic choice in this case. I might still go back to the track and change things around a bit though, just to see how differently that might sound.. ;) That bassline was mostly Dr. Rinkel's work in this case, so I'll make sure to pass on the props! He's a friend of mine. A few years back, we had quite a bit of time to create tracks together. Nowadays we live far apart, so things are a bit more tricky. But there may still be some more of Mindseye & Dr. Rinkel in the works!
It would be awesome to be part of a quality movie soundtrack one day! Still, gotta be realistic as well though...I bet there are truckloads of artists striving for the same thing...and they might work on their craft full-time. In the end, I'm 'only' a part-timer... :) (for now!)

Thanks again for the awesome comments!

Awesome! So an intentional choice. In that case it's perfect. Now that I listen yet again I can tell that a smooth pad MIGHT actually take away that edge too much. Wouldn't want a free-floating space journey to sound like a walk in the park I guess.

Which is ample permission for me to aim for more edge in my own tracks, vs. being overly sensitive whenever something sounds peak'y. It really does work in this track so why wouldn't it work in others.

In a way I feel I learned more about my feedback to your track and your reply than you might have ahahaha. Thank you for that!

dude whenever I hear of s ci-fi movie producer looking for music I shall point them directly to you and or this track. I love space music but tend to slide into psychedelic trance whenever I go for it. "fantasy" soundtracks seem to be the only ones where I can really go for that cinematic feel without dragging everyone to the dancefloor by accident hehe.

Well, we are all spread out - get him on Steemit! (you probably have tried already ;)) I can't wait til splice actually includes Bitwig compatibility - are you familiar with the project ( If I were on Ableton still I would use it to make tracks with my friends from the US more.

I'm off, spacing some more with stellar, if dsound doesn't quit on me again. It's especially horrible when that happens floating around in space ahahaha. cheers! So extra props for offering soundcloud too. I wish dsound were as reliable as souncloud is for me.

Well said (that part about the walk in the park ;p)! Yeah in general this track is already pretty 'smooth' so a little edginess in my opinion works quite well to give it a little something different. I just prefer it that way, it might not always be easiest on the ears in a way, but there's already plenty of super (way too) smooth music out there!
Haha well I guess we both learned something from this, that's great to hear! I guess that's what the feedback challenge is for anyway ;) But yes do please spread the word, I guess in this 'business' it's all about having the right contacts! Hehe well I'm sure there's a market for 'space-trance' as well...everybody needs a bit of dancefloor every now and then.
Yeahh I may have to try harder to convince Dr. Rinkel about Steemit...I'll give it another shot ;)
I have heard about Splice yes, but I haven't tried it. I wonder if it's worth it...? I'll have to look into it more to see what is at the moment compatible...

Haha I agree, DSound can be quite I guess SoundCloud is a good backup for now. Enjoy the spacing.. ;)

Thx for your entry, much appreciated! Have a great day. :-)

I always love a heavenish intro. and i like that it takes a while before the beat kicks in! make us wait! a good choice in my mind always. The beat is basic and i was nervous at first. i thought it was just gonna be much like a beat i have heard over and over but no! this beat is fresh, kind, and original. lots of wonderful minimal fills and changes in this beat, and textures.
This song could go one for an hour and i dio not think i would get bored of it. just a wonderful never ending slice of goodness.
Everything sounds good too. perhaps you could have a change in their and takes us on a new ride into a new world, and then bring us back to this one to end it. you got so many nice sounds happening it might be good to hear a breakdown or two to feature some of them sounds. like that bass! it is always nice to here a think bass all by it self. when it's one of the only instruments coming out of the speaker, it is always glorious!
perhaps also doing some panning of some of the sounds might give us a more 3D tune. but it is pretty damn 3d as is. always listening to everybodies tunes with the mind to critic, i always find myself thinking, if they had one or two more sessions i wonder if this tune would be unforgetable. i am now looking at my tunes the same way! maybe one more session! great work!! i do love this tune!

Thanks for the detailed feedback! It's great to hear you dig the beat and the overall atmosphere. I do agree, changing things up would've definitely be an option. And I have considered it...actually I'm still considering creating an 'alternative' version, with maybe a more uptempo section to 'shake things up'. You're right, in a way a few more sessions can theoretically always improve any track. But considering the time spent on this one, at some point there just has to be an end ;) Still...your comments do inspire me to re-listen to the track and maybe create a 'Stellar part 2'!

so true so true! at some point it has to be done! i have a batch of tracks i have been working on for 3 years and it is crazy going this slow. but i am hoping their will act like a fine wine and deliver when they are ripe and ready!

Right?? I also have quite a few about 1min-long tracks that could potentially be good enough to turn into proper tracks and release...but where is the time..?? ;p Maybe someday I'll just release a short-track compilation or something...

ha yes that sounds rad! do it!!

Here is my R5 entry for FEEDBACK CHALLENGE!
I will get to my reviews of all your works asap! or as many as possible!
enjoy, thanks and good luck to all!

My entry!!/@hilladigahackles/20180321t075618288z-article-33-by-rofrantic-from-the-fat-earth-society-ep


soundcloud back up

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I really really liked the clacky drums that came in at around 0:08. They're have a good amount of reverb on them and give a good atmosphere.

The Kick that came in at around 0:20 on the other hand felt to ... cheesy? It feels like it sounds industrial and has this weak subbass to it that I personally didn't enjoy. Maybe tighten it up a bit by removing some of the tail, but I think I would just prefer a kick that has more of that clacky feel to it like the drums that came before it.

The Siren transition at 0:32 was pretty cool. I liked the way it let the beat slide in. This entire section sounds pretty good sonically, but lacks some diversity. I noticed that I got pretty bored somewhere around the 1 minute mark and the boredness of it didn't fade out till about 2 minutes in.
Also around 0:48 there's this little digital beep that comes in and I think that if you put that more towards the front of your mix it would spice up the section.

At around 2:20 I went damn for a shot moment because I REALLY like the idea here. The wailing voice works really well with the bass to produce a smooth 80-90's industrial vibe. However, I think the intense use of hats in this section greatly reduces the effect of the combination and I would look to put in less or no hats, as well as making the voice a bit louder.

Whatever sound you used to transition the beat switch up around 2:55 was real slick and I love that it pertains in the song.

I find it really hard for me to give feedback on like the next minute of the song (till the next transition) simply because I don't think I've heard anything quite like this before. It's industrial, it's weird, it's got a train siren going on, but most importantly it seems to work together. Although till around 3:25 there's an instrument that's basically playing the same note the whole note this time and personal preference of mine doesn't like it.

Again the transition at 4:10 - ish is really well done props on those transitions for real here.

From roughly 4:20(blaze it) till 4:50 you have a section that's even weirder than the last. I am completely lost at what to say here, probably because that flute/siren thing sounds detuned to me.

The next minute or so sounds pretty good aside from the detuned flute/siren thing you bring in from time to time, albeit somewhat repetitive.

The outro was ok.

All in all this is, at least for me, a super weird and unique track with some rather interesting ideas that could use some sonic polishing. Check out some of my suggestions and see if you like it more or less.

Hope this helps you! :)

wonderful review! thanks for it! glad you mostly liked it!! and i agree, this tune could be tweaked a bit. it is not a full 100% tune for me just yet, but close. very close! thanks!!

I love this track, very spacey!

yes! thank you!!

Thanks for entry! Much appreciated my friend. :-D

Hi gang,
I have been away from this great initiative for a while but really wanted to get some feedback on the "movie soundtrack" I made for Beatbattle, if any of you want to give it a listen.

Thanks for all your effort @inthenow <3 <3

Welcome back! Thx for submitting much appreciated. :-D

Yes to this tune! I love the animal grawls and the emotional build. I wanna see this movie!! It seems like a crazy one!! I do have this feeling that if you took some of the sound fx out, i would be able to feel the emotion of the music you have made more. i do like the sound fx but i feel to much is to much. The tune you built has everything it needs to fit into many movies! the mix seems fine and dandy. the sound fx seem to be to in my face. to loud. i think to pull them out or way down in the mix might truly serve this tune.
I like the instruments and sounds, the melody serves well! all is there! sa very strong tune, just got to let the sound fx go! it will widen your audience to the tune and let the listener paint the scene with their own mind. i normally go for the odd and bold choices in tunes, but this tune could be a big monster!! great work!

Great feedback, thank you so much! I had not considered them as too loud but now that you mention it - they do seem to take the foreground a little too much. Your advice will come in very handy next time I go for cinematic. Cheers <3

i am glad you found my notes useful. that is always a rad thing! that is the point!
love it!

So last contest I left my post with the assumption that I would give feedback later, which didn't work out (complete mental failure on my part), but I am back and this time gave feedback BEFORE commenting this :)
Anyways I'd love to hear your thoughts on this track!

Thanks my friend, appreciate you comin back and giving up some feedback and submitting. :-D

Hey @novili. Thanks for sharing the track! I wasn't sure what to expect with that title, but I'm impressed! It's a super chill track and it's got a great atmosphere throughout. I think the melodies work really well and I'm a fan of the kick drum and the overall trap-influenced drum patterns. I felt like the hi-hats in the background were being drowned out sometimes (like around 2:05), it wouldn't be too bad if they stood out a little more there. But maybe that's also my speakers talking..? Or actually, maybe that was a conscious choice on your part? As usual with these kind of instrumental tracks, variation can become a bit of an issue. I have the same problem often. I bit more of a switch-up in the second half might do the track some good. Maybe adding a synth, changing up the drums, or adding a different melody... Vocal samples might also help in that regard. But these are only suggestions; I feel like overall it's a very chill track that really works well the way it is. And sometimes trying to force too much variation into a track just makes it messy. So in conclusion, big ups for creating this's one of the best tracks I've heard on here in quite a while!

this beat has a nice bounce. the mix feels right. everything seems to work. i feel some of the instruments and sounds good be pushed a bit more. i like the weird horn that is featured in the brake. i think it could be fussed with to feel like it comes more from mars than it does now. i wanna here more outer space sounds and textures. put my right on that beach on Mars. and i think the way to that is just keep fussing with all the sounds to make them more your own. perhaps even the melody loop could have a change. perhaps even another part that feels different than where we are. the track has that nice sunday mellow vibe. i feel that is where you are going with this tune. i get it and like it. just go weirder! and if you know me i normally am asking for more weird! great work. keep going on this beauty!

Greetings @novili, is more to say how much I liked your chill, "Beach On Mars" great title, that transported me to a world of dreams and peace, for those 3:25 min, made me forget all the reality that Sometimes we have to live, but that helps you to be yourself. The audio, very organic, I do not know how the beaches are on Mars, but if they are like your music, they should be great, Thank you very much for your contribution, you have given us a good material, Luck and success!

wassup @novili im liking this groove, simple yet effective, all sounds are clean and hover in their own space. Super chill indeed, this is that top back in a old school impala riding round the city in the summer time music! followed you on soundcloud too! good work

Such an awesome contest to reward engagement in this great community!

Thx @ftlob much appreciated, have a great day.

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I'll damn make sure to join this round! Looking forward to it :)

Awesome @misterro looking forward to seeing your entry. Have a great day. :-)

Thanks for your entry! Much appreciated my friend. Have a great day.

hi! I think this is a pretty cool contest. would it be alright to give feedback without sending in a track? :)

Hi @calebleejl yes you can leave feedback, try to be as detailed in your comments as possible. See the above image in the post.

Hello, my friends, this is my first time here in this contest, I am in charge of the rules, but if I'm missing something, your suggestions would be very nice, here I leave you my entry, Greetings!!/@josevallera/20180326t224835623z-the-way-you-make-me-fell

Thx for your entry! Much appreciated, make sure to give feedback to others to qualify for prizes. Have a great night.

ok friend with a lot, thanks for this space, greetings!

eyyyyy you nailed it... never heard this record covered instrumentally but i like. The switch up around 2:15 is my favorite part! I like how you started to get loose with it, veered off course a bit and added your own flavor!

hello @wolfnworbeikood, thanks for the feedback, the main idea, that specific part was to change a little the dynamics of the subject, trying not to change the essence of what the song represents, grateful for listening to greetings a hug!

So should the feedback be given right in the comments here?

Hi @to-the-sun yes, leave your track analysis in a comment for the musician/producer. Have a great day.