The Kudos Short Poem Competition

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@damianjayclay and @nikisteem

are proud to bring you a new poetry writing competition

The Kudos Short Poem Competition has only three rules:

Resteem and give a full upvote to this post.

Write a short poem in no more than 50 words, on any subject you choose, in any form or in free verse. For those who would like a prompt, here's a fantastic photo from @quoll. For even more inspiration you can check out his post about this photo.


Post your poem to Steemit with #kudospoetry as your first tag, and leave a link to it in the comments section of this post.

The deadline for entries is Monday 2nd April – 4pm GMT.

Winners will be announced on Monday 9th April – 4pm GMT.

Prizes are

1st Place – 5 SBD

2nd Place – 2 SBD

3st Place – 1 SBD

If you’d like to see what can be done in 50 words or less, check out these poems:

In a Station of the Metro by Ezra Pound
The Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos Williams
A Flea And A Fly In A Flue Poem by Ogden Nash
The Lesson by Maya Angelou
Her Anxiety by W.B. Yeats

Get writing!

Banner Photo by Lucas Benjamin on Unsplash
Prompt photo: @quoll

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Best of luck with this contest. Upvoted and Resteemed!


Thank you so much for your support @mermaidvampire ! Have a great week ahead;)

Great to see the contest posted! Excited to see what comes from my photograph.


Your entry has been 👀! Thank you for joining Kudos Poetry and good luck !


Your entry has been 👀 and your word count isn’t 49. Good luck with your entry!


Thank you for your entry Tim! Good Luck with the competition:)

Thank you for the contest. It took some trimming, but it's exactly 50 words.

This has been a lot of fun. Thank you so much for organising this!

My entry can be found here.

Best of luck to everyone!

Dear judges! Here my entry... poem titled 'Determination'
Determination Poetry by @nobyeni.jpg


Thank you for your lovely poem. Good luck for the competition!


Thanks for joining Kudos! good luck with your entry:)

Hi! Here's my entry.. I almost forgot posting my link here. 😂 Thank you

Hey there! Thank you for organising this short poetry writing contest! Decided to take my first stab at writing a poem and it was easier because I just had to concentrate on getting 50 words!


Very interesting challenge you have going on there!
Thank you for making our contest part of your challenge?

This is my entry in this poem competition. This poem is a dedication for the Holy Week. Our Salvation from sins through Jesus Christ's crucifixion.


Thank you for your lovely poem:) Good Luck with the competition!


Thank you for your entry! Good luck with the contest @zhayie03


Thank you for your entry... Good Luck with the contest!


Thank you. :)

Hey... thank you so much for introducing me to this contest @nikisteem!

I just got inspired after seeing the prompt... so here is my submission -

She Landed on my Soul

Thank you for checking it and I hope you enjoy reading it!

With Love
Hart Floe Poet


Thanks for joining our contest! good luck with your entry:)

Hola buenas noches, aquí te dejo mi entrada, no hablo ingles pero mi poema tiene exactamente 50 palabras, espero que te guste. Saludos!


Thank you for your entry! Would you like to include an English translation so more people can enjoy your poem? Cheers and Good Luck for the competition!


gracias por responder, aquí te dejo la traducción, utilice un traductor por Internet pero no sé si perdió el sentido del poema. Me gusto participar en el concurso.

Love you, it's like watching the air go by

To love is to watch the air go by,
Not knowing when it's Day or night,
Not knowing what it is today,
Watch the time stop.
Take the rain with your hands,
is to look from the heights.
Not feeling thirsty with your lips,
Nor hunger with your caresses,
I don't dream of your gaze.

Whoops! Posted my poem last night but forgot to add the link here.

Thanks for the encouragement.... but not for the darn poxe.


Thank you for your entry and good luck for the competition!

Thanks for hosting this one guys - a real challenge, and lots of great entries rising to the occasion.

Here's my attempt:

I managed to put one in! I have been thinking about this piece since earlier, and it went through so many changes in these hours!

Here is my entry:

Adding my humble work to the contest. Good luck to everyone!

Your Burden Now

Here's mine...

It was difficult pruning it down to fifty, i initially had 51 words, and i struggled on how to remove one. Anyways, here it is...


Thank you for your entry... Good Luck with the contest!

Great initiative... Let's see if I can write something :) See you MOnday!

Congrats on the launch of your new poem competition, @nikisteem and @damianjayclay!
I'm no poet but all the very best to the competition and to all participants too! Cheers...

awesome this gonna be nice mean....


Thanks for dropping by! Hope to see your entry soon;)

Hello! Thanks @nikisteem for inviting me.
I dont think my poetry is good enough, but as you told me, the more I write the better I will get.

I'll enter <3


Thanks Mary! Let us be the judge of that! All you need to do is feel it, know it and write it! Good luck with your entry.

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Thanks for adding us to your wonderful list!

Thank you @Damianjayclay ! Takeoff!

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Hello :) @damianjayclay @nikisteem. I penned this poem before the deadline and used the tag but completely forgot to post the link in the comments. Hope my entry will still be considered valid. Thank you