The Poetry Dice Challenge: Week 30

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Welcome To The Poetry Dice Challenge Week 30

Okay this week in honor of the new beginnings of Spring. I am trying something new with the PDC

Because I want to push you out of all those old comfort zones and inspire you to do a new thing.

I welcome all your comments.

So here we go. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. And I Will do my best to explain it all without confusing anyone.


As always first and foremost we will use the dice and follow the rules under the section ABOUT THIS CHALLENGE and RULES.

About This Challenge

Use the dice to divine a miraculous poem of might. Enter the contest for a chance to win some SBD.
This poetry dice challenge is a way to break free from writer’s block and guide the imagination to piece together 9 images into poetry. The best poem is not just any poem. It moves, it stirs, and it doesn’t have to rhyme. There are no style restraints on this challenge. Take to the wind and let your imagination fly.


  1. Create a poem using the 9 images on the dice {above}
  2. All 9 images on the dice must be referenced at least once in the poem.
  3. Make a post from your poem and use “poetrydice” as your first tag.
  4. Label your entry clearly. Include “Poetrydice” in your title.
  5. Drop a link to your post in the comment section below (link’s only please)
  6. Winner’s will be chosen with consideration of the following: Your inclusion of this week’s theme, grammar rhythm, imagery, and creativity.
    Deadline to enter

Thursday, March 28th, 2018 12 midnight (eastern standard time, Georgia U.S.A.)


Next, we have as listed below in Level 1: The Themes for this week. You must use one or more of them in combination with the images on the dice for your poem

Level 1 - This weeks Theme Words to choose from



Next and last we have Level 2 Which is OPTIONAL You can engage in this level of play or you don't have to.

If you choose to engage in level 2 which is a add-on level that means you will not be doing just a poem this week you will be writing a poem/prose. A poetic story. If you choose to add on this level your entry must tell a poetic story.) By choosing this option you still must compete with the other players to win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place but you will also get an extra 1 SBD if your winning entry was a poem/prose using the dice, one or more of the theme words and one of the phrases in level 2.

(Level 2 Is A Add-On Level and it is Optional) - Phrases to choose from

At this level, you are being asked to write a poetry/prose piece of no less than 200 words.

All who enter this level will be considered for an prize of 1 SBD/each which will be awarded to

the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of this Week's Poetry Dice.

Level 2: Phrases to Choose From Are:

When she found the journal on the train...

And suddenly she vanished

He kissed her and then he missed her....

This plan will be the best plan of them all, just you wait and see.

I am trying not to be afraid, but at the same time I am also trying to breathe.

The Aim of the Game.

Use this contest to win a prize:
• 1st Place is 4 SBD
• 2nd Place is 3 SBD
• 3rd Place is 2 SBD

Level 2 Add-On Poetry/Prose - (OPTIONAL) Prize 1 SBD/Each for the top three winners

Winners Announced Weekly

I know things might be a little confusing if so just ask your questions and I will help make them crystal clear.
Best of luck to all. May your poems be great and may your writer’s block vanish and may your gift as a Poet keep growing to a level of excellence.


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This looks fun! I'm having a hard time making out what some of the dice are, though.

Can you tell me which ones maybe i can help. I have got to run out but I will be back in a couple of hours.

Maybe You should type them out below the image in future contests. That would help, I think.

  ·  last year (edited)

No, I will not do that @amaterasusolar because one thing this game is about is allowing all participants to have a loose interpretation of the dice as they see it. If you do not have a clear view of any image please ask the question and I will help walk you through it, but as long as the majority of those who play the game understand what they are seeing I will just let it flow and in the meantime I will continue to work behind the scene to fine tune my picture of the dice.

Fair enough, ren. I was given a link - it's somewhere - with a clear image of all the dice, so I likely will have no issues in the future. [smile] Thank You for what You do!

You are welcome. Thank you for connecting with the Poetry Dice Challenge. @amaterasusolar

Hiya. Sorry I was delayed replying. The ones I understand are apple, magnet, lock, arrow, and dice.

And the other dice can be interpreted as bee, thought bubble, castle, sad face.

Here is mine thank you for running the competition ;o)

This piece caused my emotions to go on a rollercoaster ride. I had DNA Explosions in a good way it is a magnificent poem/prose. I imagine something like this could have happened on the Orient Express. I Loved It!!! Thank you for your entry.

Thank you @rensoul17 - I’ve enjoyed writing it so thank you for the competition ;-)

I like the new changes! :)
Here's me taking a shot at it:

Oh wow, that was sooo good. You should do more prose @clayboyn. I wanted so much more. of this. I had got my popcorn out....Thank you for your entry.

Hello @rensoul17, I like the new additions you have made to the contest, makes it stiffer. 😂
I could not grasp the meaning of the second image; the one between the apple and the magnet. Please can you help me out. Thank you.

  ·  last year (edited)

It's a symbol that represents thought or one being in thought or conversation/speaking. When it comes to the dice there is never just one interpretation, It's a loose and open interpretation, let what you perceive it to be guide you. And still if you need to ask questions hope this helped.

Thank you, it helped a lot. I would also like to know if the level 2 will be a separate piece of if we will be incorporating the words in with the theme and dice images in one whole piece?

Please read the post over again. Level 2 is optional. It's your choice.

Wow...nice and entertaining as well.

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P.S. If you know of any contests I've missed I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!

Ohh Ohh My Goodness, I love this story that could go on to be a film. And the rhythm and the pace of this piece just flows. I could hear music in my head that made me want to do a Scottish dance. You knocked it out off the platform @danmaruschak.

My Entry

  ·  last year (edited)

Your writing style I would imagine it to be like a modern day Shakespeare how you tell the story, the sentence structure, the pace of the story how parts of if speeds like a locomotive and other parts slow down falling softly and silently like snowflakes and then you bring the story to a conclusion that leaves us expressing either a sigh or gasping for more and I feel that you are a savant genius that wrote a story that was simultaneously in step and in perfect orchestration with the other things you do in day. Thank You for your entry.

you are making me blush ...

Thanks for the opportunity yet again, let me run to the library to cook something nice...

You are welcome @deeclown, I look forward to your entry.

Please consider my humble effort.

I LOVE IT, I Do!! @figuringoutsrn

Hey my friend it's been a while, and glad you're back with the dice challenge, and it's pretty different now.

I am trying something new to inspire us all to grow and stretch our imagination a bit. If it doesn't work we can go back to the old way.

It's amazing trust me, I'm all for it infact, I love it.

Should that phrase read "This plan will be the best plan of them all, just you wait and see." Or is it as stated? "This plan will be the best plan of then all, just you wait and see."

That was a typo @amaterasusolar, it should be read "This plan will be the best plan of them all, just you wait and see." Thank you for bringing that typo to my attention. I hope this will help you to continue in the contest.

I hope to have time to work on this one, but things are a bit crazy ATM. So it may be that I will have to wait until next time.

I understand @amaterasusolar, You are always welcome. Hope the craziness goes away.

Thank You!

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This sounds like a true story very intense and well written. Thank you for your entry @leomolina.

Wow, I am all for celebrating the essence of hope in a person's life. Thank you for your entry. @josediccus

and thank you for reading

@rensoul guess you're yet to see my entry

Yes @prinzo it took me three days to view your entry. I am quite a busy woman online and offline I have a family that requires my attention as well.
This is a great action pack story. Thank you for your entry. @prinzo.

Thanks a lot @rensoul17
I totally understand. It's not easy running the family with other sectors simultaneously.

Adding optional complexity to the challenge #30. I’m not sure if that will require beer or coffee, but as it’s only 8am here in Bangkok, I’ll start with the latter and see how things progress :-)

Too bad you don't have any Mexican coffee tequila laying around. Haha.

let me know how that turned out with the liquor/beverage you chose.

Hope I'm not too late! Apologies, I always seem to leave things with a deadline to the last second...

Thanks for hosting this competition Rensoul, it's much appreciated.

My Level Two entry:

I love it @lazarus-wist.

  ·  last year (edited)

I must say two days in and the entries thus far have already raised the bar for this week's entry everyone coming after the three of you will truly have to up their game and bring it or we can pack it up call it a day. Thank you for the love and incredible energy that you have approached this week's challenge with. I am now glad I decided to try something new, thus far I have received so much that has made the last 48 hours of my life so much better especially since the recent days have been full of pain. I bow with honor to the awesome talent you all have and for you being willing to come and share it in this space. ~Ren