CCommons.ART & GLOBAL SCHOOL are joining forces :)

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CCommons.ART & GLOBAL SCHOOL are joining forces :)


What do all this projects have in common, you may wonder :)

Allow me to explain :P

All this creative projects have in common CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE with a GIFT ECONOMY mentality behind. is creating a ”wall of fame” post (every 2 days) to promote and reward selfless artists sharing some of their work and process free of use and for inspiration. :) Of course adding the creative commons license . will also create new contests and collaboration challenges in order to educate about the benefits of using the license and bring some more rewards to the creatives that get it :P

To better understand in what proportions you can renounce some of the credits and rights on your work and still gain substantially. I prepared a reading list you can find below. :P => Some of the content of this list was curated from exceptional steemians, so please check their blogs and spread some digital love in resteems and upvotes :)


Now that the reading list is accessible you, dear creative, can decide how you will use the creative commons license to your best benefits. :)


Allow me to tell you some more about @globalschool and how we will be uniting forces. :P

@global school is a project started by @jnmarteau where he tries to educate groups of young creative students (very young, 14 up to 21yo young) about: network learning, crypto, blockchain education, multicultural heritage, crowd intelligence & new media literacy, with a very special interest in Steemit; #CreativeCommons & #Slothicorn.

Personally I was impressed with the value this project brings to the steemit platform because the students are learning first to create an account, then to create their introduction posts , and after that create quality content related to their passions and interests, as well as to engage with supportive communities that reward their work even if it is still a learning process.

All this learning process is shared with creative commons so many more can benefit from all the learning materials we will be creating and from all student's work.


And now let me show you some amazing work done by @irwanumpal that will receive all the SBD reward from this post and 5 extra from me :)








Once again thank you so much @irwanumpal.


nice post @alexandravart ..... thank you so much for your support

really thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dont know by what I am the most excited if it is by your nice and informative article promoting and supporting creatives or by this new cooperation!

@irwanumpal made a fantastic work indeed, and in documentation!


Thanks a lot for all the wonderful things you are all doing with! Support, attention, help and care to coach and guide creatives and motivated people who are crossing your path! =)

(just see I made an error in the tags on the pic, I'll correct and re-up soon) ;)

yes! I want to see how much the artists are gaining with cc, that is why @irwanumpal's work is so important now , for me it is important to find a way in witch artists and creatives collaborate and support each other, because I think creative people should value each other's work

Indeed, I totally agree and I am definitely supporting your initiative! We need more transdiciplinary cooperations. I'll do my best to contibute to this improvement with other motivated people as @irwanumpal and the friends of CC.

You are making a fantastic work supporting people, I am glad that in the middle of all of this incredible work you are doing we found time to become friends! =)

yes wow!!! shearing for free is amazing for collaboration !!! cc deserve's all the support

Great work Alexandra :D
And thank you for the mention of course :)

:) you too make wonderful analytics and explain them accurately , so your blog will be subject to study for me :P

Thanks for sharing! Links to your post were included in the wiki article about Art and Creative Commons. Thanks and good luck again!