Second entry in #cryptoart and #creative-commons featuring the steemit-bot

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Inspired by a steemian, yesterday I published a first entry in the #slothicorn category. I have to confess, it was without really knowing or checking how to use this category. I am amazed by the kindness of the steemians supporting #creative-commons and categories such as #slothicorn.

Today, thanks to a nice reply and attention of @khansa, the author of the post who inspired me to publish the first entry, I discovered Rules For Submitting A Post To Slothicorn published by @stellabelle in #slothicorn last month. I took the time to read, so I'll do my best to keep track for the generic creative commons crypto art submissions =)



Part of a project on the theme of a cute artificial intelligence, or personalisation of the incarntion of the platform, the steemit-bot has been created by Nora during our last film and animation studio workshops held in december in Vienna. The steemit-bot is also inspired by a bitcoin-like-humanoid.

As Tamás Mojzer, the teacher of the students of the film and animation group said "It's like Hazel O'Connor in the Breaking glass...Isn't it?" 😁


steemian brandwith limit exceeded!?

steemian-thank you =)

To finish this post here's a lovely quote by @creative-commons that I couldn't resist to share with you =)
Together we can make a change.jpg

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Do not forget to check the latest contests hosted by and Rules For Submitting A Post To Slothicorn published by @stellabelle for #slothicorn (I am continuously discovering!), I ensure you to have minimum a smile if not some support for your #digitalart and #cryptoart!

PS: We do not have a wallet yet for the global school, however, do not hesitate to power up and resteem if you like our work, all the benefits of this posts will be used to develop the global school projects further and offer better equipement and comfort to the participants!

NB: do not hesitate if you want to join our workshops if you are around Vienna =)

Thank you for your support and sharing!
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Great assessment, I hope you are right about this, I’ve been waiting for this one to blow up as well!But my question is will steemit also go through a Shakeout like all cryptocurrencies are experiencing a market shakeout as investors that were viewing cryptocurrencies as a ‘get rich quick’ scheme without having much skill are moving along to other investment opportunities, but a number of market participants see it another way.

Thank you for your message and interesting question! .

Yes, sure we can find a lot of great articles about ego-trip and how steemians are trying to emancipate greed in a way or another at some point while experiencing having power.

Currencies, cryptocurrencies, etc.. and the market are there probably to ensure an old fashion for exchange to be prosperous outside the boundaries of their very transaction and enable those who are transacting to exchange other goods or services with a same medium.

With the apparition of the blockchain mechanism, as with any new invention within the industrialisation or post industrialisation era, we people, first find a way to use the invention for and in the same old fashion than we are used. At some point maybe with the emergence of tools that allow bottom up innovation, social entrepreneurship, cooperation, and before everything, to express generosity and participation, maybe we will realize that the concept of currency is not the system we really need to organize, recognize and rewards isolated contributors in an hyperconnected society. That society would eventually need committement for and from each individual and their needs, let's name that idea "crowd talent management".

As you are asking me about if the welth of steemit is comparable to the one of other bloackchain projects, I would say no. There is a chance that more people recognize it as a tool which respect individual and collective values.

We dont need the steem dollar to raise high, we need it to be ubiquitous, which means, we need to enable more and more as developers (technical, creatives, business and others) to cooperate to enable the community. When all the users can ensure their day to day life using steeam, it is a new paradigm which emerges. We are in need to make solutions to use steem in the every day life. It is taking the time but the committement of the developers as well as the architect, those who are empowering the newbies and the contributors, these enablers are really important and need to take responsability and initiative to support the developement on the platform. The statistics of developement and usage are increasing, which is a good sign.

One paradoxical problem could eventually be if the platform was created in a spirit of "anarchism" and the users who get welthy are reproducing the social structures existing in the world with the boundaries we knew until now.

If we are not able to create or maximize the value of steemit which is about the user concerns. With example like #utopian-io, or this or the creative-common inititative or #slothicorn, we have ways to create and recognize value. I am personally confident, that more and more of us will invest in steem , furthermore in steemians as it is prosperous, and prosperity is not only about currency, but more about how we are managing collective and common ressources.

Conclusion, steemit, the steem is and will become what we are doing with it. Each of us can make supposition, bet, or take initiative and responsability for his understanding or appreciation in its unique value.

Ps: I think I will take this conversation to create an article to explain why we should invest or exchange our other currencies for steem and why this can make sense while we are all more or less on a quest for a life purpose.

I am looking forward to read from you!
All the best and steem on :-) Jean

NIce work! I love the bandwidth issues drawing....i resteemed your post.

I am really glad that you are appreciating =)

It is true

Thank you for your support =)

Nice results of the #globalschool workshops, continue like that! :)

What software do you use to make this awesome drawings?

Thank you for your message and question. The drawings have been made by hands then ported digitally, each of the participant used the software of their choice, and I do not remember which tool used Nora, I'll ask her and will keep you updated :)

Thank you for your answer to my question :D

You are welcome, hope to come back fast with a more precise reply :D

Nice, I've upvote please upvote and follback

Thank you, sure with pleasure :)