Creative Commons Infographic

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Dear creatives,

in case you're wondering, what Creative Commons is all about and what kind of different licenses are available, this infographic by Chris Allen(CC-BY-SA) gives you a fast overview.

This work is a derivate of "Creative Commons Infographic" by Martin Mißfeldt ( used under CC-BY-SA. This work is CC-BY-SA by Chris Allen (

Read more in this article or go to to choose your license!


I love your Steemit page! Thanks for all the love and all of the time I lost checking out all of your great creative commons re-Steems. Thanks for what you do! Upvoted, re-Steemed, and followed you today.

Thanks for your feedback! Much appreciated :-)

This is awesome, I love the disgruntled artist

Great info-graph!

Thanks! Glad that it's useful.