Win 50 SBD!! Celebrating together the welcoming session discovering blockchain, @creative-commons, @slothicorn & steemit at the Global School

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Dear steemians,

Here a special 2 in 1 post, or 1 post 2 contents, including a first creative contest! (Yes I try to post less and be more efficient :-D Not becoming more lazy :P). Today, was the first day of the second cycle at the @GlobalSchool. Yes, it is already re-starting! Indeed, I realized late yesterday by having a look to my email while writing the last post, the second group is not starting as I thought on next Monday, but effectively tomorrow, I mean today 21 of February. I realized this yesterday around 22h while Thierry (@bialbo) contacted me for a brainstorming and announcing that Claver, the IT project manager cooperating with us at solidarityworld ngo, is back. It is only while checking the email of Thierry that I found the emails of Peter and of Nicole from Austraining, structural partner of the Global School,organizing notably the venue and accommodation of the participants. That is why I shorterned the last post, to go to sleep and wake up in time. NB: I will still do my best to improve the last post as I can. ;-)

If you are looking for the info about the contest do not hesitate to go directly to the middle of this article, you'll find the info there after the presentation fo the participants of the second cycle at the @globalschool! =)

Global School - second cycle, day 1

So, this morning, around 8h, I sent a little message to reply to Nicole and Peter who tried desperately to contact me yesterday to fix the meeting place for the appointment and introduction session with the students today while my phone was off. However, after some exchange of messages, I arrived around 11h15 at the Youth Hostel in Brigittenau (20th district in Vienna) and met the team of Austraining just finishing the orientation session.

Arriving, I received a warm welcome and proceeded to a little exchange with Peter and with Nicole. We exchanged in a short time on a lot of important topics that we felt both really concerned about, notbaly about the difficulties of finding work placement and tutors for the students who are motivated to make an internship, the various situations in which the work placement cancelled the students as they couldn't integrate them or find them interesting tasks to do. We also talked about our nearly one year of cooperation, the complexities of social work, commitment and participation, as well as about the realities of self development which is impacting business and social development, etc. I have been really surprised as the discussion was going on, they shown me their worries and interest about the difficulties I am going through as well as offered me gently a meeting to exchange with their team next week to put in place concrete solutions. I was so happy to realize they were sharing with me their motivation to cooperate further with the globalschool and with me in a near future. Challenges and opportunities that I’ll be glad to explain more in details next week after meeting them. I can't tell how happy I am to realize that the commitment in making the globalschool a reality would make them sensitive to it. I feel honored and grateful to just have seen/heard their concern, they made me feel really empowered and this is a wonderful reward that I really appreciate.

After this wonderful discussion, Peter introduced me to the group sitting in the main lobby room. Peter worrying for their English skills told me:

Jean, it can be complicated, they are really beginners in English and some are little shy.

I jumped on the occasion to share some first words and jokes with the participants telling them:

don’t worry if you don’t speak a good english... Me neither ;-)

I think it gives a smile to everyone… After introducing fast my background and how I would like to proceed, I invited them to also present themselves, try to explain their motivation and share what are their expectation for these 3 weeks. Then I introduced fast @creative-commons, @slothicorn and, while Peter was still listening us. I was really surprised to see all of them understanding what I was telling. Indeed, this is a good beginning. =) Talking is not the most easy even while knowing well a language.

After the short intro Peter quit and make clear that he would be interested to know more about steemit, so I promissed him to come to make an introduction to Austraining soon. I'll keep you informed about this. ;-)

Each of the participant took some minutes to present themselves, their interest, skills and what they are willing to do in some words. I made as clear as possible, that I will be happy to hear their expectations and what they are willing to achieve than to give them projects and activities with which they would go back home unsatisfied. I'll do my best to be sure it is clear, and incisted that any boring activity should be avoided while we are working together :))) It is only after this that we really open our computers and made some researches and online explorations in order to start this publication together, tomorrow everyone will be writing their own #introduceyourself.


Before to start writing we also took the time to understand better steemit by having a look to and see how all of this works more in details. We tried to research about the steem, steem dollar and steem power, their values, characteritics and difference as well as checking about the points of reputation.

Presentation of the participants

Here the presentation and first contribution of the new participants of the second cycle at the @globalschool!


My name is Malwina. I’m 17 years old. I from the Poland. I live in Witków. No, I go to class with Justyna and Monika. We going to the second class of phototechnian. I learned about the Erasmus+ from teachers and older classes.

Today, we get to know a bit about the @GlobalSchool, and what I understood of it, it is a project which raise awareness about crypto-education, exchange best practices about topics such as creative-commons or blockchain and provide an environment for practice in a lot of fields. We got a little introduction to the Steemit platform, particularly in how it can help creatives to live. I'll be happy to be involvedfurther and in taking pictures and publishing them these next weeks. Yes, I’m especially interested in a taking and editing photos. What I would like during these 3 weeks is working on making and editing photos and photomontages, so I'll try to know more about the Global-Collage project


My name is Paulina. I’m 17 years old. I am living in Legnica in Poland where I am making a first year in a Phototechnican class with Justyna. It is at my school : I learned about the Erasmus + from the older class and decided to join. Today, in the introduction session, I get to know about the GlobalSchool, Solthicorn and in general about the creative commons initiatives which help people by introducing them for example to tools such as the Steemit platform in which I’ll do my best to be involved and contribute in writing articles. I’m also particularly interested in taking pictures, especially landscapes and portraits. I have my own site on facebook that I invite you to discover by following this link: . During this 3 weeks I would like to improve my skills in photography with concrete projects to make good references.


My name is Justyna Witwicka. I’m 17 years old living in the city of Legnica in Poland. I am interested in a editing and taking photos for instagram Social media is my life. I also have a fashion blog you can discover by following this link As you can see, I'm also interested fashion.

I would like to gain more skills in photography over these 3 weeks as well as see how steemit can be beneficial for my projects.

I am also at school: where I am in the same class with Malwina and Monika. It’s my year second year in the phototechnican cIass. I asked teachers and colleagues from the older class about Erasmus+ that is how I decided to join.

Today we get an introduction about the Global School, and discovered how it is helping creatives people by promoting crypto education and for example involving about intitatives such as creative-commons or slothicorn. Then we get to explore steemit in which I will be involved in the next days by writing and making pictures to publish and experiment the tool.


My name is Justyna. I’m 16 years old and also going to the same school as my friends. I’m from Poland and I live in Chojnów. I’m making a first year as phototechnician in the same class of Paulina. I asked teachers about Erasmus+ because I wanted to develop my skills. Today I learned about the GlobalSchool cooperating with slothicorn initiative to support entrepreneurs and creatives and get a first introduction to steemit. In the next days, I’ll try to be involved as much as possible in making pictures as it is one of my main interest and I want develop my skills in photography during these 3 weeks.


My name is Monika. I’m 17 year old and I am from Poland. I am also living in Legnica where I am going to the school with my friends at I am going to class with Justyna and Malwina. Justyna and Paulina are another class.We all learn to become photo technicians. After getting some info, I asked the teachers about how to participate to Erasmus+ and it is how I get to discover today about the GlobalSchool, a project cooperating with a lot of entrepreneurs, creatives, ngos and with slothicorn to help creatives and entrepreneurs. In the next days, I will take pictures and try to take part to some contests on steemit. I'm interested in photo design, edition fotos and drawing. However, my biggest interest is taking photos, so please, do not hesitate to let me know in reply if I could create a picture of Vienna for you while I am here!

As you can see we already started to work and cooperate in order to make this article and have a first step with steemit and started to discover the wonderful world of initiatives which are supporting creativity.

If this post was already too long and you did not find the contest, dont worry! I'll publish again soon to be sure a maximum of you are participating. Hope you'll enjoy the challenge!

CONTEST (open to everyone, deadline March 21th)

WIN 50 SBD! Participate to the slothicorn globalschool meetup poster challenge!!

( it is not a long name, words are too short, it is true :P)

As the first contest organized some days ago has been so successful and bringing so much great results, such as

the joy meeting @marpa winning the first contest. =D

I can’t resist to continue on that way. To celebrate the cooperation between @slothicorn and the globalschool, I would like to invite you to this second contest. =)

Create a poster of slothi at the @globalschool. To do, you’ll need to check out my previous posts related to the @globalschool, be inspired by the #slothicorn collective ideas as well as by @creative-commons and Take the time to make yourself a big picture. You’ll get a better idea of what we already initiated and of what is possible to do.

On the poster we need to see:

  • the participation is free of charge,
  • the various activities and workshops possible to experiment,
  • the participants or students are also mentors at the global school,
  • a place to learn and earn where all the chain of creation to the distribution is possible by cooperation to enable each other idea to flourish,
  • it is a bottom up and decentralized solution for self and collective developement,
  • a multi sided workspace
  • on the 22th of March it is the world water day...
  • please let a space for the details such as date and location which will be changing depending where the meetup is organized, you can also already use a dummy location text such as "Meetup from ...h... up to ? in a nice place - Slothistreet 42, Slothiland, Dimension XII."
  • the logo of the globalschool

  • The goal of this poster is to empower and enable anyone to organize easily with the help of @globalschool, @slothicorn, @creative-commons, and many other supporters: offline experiences to explore creativity and network learning within local meetups to increase creativity and entrepreneurship as well as to develop new revenues for the contributors who are participating.

    With this poster, if you want to contribute to the slothicorn movement and take part to the @globalschool, you will be able to raise awareness online and offline with a simple offer of network learning and practice around the topics related to crypro-education and usage of blockchain, new media and before everything else, your own experience!

    Inspiration: what you can expect by participating or organizing a #globalschool meetup:

    • For example, you can organize a simple session to introduce platform such as steemit and explain to the participants how to create their account and introduce themselves using the hashtag #introduceyourself.
    • You know how to use a camera to make photo or movies? Invite the community to cooperate and learn together making a movie or reportage.
    • You are creative and know how to use editors? Organise a little introduction and small training to enable people to exploit more easily their creativity.
    • You are motivated but don't think you have any competence which is valuable? Make some researches and find some tutorials, invite people of your neighborhood to discover these tutos with you!
    • You like to cook? Or have a taste to healthy food? Organize a cooperative kitchen and table. Do not hesitate to contact me to know more about how to find a place to host your meetup if you do not have a clue, I’ll do my best to help and share my experience. ;-)
    • You have ideas but don't know how to put them into practice? Invite the community to discover and exchange ideas and people with more experience to share their path of success.
    • Yes, it is possible to everyone to organize the globalschool!

    More idea or want to contribute further? Join on discord for a chat. =)

    This last weeks, we already started to prepare a template and a serie of visuals with the participants of the last groups at the @globalschool. Here a composition with some of the visuals we made together to learn and practice vectorial design:


    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons
    Attribution 4.0 International License

    The contest

    To participate you need to create a poster that we can use for print as well as for online communication. The winner will be selected by a jury who is still not involved yet or depending on their availability, considering the number of votes by the community and will be announced after the 21th of March! (More precisions will be posted in a forthcoming article).

    Here are the rules :


Good idea keep going

I'll do my best! Thank you for your encouraging words! =)

Wow, brilliant idea. It motivates me to think of something I can and want to do and to offer it to others. A lot of ideas are in my head right now about how to support each other in doing so. First of all I think its realy nice to dive into the atmosphere of entrepreneurial thinking. Lets just do! Everyone, lets just do. And lets talk. Ok, I ll be on it :)

Happy to read your enthusiasm! I am looking forward to your entry and or your next post! Keep motivation going. =)

About the contest I am in ; About the template I am going to use it for all my posts :D
Word for @globalschool students

Hi, guys/actually girls, I am excited to welcome you to steemit; slothicorn and the creative commons movement but mostly I want to express how lucky you guys are to have found the opportunity to learn about new media and a very fast changing world from people that are willing to adapt fast. The traditional education systems are no longer in alignment with the world we are living in, everything is changing so fast and it is hard to know what to prepare for, what kind of jobs you will have to apply to in the future, what kind of skills you will need. But one thing is certain, teachers and educators have to learn and adapt along with you.
Not being proficient in english is not such a big problem , I can assure you of that, technology is facilitating communication way pass language barriers (this coming from a dyslexic person that uses autocorrect on every word spelled :P)
I am not a teacher, or educator but there is one thing I most certainly have some experience in :) I know how it feels to have been a 17 years old creative girl with multiple options for the future, I cannot pride myself that I have made the best choices when I was your age, but today, at 30, I can share some of the do's and don'ts, in hope that will help you in your decisions:)

@jnmarteau just told me you have your accounts done, soI will write to each of you dears a welcome letter :P

Thank you @alexandravart for welcoming the team and really happy to read your enthusiasm about the contest! :-) I just shared your message with the girls.

NB: They still didn't receive a validation for their personal accounts, so they select one of the account we have available already ;-)

-Justyn and Monika are managing @globalschool account
-Paulina is on a project of adaptation of @humansofsteemit
-Malwina is taking over @inyoursteem
Justyna is working on her fashion blog but did not have a validation yet for her profile

They are still on a research phase and try to make an introuction post for their temporary accounts they will manage these 3 next weeks.
I'll invite them on a discord channel if you are ok with that ;-)

Great idea.

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