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Super Blue Blood Moon 2


Lunar_eclipse_04-15-2014_by_R_Jay_GaBany (1).jpg

Today is an amazing event in our universe, as usual we could not let this pass, without being inspired. :)


“The rare total eclipse takes place on Wednesday January 31, combining three lunar phenomenons: A supermoon, a blue moon and a blood moon.
Viewers can expect to see a blue moon – the second full moon in a calendar month – orbiting closer to the Earth than usual, making it seem up to 14 percent larger in the sky.
If that wasn’t enough there will also be a total lunar eclipse, which is often described a blood moon because of they way the moon turns a gorgeous coppery red.”



The second blood moon initiative focuses on the SFEOS GAME- ART CONTEST.

The contest was organized to source art for an amazing visionary game, an open source project that fuses our decentralized universe, with a forseeble future in space where machine learning AI and distributed apps have merged.
It is all spacey, moony and geeky and it needs a lot of art and great ideas :)
I gathered a collection of free art resources, to inspire you and make your participation in this contest easier :)

For an artists, creating work from scratch isn't easy, as they lovingly put thought in every detail of their work. But the downside to this is that the time taken to create art increases significantly.
Creative commons is a boon for artists looking to cut down on the smaller aspects of their work and get on with displaying their vision.

Our aim at is to give artists more than a blank canvas to work on. We aim to help them grow professionally and manage the time by making shareable resources available.

In the blockchain galaxy, mooning is different than the other parts of the universe. Unfortunately, there is not much art that describes our particular niche of the universe. Our vision is to provide great graphic content to boost the steemit blockchain.

We’re sure as artists, these images will inspire you to toy with their vibrant hues and deep mysticity. We will continue to bring you shareable art that will make your lives easier, so you could take advantage of all the opportunities you find on steemit .

This is not my entry for the contest, it is just a free pull of resources meant to boost your inspiration :)

All the content of this post is Creative Commons licensed, including the text, so you can be inspired and create upon everything here.
All the characters and backgrounds and design elements will be linked at the bottom of the post for downloading all the original files
Enjoy be inspired and create your own SFEOS world but do not forget to read all the rules for the CONTEST first :)


This amazing high res photography, and many more are creative commons found here
I used this 4 images to create a background for the SFEOS GAME or to inspire you to create one :P




I overlayed parts of the original images on top of eachother, painted a bit, and used some filters and at first came up with this :)


Than I was inspired by @mrlightning amazing contest entry featuring THE MERITOCRACY spaceship design ...


Support the Original Post HERE!!

and I started my ship design like this ....

meritocracy design template BW.jpg

Than I worked my magic with it and I made a bunch of variations, and I invite you to do the same

meritocracy design template BWff.jpg

meritocracy design template.jpg

meritocracy design template3.jpg

meritocracy design template2.jpg

meritocracy design variation.jpg

meritocracy design variation 2.jpg

page design template WITH IMAGE.jpg

All this work in progress used to take me days, but with CC resources at my disposal I was finished in a few hours with all this work .



This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
That means: you can copy, share, print, edit, re-interpret, remix and use freely even for commercial purposes


For more inspiration for this contest check these new amazing posts:

@elohprojects inspiring contest entry
more free resources for this contest by @alexandravart
If you have any suggestions or are looking to collaborate, please drop us a comment.

If you need information about how works visit this link or this one

If you have questions please contact us at the discord server


check the latest contests hosted by :

tomorrow evening I will anounce the winners :)

concept art for SFEOS game Contest 11 days remaining until deadline

if you liked this article check Super Blue Blood Moon --- CREATIVE COMMONS INITIATIVE 1 Slothicorn edition

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I love art though i study science
Nice post you have there
Very informative

Thank you 😊

Our universe is so amazing it needs to be pictured more in art!

I think so too, for me it represents the unknown so I often come back to it in my work 😄

It's really amazing you can find so many free to use resources these days! I however find it hard to 'borrow' from others, I want to feel a piece to be completely 'mine'! So if I want to make a photo book I'll start a book binding course and will design the book myself... And bind it myself too.

I do however believe I would grow more as an artists if I spared myself some time and get into the CC art a bit more :D

You're doing great at least! I love the second to last one most because the colours just POP.

For e it's more about the ideas, I like my ideas to be brought to the best light:) and I know I am not the best in every area, so I can always use help 😀And I think memory is also a reference for every detail in painting, and those memories art not original not completely created

Well done dear @alex



Very nicely done. I'm glad I inspired you :)

thank you for sharing with CC
I really hope that more artists will star shearing and using CC art, it is so much easier to bring to life so many ideas with a great pull of free resources

Nice moon. I like aurora 😀

Thank you, there are many great photos free for use in that link

yes, I like to follow your articles, fullback and upvote


Thanks you




😊 thank you

Interesting progress, keep it up with the creativity!

Thanks 😀