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Acrylic selfportrait, the photo is CC-BY @shortcut.

Dear friends and followers,

just a quick update to let you all know, what I'm up to.

Besides painting crazy self-portraits, like the one above, I'm currently involved in at least three different Steem-related projects, that need a lot of attention.

I will tell you about the projects pretty soon, but for today, I just can tell you about one of them.

Supporting Creative-Commons

A while ago I created an account called @creative-commons to support creative-commons related stuff, that is shared on Steemit.

After I was invited to join the slothicorn-discord, who was initiated by @stellabelle, I saw that there is already a growing number of creative-commons related posts on Steemit.

For example: As some of you might know, @katharsisdrill publishes his Comic and most of his art under creative commons. And there is also a photograher from Germany, that is called @walter-v-ac, who publishes most of his photography under CC-BY.

In the future I will work closely with @alexandravart (who is going to curate cc with a different account) and @slothicorn to support #creative-commons.

Use #creative-commons Tag

Although the @creative-commons account does only have about 200SP, delegated by myself, it is a good chance to get an extra upvote (and maybe even a resteem) by tagging your work with #creative-commons or #creativecommons.

Right now I'm curating everything manually, but in the future this might become an automated process.

Delegations anyone?

I'd be happy to take any delegations for that account, so if you also want to support creative-commons, feel free to delgate some SP to @creative-commons.

Also please follow the account!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

@shortcut - creative and free


WOW! I just reveived 300SP from @anonymous.donor for the account.
Thank you so much! This is amazing :-)
You're a perfect example of why I love this community so much!



So basically all I have to do is paste this below my post and use creative-commons as a tag???
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Am I missing something???please guide.

Exactly! That's it. Looking forward to your CC-works ;-)

Nice, I've been relatively active in the slothicorn fame - or at least made three of them, haven't done much with it since then - but I do keep tabs on it and sit in the Discord. I just created a creative commons art piece last week as well!
by the way, I see you're involved with sandbox, I'd be interested in possibly becoming a fellow at some point, or at least learning more about it. I read on one of their posts that the best way is to find someone else who is already a sandbox fellow!

Very cool. I already upvoted some of these with the @creative-commons account.
Feel free to write me a DM on discord and I will tell you more about sndbox.

Yes, very educational post, and Slothy appreciate that!

Thanks @slothicorn! Appreciate your appreciation ;-)

I don't know much about this curation and tags and how they work, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE ARTWORK ABOVE !! :-)
i am impressed.jpg

Thanks a lot! Glad, you are :-)

Wow you have got a lot of irons in the fire! Tip of the hat.

Haha, thanks! I have so many interests ;-)

Sehr besondere Kunst!
Creative-commons hatte ich noch garnicht auf dem Schirm.
Jetzt schon! ;-)

Cool und danke!

i too will support with my support :)

Nice! Thanks in advance :-)

great painting
Are there any conditions to participate in these projects?

Basically you need to either use creative-commons works to remix or build on them or release some of your own works under a creative-commons license. Please visit the CC website for more information about creative commons.

to grow up this community support others is key factors and delegation is one of the master part!

I agree! Delegations are really cool to support projects like this.

This is cool really awesome and can't wait to see more projects that you have been upto this seems exciting :D

Thanks, but as there is only one artwork in my post, I see bo sense in copying it again in the comments.

excellent your artwork. keep it up

it will be interesting wonderful thanks for sharing this art

This painting has been so beautiful. I like it very much.

Thanks for your feedback!

you will give a boost to all those who need the engagement i wish you all the best for creative common :)

Yes, luckily not everybody is cashing out all his earnings, but decides to give something back to the community instead.

Best of luck with the project buddy !

wonderful post, good job, thanks for sharing

did you read it? then tell me, whats so „wonderful“ about it!