Shop & drop RPG game by @rubenalexander

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First of all I have to give a massive thanks to @rubenalexander for giving me the opportunity to work for this wonderful idea.

How did everything happen?

Well, like all best things on steemit, this idea was brought to light within the @slothicorn discord server, @rubenalexander had this idea for an RPG game and he needed help from an artist to make the art, so he gave a big shout out to all the creative slothicornians :D
I was intimidated by the task at first, because I am mainly a traditional artist, not a graphic designer, my skills in photoshop and illustrator are not pro, and I had no experience in working for a game, but after a few days, seeing that no one dared to reply to the task, I said I will try, I can not be that bad :P
The problem with my late reply was that I had a few hours to create 5 monsters and the game has already started when I was drawing crazy fast (mission impossible).

As you can expect, half an hour to draw one monster, the result was not my best work, but still the game was a success.
Here they are, the semi - ugly first monsters :P

ewfwe.jpgunnamed_4 1sdd.jpgunnamed_4 1.jpgunnamed_1.jpg

Because, as I said, the first game was a success, fortunately (for me),
@rubenalexander has chosen to work with me again, for the second edition of the game.
This time I spent at least one full day on one artwork, and I used a lot of CC art from my wonderful CC artists on steemit . So the artwork will look to my expectations at least, and hope to reach yours too.

The second edition of the game was sponsored by PINK COIN, they donated a pretty amount for me and @rubenalexander, for the players, and for different charitable causes that will be chosen by each player.
What the PINK COIN TEAM doesn’t know is that with their donation custom , they inspired me to further reward selfless artists that also donate their work by adding the CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE.

Here is a list of the artists that helped me (without knowing) on this magical “shop & drop “ second RPG game cover.

@martytan was the only artist I asked for help straight forward, she has made the title text in vector :) and she will receive from me 6 SBD’s :)


@jnmarteau created and shared with Creative commons license this pretty fellow , so he will receive 1 SBD :)


@fabiyamada created the lovely octopus that I am a fan of :D so I used it again, and will send her 1 SBD this time but more will come for each time I will use it :)


And we all know the hero that created the slothicorn logo @fluffywiggle,it is too little for her wonderful job, but for now I will send her 1 SBD , and hope do do more in the future :)



Amazing work for sure. Thanks for your energy..

the entire game will be full of my energy and slothicorn's energy too :)

I really like your post is amazing. i want to follow the way your motive is good enough. thank you for sharing.

thank you for coming to my blog :)

Wonderful work! I am glad that you found our panda-owl useful, Kata will be suprized and happy to get her reward! I m looking forward to discover more abou tthis game and to cooperate further! =)

thank you :D does Kata have an account yet, would like to be friends with her and welcome her personally here

Kata was one of the youngest participant, she is only 15 and I'll probably need some more time to convince her to come on steemit :) However, I already sent her a message and asked Noemi to help her as soon as she is involved properly, waiting for a reply :)

She is talented and still learning and growing. It would help her to post about her studies and earn for her future education or art supplies and gadgets
And even more important than that is the helpful communities

Yes I totally agree with you, I asked Noemi to explain her, as she is older and already started to create her account ;-) I am really if happy the globalschool can have such impact by bringing these young and still unknown talents to contribute to the community and in the same time be rewarded for their committement, this would mean a lot in the achievement of this project we only started.

By the way, I made a good friendship with their regular teacher too, and maybe would be an idea to organize a steemit-workshop at their school together, is not that far and would be an occasion to organize an offline steemit and global school activity related together ;-) What do you thing about this idea?

Like i once told you, your works shows the energy and sweat that goes into it and more reason it is always appreciated. Who wouldn't want to work with such a talent as you. I love everything that goes on in your head.

apart from @martitan the artists did not know that they were helping me for the game, this was a surprise for them :) they just shared their work with creative commons, and I collected it and put it in the artwork
thank you so much

Wow! Thank you too beautiful.

Great thought process @alexandravart. I would like to see more of your work in future. And congratulations to all other artist.

my blog is full of my work and I will never stop :)
thank you for appreciating

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

Thank you so much :)

you know I only have to say thank you :)