Newsflash: The New Art Community Project is here !

in #art2 years ago (edited)

This is me, @alexandravart & friends, with a brand new community based account.


Finally, I mustered courage and energy to start building something for the art community.
I’m grateful for all the friends, communities and wonderful people I’ve met while on my Steemit journey, and so I feel like I have to do my part and repay the community however I can.
After thinking for a while, I finally found the idea I was looking for… one that deserves my full on dedication, work and time:

I decided to create a Community Based Account!

This is a powerful way to get involved with other artists, create new and exciting opportunities and keep track of everything at the same time.
This new communal account will combine the needs of the many wonderful communities I’ve been engaged with, as well as make efforts towards improving them.
Here are some things I’ve learned from them so far:


What is Creative Commons Art ?:

Everyone in Steemit should unite and cooperate, respecting each other’s work and ideas while at the same time empowering themselves.
As an artist, I discovered many ideas were too big for me to implement on my own, so for many times I had to forget about them or store them away in the hope that someday I’ll be able to successfully accomplish those goals.
I felt that ownership was bringing me nothing!
If there was a way for me to abdicate my ownership just to see those ideas come into fruition, I wouldn’t have thought twice, because I truly value ideas over my income or ownership.

If I knew then about Creative Commons License….


But there’s a problem with this… how would I get paid if I had no ownership?


Without even having the numbers to back that up, I think it’s safe for me to say:
I believe there are fairly equal amounts of creative people and rational or practical people.
There are equally the same numbers of great workers able to follow leadership and norms or even extroverted people that can make themselves easily accepted by society for their social skills.

All these different groups of people have value to give to society and they should all be rewarded for it.
However, the reward system has been controlled by people who were not able to evaluate creative work for its subjectivity and lack of clear initial functionality, which brings me to the following conclusion:


A creative idea can find its function only when improved upon by many creative minds with many different perspectives.
The amazing thing about this is that a creative idea could be inexhaustible in functions, if it is continuously worked upon by creative minds. Same as how blockchain technology finds many functions and applications because no one owns it and everyone feels free to add input from inexhaustibly different perspectives.

But still….

How could creative minds be rewarded for their ideas and work?

Steemit and the communities that have formed within the platform could reward its members with Steem rewards easily.
Every community could become a self-sustained project incubator.

Here’s what I mean in an example:

Let’s say I have this ambitious idea which is to create an educational book about blockchain with amazing images and great text that will be later promoted on the blockchain.
I am just an artist, however, so I need to hire a great writer and e-commerce expert for promotion and all those extra jobs… But I don’t have the money for that, I just have the ability to create great images.
So I produce the images and give them for free with Creative Commons License, so all the visual artists on steemit could get inspiration and make them better, generating even more images to be used for the project and we could all vote and reward each other's efforts because we are specialized to evaluate the work.
Then writers can do the same, and create posts about their work within the project, getting rewards from their writers community.
Maybe then video content creators get inspiration and create even more content on the subject to be rewarded by their own communities as well… you get the drill.
On steemit everyone's contribution is transparent in posts that are rewarded by people that are interested in the subject, ever growing in direct proportion with the quality of the content.
So, there is no need for promotion here, the work will spread between the communities that are specialized in that type of work and it is rewarded by the same people that add to that work.


How am I going to use the new account to make this idea work?

-- is the name of the account I created but I hope I will not own it by myself!

Here’s what it will do: will curate Creative Commons creative work, vote resteem and reward the authors in a collaborative effort; will become a tag for free Creative Commons Art resources for all the community to use; will create initiatives, challenges, collaborations and contests for creatives from different genres and mediums ( visual artists, musicians, writers, developers etc ) to generate even more Creative Commons Licensed work; will create a“Wall of Fame” with posts for the best authors that license their work with Creative Commons offering exposure and promotion in this way; will be an open account for creatives to interact and generate ideas and projects to be founded by the communities participating;

--All initiatives and project posts will be open for discussion within all the creative communities, so anyone at anytime could start a project and receive support from this account.

-- posts rewards will be distributed like this:

All the Steem Power generated by this account will remain in the account to get bigger votes that will reward all the Creative Commons authors
All the Steem and SBD will go to the Creative Commons authors and collaborators in proportion to their involvement.


So, I won’t keep anything for myself from the rewards generated by this account, because I know this account will help me in my individual projects just like all the other Creative Commons authors.

Work has already started for this idea to take shape, this post was done in collaboration with great writers @diebitch and @spiritualmax.
Me and @yusaymon have started collecting CC art and brainstorm about the first “wall of fame post” and projects incubator challenges future posts.

In the same fashion all the steem and sbd rewards will go to my dear collaborators <3 <3<3

Good design begins with honesty, asks tough questions, comes from collaboration and from trusting your intuition.
-Freeman Thomas

Some of my closest collaborators in this project are:

Slothicorn community members
CreativeSteem community members
Creative-commons community members
DreamsComeTrue community members

Hope this list will grow forever !!!


I would love to know what you guys think , so do not hesitate to leave a comment ! :)


awesome im just getting into making steem based art so ill follow this account and keep making art

crazy!!! have you posted this, I want to resteem and upvote

Love the concept Alexandra. Would love to contribute some of my images as CC if they can be useful as they are, or extended/manipulated in collaboration with other creatives.

I've only worked on one of @everlove's collaboration projects and gained so much in the process.

I've always loved how artists working together can generate something so totally new, that by themselves would never come into being. 🦋

glad to find people with the same mindset, this was a personal goal for this project :)
everlove's project was one of my inspirations , but by adding the license you male it legal and allow multiple artists to collaborate on the same artwork

I have a million balls in the air at the moment. But how/where can I start?

I haven't made any of my images CC before. So I may need some guidelines as to how to do that to begin with.🦋

here I answer a few questions because I noticed you were not the only one asking :)

I like this project
@alexandravart & friends ( @diebitch @spiritualmax @yusaymon) in which way I can join and support this wonderful project?

the easiest way to support is to upvote the authors that use cc license, but you can do so much more, come up with ideas for contests , challenges and posts , initiate projects so more people can engage in, this is an open account so I intend to brainstorm and collect suggestions from various communities and people . :)
I am open to suggestions and collaboration, in the comment section or dm in discord where my account name is @alexandravart :)
can wait to see how this unfolds because I don't want a fix plan for the account.
the only aspect that is fixed is the reward distribution :P

also at this point resteem is the best aid :D

Do you think most authors are using the cc license here? I would love to come up with ideas for projects, but normally it depends on knowing the right people and what their interests are.

I resteem all cc art that I can find so you can check my blog to see how many artists here use cc :)

also if you have more questions here is a link to the new post that answers a lot

Slothy likes this initiative very much!!!


I already resteem and tell to my friends @alexandravart .

:D thank you friend, I am so excited for this

You are always welcome. 😊
I'm very happy for you.

Wow... Its finally here... I can't wait to release my creative abilities under this tag.
Thanks @alexandravart

I will follow all the tags ; #creativecommons; #slothicorn ; #creative-commons ; #creative-steem the only important thing is to use the cc license and tag about it with any of this tags and I will resteem and upvote and try to keep in mind to reward those that contribute with cc work most :)

it won't be easy but I'll try to do my best

That's real hardwork... I wouldn't mind helping you out...

well we are both slothicorns so we can talk in discord there because, as you see I need all the help I can get :))

I thought I had already commented on this post?

Anyways. Good luck with the project, and if you need any help, I'm your guy.


I know that a lot of creative projects at the moment are contributed by artists and writers at the moment, and a lot of the development (software) type of projects are driven by Just wondering how this will help bring the two sides together and what type of collaborative projects do you envision will eventuate.

I think it is a fantastic initiative and would like to see people of all different skills and talent support it by collaborating with others :)

one of this projects have already started, there are some game designers that need art and will sponsor future contests for generating that art :)

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Hi there Alexandra, I'll be happy to add CC to some of my drawing. I am curious when many creative minds chew an idea what the result would be? Hehe, hugs babe!!

ha ha dear friend can wait to see that happen :) and get some more eyes on that beautiful work of yours

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Alright! Let's do this!!

love the spirit :D

This is great! Providing creative commons art will add a lot of value to steem :-)

I think so too and I think it will bring more to the authors too :)

I personally like the basic Idea. It's a good manner to support artists that have a project in mind. Of course every artist should be responisble of what giving a ccommons license will mean to his art.

yes everyone should learn about the benefits and maybe disadvantages of the license, in my opinion and artist experience there is more to gain than to lose from using the license, but everyone is free to decide for themselves :)

Welcome and have Good Luck

thank you , hope to do good :P

I like this idea a lot. I've been writing music and putting it online under a Creative Commons license for years, because I think music should be accessible to people who don't have a lot of income. For the last few years I've been able to earn a bit of money from it via Patreon, but I'd really like my music to reach a wider audience. What I compose is pretty niche, so this can be a bit challenging!

I am a queer when it comes to my taste in music, let's say is niche a pretty word to describe it, it is not easy to find music that I really like and yours is amazing :D
thank you for shearing and hope you will find people to collaborate here

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