CONTEST & FAQ s for creative commons

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This is the second post after the introductory one, and I’m thrilled to present the FAQs for creative commons.


Creative Commons License

How to use it?


Here is the official site where you can find all the information about the license.

A CC license is used when an artist wants to give others the right to share, use, and build upon an original piece of work that has been created by them.

It is important to do your research on the site because there is some technical information (mundane stuff that needs to be taken care of) mostly referring to: legal terms; how to add the license to your work; how to customize the license (what rights you want to reserve) and so on

I will give some more information from my perspective here, to answer any questions you might have: D

How could I possibly gain more by using the CC License if I am sharing my work for free?

You could gain more by sharing your work for free on steemit. This gives a chance for your work to get out there and be recognized. When an artist collaborates with someone, it gives rise to growth and progress. CC helps facilitate this growth.

There are many communities working together to support and promote artists that are using CC license on their work.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ - will resteem and upvote your post if you use correctly the license and you add one of the following tags ( #creativecommons; #creative-commons;

@creative-commons -will resteem and upvote your post if you correctly deploy the license and the tag #creative-commons

@slothicorn - will upvote and resteem your post if you use the license correctly, create cryptoart and add the tag #slothicorn

@creative-steem -will resteem and upvote your post if you use the license correctly, create steemit inspired art and use the tag #creative-steem.


There are many other communities and people that will support cc artists on steemit

Steemit is slowly starting to collaborate in open projects with utopian.

I am already planning a future cc art contest along with a game designer that will be especially made to generate art for his game :)

So, more rewards will go the artist's way.


And not to forget donations!

Imagine maybe someone needs art to release a big project, also imagine how this person has to manage a lot of aspects and pay so many people at the same time for its project to be released.
So maybe he doesn’t have money left, to pay for art upfront, but he can take cc art (free for use), mention the artist and after the project is finally successful he could come back to the artist with a donation from the payout he has received.

Or maybe someone wants to use the art in a post, mention the artists and send a part of the post reward (this is already a practice on steemit)

How can CC License make my work better and the process more fun and interactive?


Again, I will answer this question from personal experience. This was one of the reasons that made me finally decide to open the account.
I posted some artworks with cc license and asked people to get inspired from them, or edit them in any way, and post them on their blogs.
I also promised to upvote and resteem their posts if they mention me as the initial author.
As you can imagine this led to a lot of interaction, I had the chance to see my work transformed in ways I could not possibly imagine and make friends at the same time. So, that is our aim-growth and collaboration.

Here are some videos that explain cc better than I can: D


What is this account about?


My hope for this account is to curate and reward as much cc licensed art that I can find on steemit.
I want people to start rewarding cc authors more, and for it to become an established practice. So, I’m leading by example.


How can I use these tags as a source of free content that could inspire my work or complete it?

Our aim is to create a network of free resources and leverage the possibilities of blockchain.

In my work I use a lot of royalty free images as reference and I always have this feeling that I am doing something wrong.
Rationally I know that nothing is completely original and all my work refers to a pull of memories that I did not necessarily create from scratch, but still I have this feeling.

If I had access to free art resources knowing that the author wants me to use it and have the possibility to upvote his work, let’s say I would feel better: P

One of the biggest benefits is raising awareness and increasing the chance of collaboration with other authors across steemit.

As Steemit and the blockchain in general is getting stronger day by day, the demand for original art is increasing. We aim to fill this void and give artists the exposure that will help them grow.

this post was written in collaboration with the amazing writer @DieBitch <3 <3 <3


so now I have a question for you ....

will you help me create a logo for this account ?


so far, I just have this:

logo design.jpg

and I want the background to be filled like this :
but not with cartoonnetwork characters



I want the background to be filled with cc art shared on steemit :P

How could you help me?

here is how ...

---- Create a funny cartoon character, however you like :)

---- Make a post about it letting people know it is your entry for " logo contest"

---- Add under your artwork: the Creative Commons License watermark logo and the following text:

"This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License."


---- Resteem and upvote this post

----Link your post in a comment here :)


How will you know if you have won?

This is a contest with multiple winners, because I need more cartoon characters to fill the entire background...

So after a week I will announce the winners in a post that will showcase the new logo with all the winner characters incorporated :P

how much can you win by participating to this contest?

First of all, your post will have grater visibility and rewards if you use the tags #creative-commons ; #ccommonsart because two accounts will resteem and upvote your post even if you are not a winner :)

I will pick a first prize winner that will receive 5 SBD

All the other winners that will be featured in my logo's background will receive 1 SBD

I don't know for now how many grate characters will be chosen, I will have to see all the participants first, but with amazing works, you guys , have the chance to squeeze me out of money fast :P


ps .

if you know another steemit community that wants to support cc authors, let me know and I could include it in this post :D


Dear Artists,

Please give more entries or else I'll draw. IT is going to be painful

no , not painful at all , thank you for your entry , it is wonderfully unique

Just read through this and can't believe someone out there is ready to give out so much to promote others. You have a part of my heart already.

Wow...Thanks for the opportunity, i will sure create a character for this...

But how many entries can be accepted?

hmmm should I put a limit on that :)) let's say 3

Okay... I will create three then...

can wait to see them :P

Go creative commons! I previously made a small site at to help with the output CC tag for steemit, and it also adds a watermark to your pictures. Let's keep helping CC and Steemit grow!

ooo I will make a post about it :) thank you so much this is so helpful

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Thank you dear alex for promoting other artist. You are the best in this field. The video you shared on dtube the other time still amazed me,because i was able to see behind the scene how dedicated you are to the world of art.
It has been a while i here from you,hope you are good! Just to say hi.

hi back dear, been so busy lately , working behind the scenes , has it been so apparent ? :(
sorry will try to be more visible around here

Thumb up,someone is missing you and your creativity from Nigeria.... Smile

coming back I promise :P

Thank you so much for taking the time to put all this together. Copyright law is focus, and more people need to know about these things. I tip my hat to sir!

thank you for your feedback, I want this account to evolve based on feedback and suggestions so I am very glad to know it is helpful

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I followed re-Steemed, and upvoted you and hope to return to contribute in the creation of at least one CC logo for your account.

ha ha thank you, hope you saw the post after the edit, because I noticed a bit late that I forgot to add some pictures :)