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RE: CCommons.ART & GLOBAL SCHOOL are joining forces :)

in #ccommonsart2 years ago (edited)

I dont know by what I am the most excited if it is by your nice and informative article promoting and supporting creatives or by this new cooperation!

@irwanumpal made a fantastic work indeed, and in documentation!


Thanks a lot for all the wonderful things you are all doing with! Support, attention, help and care to coach and guide creatives and motivated people who are crossing your path! =)

(just see I made an error in the tags on the pic, I'll correct and re-up soon) ;)


yes! I want to see how much the artists are gaining with cc, that is why @irwanumpal's work is so important now , for me it is important to find a way in witch artists and creatives collaborate and support each other, because I think creative people should value each other's work

Indeed, I totally agree and I am definitely supporting your initiative! We need more transdiciplinary cooperations. I'll do my best to contibute to this improvement with other motivated people as @irwanumpal and the friends of CC.

You are making a fantastic work supporting people, I am glad that in the middle of all of this incredible work you are doing we found time to become friends! =)