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Hello Steemians,

I wrote my first post about this idea 11 days ago and received great feedback. You can read the original post at

Project Summary

The goal of this project is to set up a web site that is very similar to other web sites that offer free stock photos. These photos or graphics would be available for free to anyone who wants to use them for personal or commercial use based on the creative commons license. The only difference will be that it will run on the STEEM blockchain and post to steemit like dtube and utopian. Eventually, I would like to have manual curation of photos posted with a nice upvote value to reward those who are providing free photos and graphics to build the value of STEEM and steemit. Later, some providers can be whitelisted and be upvoted by a bot.


Some web sites that provide free stock photos get traffic in the range of 60 million visitors per month. There is a growing community of bloggers and professional designers who are looking for free photos and graphics.


One of the most shared content on steemit is photography, so there’s a lot of potential for existing steemit authors to start posting to this new web site. This will help them to start earning extra money for doing what they already do just by allowing others to use their photos.

Market Convergence

When all these pieces come together in this one web site, it will add great value to STEEM, steemit and the whole community that shares and uses photos and graphics online.

  • New steemit users will have an opportunity to start making money faster and easier if they already have good quality photos or graphics. This will increase the retention rate and motivation for people to stay with steemit. Also, it will increase the rate of word of mouth referrals.
  • People who already contribute their photos to other web sites will switch to the one that runs on STEEM and rewards them for sharing their photos. This could potentially bring millions more users.
  • Niche advertising to web designers and bloggers becomes more relevant. They would be targeted to do something they already do but with more benefits.
  • People who download photos would link back to the site if they don’t have to.
  • Many bloggers will list this new site as a resource in their guides to get free stock photos for new bloggers. This will lead many of them switch to steemit to post their content.
  • All the above increases value of STEEM and steemit because it provides additional value to a large niche community online.

Project Status

This is a brand-new project that I’m starting now and it’s in very early planning and development stages right now.

What’s already completed

• I registered a domain that will be used for the new web site:
• I set up a discord channel for the project at

Next Steps

I plan to have this project set up as open source once I have an alpha version set up.

  • Set up hosting
  • Write out specific development steps
  • Develop the site
  • Release it as open source
  • Get users to test it
  • Get STEEM POWER delegations to increase the value of the upvote on quality photos

Please join the discord channel if you’re interested in following this project or helping with anything. I welcome any help in any form you can provide it. I see great potential and value this can provide to STEEM.

Thank you,



hey I think we can collaborate and do grate work together for the same mission :)
I am @alexandravart and this is my new account made to serve the same goal, also @shortcut is a friend working in the same direction with his account @creative-commons, @slothicorn promotes CC licensed cryptoart, and @creative-steem promotes CC art inspired by the steemit platform.
so there are a bunch of us here and I think we should join forces :D

let me know what you think ...
and not least, visit my first initiative presentation here :D

hi :-) yes, it looks like we can collaborate on this and make some cool stuff happen. I will pop into the slothicorn discord to introduce myself. thank you!

you can find me there too :)

Great idea bro! I hope you can get this started! You have my support :)

Thank you for encouraging me to keep this going :-)

Great idea :-)
There is already a photography website with full steem integration around. It's called

Maybe you can fork/license this work, cause it won't make sense to start from the beginning. He's on steemit @bescouted and

thank you! I wasn't aware of this web site. The look is very similiar to how I'd like this site look. The one for stock photos would need more search and tags features. I'll see if I can work something out with them.

Great idea! I am not a programmer, but let me know if there is anything that I CAN help with and i will.

thank you!
I'll need help with getting the word out and graphics and I'm sure lots of other things.

This is brilliant. Stella had started the beginning of doing this last year, as we think it's a very good idea to have this built! We can work together to make this happen as we all will benefit greatly from this.
Stop by our discord too, to find people who are passionate about CC. We have a channel in our Discord for General Creative Commons, so i think you can find help in there. Consider posting this in there too.

thank you :-) I will drop in and say hi. Who could say no with that kind of welcome? lol

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Good to bring variety and ideas on board

thank you :-)

Hey, consider working with the existing Creative Commons communities on here.....@alexandravart is running the Creative Commons art community:
And there are others too. If all these forces come together, it will be a better project. Synthesize.......

yes, we will synthesize awesomeness :-)

If I could put in my two cents regarding the design of the site: the simpler the better. My suggestion is for you to follow the design of as it is simple and easy to find content....Plus the tipping mechanism is perhaps an thought too...

I'm saving all suggestions from this post. That's the look I was thinking of too.

Sangat bagus, sebuah proyek yang begitu menjanjikan @leap