CONTEST WINNERS - CC- Character design

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Hi guys, I finally have a logo thanks to your wonderful work and talent.

logo design contest4.jpg

This logo represents ultimate "WALL OF FAME" and it features our first winners to the character contest :)

without no further or do I will introduce once again our amazing winners :))



was a no brainer , THE CUTEST OF THEM ALL , CC PAINTER BUNNY by @drawingly.

She will receive 5 SBD's :)



For the SECOND PLACE we have 5 winners!!!

@matytan will receive 2 SBD's because I decided to use 2 characters done by her :D the adorable slothi and the steemy dragon fly.




@jnmarteau will receive 1 SBD for the coolest steemit Panda-Owl




@diebitch collaborated with me for this freaky steemy character and she will receive 1 SBD too :)




@pegarissimo 's panicked pig also won 1 SBD



definitely not least, because it was a favorite PENCIL-MAN character will also receive one SBD :)




This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
That means: you can copy, share, print, edit, re-interpret, remix and use freely even for commercial purposes


once again I ask you:Let's share some love for this amazing creative stemians that give so much for free !!!


Ohhhh! Thankyou so much! <3 Yay! Im excited! hehe

thank you so much for your participation
I personally hope you continue to share with CC because I would love to do some variations on your art :)
I am sure I am not the only artist here, greatly inspired by your work <3

Thank you for your support! I was also really excited to discover that steemit-Panda-Owl was mentionned and to receive your generous donation/reward without expecting it, I'll share the reward with Kata. I am sure she'll be surprised ! It is wonderful to discover so much love and empowerement! Thank you again for all of this =)

I really hope that the rewards will grow bigger, this is what I could do for now but the amount has nothing to do with the value of the work :)
thank you for the wonderful work you are doing, I will start learning from your posts, along with the students :)

Your message and support to our project and to the community are already a wonderful present! I am faithful that with time and the amazing content created with the participants we will be able to develop our project further and plan to cooperate together. :) I am already enjoying just thinking about it! Have fun creating, I am looking forward to read from you!

from the start I wanted to make this account a collaboration, no one official in charge and all the posts , contests to be the result of feedback and suggestions, so I can't wait to start those planning and brainstorming sessions

I should be back in the night, lets talk on steemchat during the weekend. =D

not on steem chat :I but I am on discord where I already talked with @shortcut ; @creative-commons about you that we would both like to collaborate with you.
it would be really cool if you could join discord :

Ok, I just installed discord on my phone and just joined the conversation :) I am rushing to pickup the students then I'll join you in the discussion! Thanks for the invitation and supporting towards further cooperation. I really appreciate! =)

education is the biggest gift you can give someone, and I am so touched by your initiative, I hope to be able to help and learn along, and I am excited to find out as much as I can about the project :D

don't know if I mentioned this already but this is my personal account and I started to find opportunities and resources to share with the art community.
I've been welcomed by many communities here and I realized there is a lot of power in working together :D

thank you so much, but i only received 1 SBD :D, maybe something error. hehehhe

nothing went wrong, just bit tired :D
will send the other now :)))

Shin Chan Steemme logo.png

hahahhah its ok take some rest dear :D.

thanks so much for your participation
I want to make it a custom here to reward CC art that is used in posts , with a percentage of the post reward.
I will start doing this from my personal account @alexandravart and from this one too :)
so maybe you will get more SBD's soon :P

thank you dear, no need to bee hurry, please take rest.

❤❀ヅ❤♫❤❀ヅ❤♫❤❀ヅ❤♫ Beautiful!!!

Wow, your doing great. You really are a great CC influence, something to be proud of, keep it up!

trig my best here :)) glad to find I am getting positive feedback :D

Matching those pictures together to form this beautiful logo can't be an easy thing,in fact i don't see any connection in those pictures until i see the out come. Nice picture and nice logo. People are indeed creative. Why did i not know how to do all these now? Smile

thank you, everything has a learning curve so, you just have to find your best skills and improve in those, learn as much as you can :)

Thank you for the opportunity...
I have seen the alert

loved your character so much , and how you are developing the style, keep it going, I want to see what is next

I will be dropping another soon

Nice post! I will follow you from now on. +UP

glad you like it :)