Really a great effort by you my dear. I have also submitted my first entry to the CC images in @slothicorn.

Did you make some cryptocurrency themed art? I will check it soon hopefully.

Not now but soon I will.

Thankyou soooo much for this! I really needed a big one w !

Great! I also posted the .ai files and svg files in slothiCord

This design is just as creative commons, but if you turn it into another, different colors are more beautiful, and better yet add the @overkillcoin useranme there.

But it's not my art, I was just fixing a bad logo up :D

Is @overkillcoin not interested, melakun art like @sothicorn.?

I am very confused. What is a melukan :)

artists who have creative commercial art, which is a version of the CC logo. I really like loopster and logo CC

Hi @overkillcoin, thanks for thinking about the community. :)

I try to think about the community most every day! ☺

Very good work :) Smiles for the whatever tag.

Tooo mannnnny taggggggsss

Thank you! The other one is rather <3

Yep! I did see a cleaner version, but now everyone has access to a vector version.

Thanks and take care @creativesoul

Team Player!

Payout decliner!

this is really good. I like it

You don't know what you're talking about.

Am really interested!

Ummmmm... ok!!!

Have seen, and am still seeing how talented you are.......
Keep d flag flying! Hope you wont drop it?

I want to drop flags on SPAMMERS!!! :D

Hope i ain't among them......
I mean: keep doing d gud work u doing, am not talking about giving a dude a flag.....

all u do in great way is consider for apply......
An old man saying when i am in online earning field...
Same as to your post as i think so.DQmd2jgHAFSARX2WwPVxAu6je8WXij4twTsnYfZtGfBY1b6.gif

I'll have what he was drinking.

These are really confusing words, effendi

its very creative Because O with two in it is very nice and creative i wish you all the best to lunch it

I too hope he has a best lunch! All lunch should be the best!

Don't you know that tracing over an existing logo is VERY CREATIVE? I just learned that today from this total genius.

Lol spammers are fun to watch .

Unless you're a heavy Steem investor and you picture those piggies withdrawing their earnings lolz... Then they're fun to flag.

If whales unite to flag spammers and flag them on 6th day . They may probably stop .

I saw them spam stackin yesterday so I decided to flag him. ☺