Do you use Telegram? Good news for you!:D Sir Octopus has joined with STEEM!steemCreated with Sketch.

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I am so excited this sticker pack is on Telegram now!

When I created this character I never thought it would go this far, I've been using Telegram just for a few days but I really loved that it has amazing stickers and I went crazy when I realised I could add my own. I am really happy for this and I hope you can use them and spread the kawaiiness and also STEEM luv ;D!


I will try to add a new sticker each week, is there an expression I should add ASAP?

They are totally free to use!

Sticker pack licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


Hi, this one has transparent corners - such nice

:o wow, very seal! I will change it laterz :P thank youuu!

wow you can do that? cool!
spread the kawaiiness 😆 we have same goal💕

Of course!!! By the way check this post xD I hope you like it!

super cool work!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fabi Amazing!

It needs a surprised expression

YES!!! And maybe a sleepy one too

Good ideas! I will add them first to the to-do list n.n thanks guys!

Thanks, for it;s beautiful understandz

I think I will use it for the logo and send you some rewards because I used a lot of your adorable creations lately :D

Wow! Thank you!

already downloaded !!! thankss so much ..
I really liked this pet like avatar also ...

y cómo se agregan al telegram? muy genial el personaje :P

Con el link de download n.n

:O es cierto ... está en todo el telegram

Thanks for this valuable post sharing.... yes i'm use telegram. best of luck dear...