HEALING From Old Wounds: Insight and Reflection and New Found Direction - The Art of Self-Instruction

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I've been diving really deep lately, quite intensely so into a lot of old wounds that I've been carrying. The interesting thing about this "intensity" is that I've been perpetuating the intensity of these very wounds with my own self-judgements.

There's been a lot of shame in seeing the wounds that I've been neglecting and negating from really care taking into non-issues.

Within this, I've had some heavy moments of judgement - where it's like, WOW! This wound has gone real deep. It's been a massively sore spot. Let me for a moment be like fucking owwwww wow ow wow ow omg omg omg omfg.

There's been a tendency I've been noticing for me to indulge within a minor panic attack within myself like this crying out within myself kind of thing....like the suppressed sorrow being uprooted to the surface and that initial pull is shocking and can also be defined as like really fucking hurting for a moment. And the interesting thing here is like if you don't pull out the shit...the root, when you are at the point of just allowing yourself to for a moment say owww and experience the wow of the very miss take....it's like you miss your moment and opportunity to garden your wound back to health like a bulb in the soil.

Like a Bulb in the Soil

Sometimes we just got to rototill our shit - shake things up...and make sure everything is again settled and soothed as ourselves being the very source of our own Settlement and Soothing.

The 21 Day No Smoking Challenge has been a really cool way to face points of myself on both a physical and mental level. Definitely recommend the 21 day challenge approach.

In fact - This is like a cool carry over from my push-ups exploration and creative playing around with. It started as a 100 a day challenge and I had no clear defined end game other than to push the point for awhile and see what happens. I faced some points of body regard - specifically in the balancing of my whole body and the regard and care taking for all my parts.

I think the outflow follow through from the pushups into the smoking challenge has been massively supportive for me....because, in my continued play and investigations with pushups....I've really been exploring my breathing...and it's interesting because I feel like I am capable and able to get to a point where it's like I am just such an effective breather that I could do pushups endlessly...because it's like just a breathing exercise. I'm not at that level of strength and stability within myself yet....but that's the end game that I've formed. To be a prolific breather here - a dude who can do whatever because he simply knows how to live and move in his body as breath.

Smoking ironically enough has been a support point in the past to remember to breathe...and to take a time out to breathe. It's cool in a way that I am staring myself in the face and my past actions...it's become a real refreshing thing in a way...and so much so the core to me is within and without my Breath - everything stems from our Breath. Play with it often.

If there is a challenge you are facing and you would like support - feel free to drop me a line at [email protected] - Be sure to let me know in the comment section below if ever you drop me a line...because I don't use the email that often.



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There is nothing like a life-altering change like quitting smoking to inspire your being! You can tell you are on an energy kick and being revitalized even through text which is fantastic.

I learned a bit about breathing in my exploits training Jiu Jitsu. When you are grappling and competing against someone trying to choke , pin or bend your arm the wrong way, good breathing is ESSENTIAL. To make it automatic is to have power as when you are winded, you are dead.

I do like the concept of unplugging a few minutes for a smoke break and how good that can be. Replace that with a banana break and you may be onto another good change!

Fantastic post again. So glad I added you to my feed.

Awesomeness all round here Dude.

Ya - there's some serious vitality and vigor coming through that was clearly dormant and suppressed. Invigorating indeed!

Jiu Jitsu - Cooooool. I've had a few people mention this to me in some way recently....I know very little about it - what you say about it here is indeed very intriguing to me as it totally aligns with my increasing regard for Breath.

lolololol on the banana break. Agree that it's not a great long term plan on forming a dependence of the ciggy to be the timeout to breathe. In fact I've been really opening my regard for me being my own soother as like how I slow down when I get worked up....I slow down with breath...and I give myself whatever I need in terms of word regard as I see my words as my stepping stones and instructions to automating my breathing...my practical living jiu jitsu! haha - how bout that - I just ninja'd that out of my breath :) Pardon my silliness if it's too much :) haha.

And ya dude - real cool to connect with you too - looking forward to keeping on with your journey's and shares!

All the Best.

Haha great!

I am just to humbly follow in footsteps of folks like you who have developed such a good following and business through networking and good content.

I started about 3 months ago posting videos of our beginner classes and techniques in hopes of enshrining it on this block chain forever, demystify what could be a scary thing to start, and give new people a head start with an insight into our curriculum. https://steemit.com/bjj/@zekepickleman/white-belt-curriculum

Starting in that 3 month old post, it is in my blog a couple times a week!


Real Cool Dude - I'm gonna check this vid out late tonight or tomorrow - you may have planted some strong seeds in me :) Haha Cheers!

Appreciate it!

This charges me up from the beginning the path just go on and we have to move on either slowly or fast but we need to keep movin it

self help and self instruction is the best method to attain success

Great and amazing post sir @worldclassplayer.
Nice content
Very well articulated
Excellent job ☺

please check out my another post sir🤗💙

Thanks for sharing this post.

I think this is a very interesting fictional story. when you say diving with lots of wounds is a very touching word.

You are so aware of your shit, and using every life experience to deal with it. Love your blog and so glad I found you from someone’s resteem! 🙏🏽

Awwwwe geee thanks!

Cool to connect :)

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