DAY 3 - No Smoking - 21 Day Challenge

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I experienced some intense emotions the night of day 2. I experienced unsettlement within myself where it's like my nerves were on edge. I faced a point of desperation within myself. There was this part of me that I've allowed to be at the whim of my emotion/feeling pull and push. Like this point of willing to justify anything that is pushing on my nerves hard enough.

This intensity I experienced in the evening - I didn't really react to it so much as I just embraced it and welcomed the point....this supported me with going deeper into much introspection.

There really was a lot of intense moments that came out of it.

  • Showcased to me that yes cigarettes have been a serious soother for calm my nerves.

  • Showcased to me that I've placed comfort and dependence upon smoking as a way to deal with the discomforts that arise in me based on my thinking.

  • Showcased to me that I've massively discounted my self-worth.

Points of care taking support to accommodate me in letting go of smoking and walking the 21 day process:

  • I had my green drink

  • I went for a couple of walks.

  • I rode my bicycle for an hour.

  • I had an Epsom Salt Bath last night.

  • pushups, squats, stretching

  • I went to bed a bit earlier (for me)...created some quiet time before sleep to digest all of the day and the changes I made within myself. Woke up way earlier today without any effort. Was stoked to begin my day even earlier :)

  • Self-Forgiveness

  • Friendly engagement with my neighbors.

I made a vlog this morning and talked about some of the intensity from the night before. A point that came through for me was specifically, Self-Vulnerability . For me, this is a point of self-exposure...seeing everything of yourself. A willingness to look at the things within yourself that are most unpleasant...and even disturbing.

The video log itself was a point of self-vulnerability for me as I had resistance to making the video this morning and just talking about what I went through the night before. It was shameful for me to see that I've had such suppression within myself...and that cigarettes in a lot of ways have been a soother and a comfort stick for me to avoid getting real about the shit beneath the surface within myself.



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I'm sure you got through it, learn from my friend's experience, to make it easy for me to recommend to eat candy to fill the void when you feel like smoking.

my approach was a little bit different....I didn't want to simply fill any void within myself......I wanted to look into my go deep into the void....the shit I've been avoided to see about myself....It's been a real adventure into the unknown for sure....and it's been a most excellent awesome adventure!

I wish you great luck. I fail in every attempt. The only time I quit is when I have a girlfriend that tells me to quit. I'm not married. Therefore, I smoke! Stay strong!

thank you for your support.

Look at the emotions behind smoking for you....what is it soothing for you.....why is it so comforting for you......exploring your mindset leading up to a smoke...and afterwards.....dig deep might unearth some buried treasure.

And it's not about smoking being good or bad....right or wrong. It's about our relationships with ourselves and who we are within smoking.

For me I could see that it had become so habitual that I was just kind of going through the motions in the way I was living....I wanted to challenge that for's like I needed more of myself to come through...and I wasn't sure how that was going to I thought hey....lets challenge myself to see who I am in stopping to smoke for 21 days and write/vlog about it.

It's pure addiction at this point.

Please take care of yourself.
Smoking isn't good it always harm us.
You have to stop at a right time.
Great article.
I always support you @worldclassplayer.
Following you.

Thanks for sharing.

These are the days when our energy geeting so intense.☺💙
Universe are giving us indications to work accordingly.
Smoking is injurious to heath it causes slow death.
It is a addiction and we have to fight with it.

Take care!!

Thanks @worldclassplayer for sharing this post.

Upvoted + resteemed your post.

That is indeed great buddy , while sorry to hear about the things that are occurring through the phase but don't give up.

It might be tough but at the end it will be worth it :)

Thanks Broseph :)

absulutly i support smoking, because smoking harmful for you body.Careful post, thanks....@worldclassplayer

Congrats! Stay strong and it sounds like you are doing all the right things! Smoking is one of the hardest things to quite so if you can stop, there isn't anything you can't do! I know that may sound cliché but it is true!

I really support your effort to stop smoking... I think I have a good idea for you Sir @worldclassplayer to go to the Brunei Darussalam country because this country free from cigarette. And the best country that save their society from the dangers of smoking.
Great job!!

Good job so far, quitting is tough.

Once you get to 3 weeks, you will no longer have the need, at that point, best off to not restart. I had quit for 2 years, a moment of weakness and had a cigarette, by the end of that week it was like I had never quit.

Good luck. It ain't easy.

Whenever you feel used to it come to steemit and enjoy the posts :D

You can do it

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who smoke he is dangerous not only for him but also we should ban smoking

Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I believe this will really encourage and give hope to people.
Way to ho Boss.
You can do it.

@worldclassplayer, "We do not know when we're going to die, but smoking may make it a little easier to predict." Do you agree with the above sentence ..?

With a strong will everything is possible, wish youu great luck

When I stopped I was going through a rough time too. Like you. Take care and good luck quiting. He's not a nice friend you know. Neither is addiction ......