Self-Consciousness is A Key to Your Body Awareness

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By being honest with yourself about your self-consciousness, you can change the relationship you have with yourself here. For me I've had a tendency to kind of suppress myself consciousness but doing things that challenge my discomforts...however I wasn't totally letting go of my self-consciousness as I was just doing things to accommodate...and compensate for it.

By challenging our judgements and insecurities - we become critical thinkers that utilize questions to investigate, learn, grow and change.

I wasn't ever totally willing to question my own's always just been something I've kind of dealt with...but never really asked myself why I have a judgement of my very own self-consciousness. It's like that point where you don't want to talk about it because you believe the thing will be more real and have like some kind of hold and control over you...and that you will be like fucked in some way. There's a lot of discomfort.

In the vlog below I share a story about an event that happened many years ago where I distinctively experienced self-consciousness and reacted to myself consciousness with self-judgement...and it was a total mind trip that in a very unconscious way I've been holding onto all this time.

Enjoy the Vlog - Let me know what you think and if you got some cool examples please do share them! Examples are Good Shit.


Your self-consciousness exposes to you your inferior relationship you have with yourself in your body getting to know how you are fucking with yourself in your need to be aware of what bullshit you are holding onto. It's really lame to deny will just become increasingly self-conscious in your living and it will suck ass in like a really shitty kind of way.

Exposure is Vulnerability. It is in being able to look and see what we are holding onto that is uncomfortable and really just see it for what it is...I mean holding on to shit about ourselves where we are in some way deflating or inflating ourselves is the slop of the flip flop - a real travesty and disservice to all Life. It's like skewing....compromising our inner balance into some sort of inferior/superior flip flop character play reactionary double entendre.

Stay Tuned for an Upcoming piece, Shame + Vulnerability: Equals Huge Creative Potential


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Whenever I see your posts you, you just make me think that I should also start thinking about myself and my personality.

I really love the way you examine yourself and try to improve everyday otherwise in this modern world we are so busy that we don't have any time for ourselves.


Much thanks and appreciation for sharing!

Thaaaaank You :)

in one of the basic science lessons of psychology I always remember the lessons that became my self-awareness; there it is written:
I know what I know
I know what I do not know
I do not know what I know
I do not know what I do not know

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That whole thing was pretty rambling! I think what you might be saying is that there seems to be this link between the inferior judgement of yourself and the desire to become better at something, even though you might be at your best. There is nothing wrong with that. I believe all atheletes likely possess this evil self-haunt of themselves (called beating yourself up over nothing). I experienced it as a baseball player many years ago and now 45 years into the game of racquetball, I still do it, even though I know my game is in decline (due to age)(that might be an entirely different topic, not sure). My self-conciousness about my playing ability today entails more of the mental aspect of it all rather than the physical... like when I make a stupid shot I will say to myself, "man, that was stupid," (because I shoulda known better, right?) and then I tend to punish myself, rather than to just move on and chalk it up to wisdom. It's polarizing yourself. We also must remember that we are not perfect - we are human!

Self-Consciousness is a way to go beyond without lying to yourself its the only thing that will remain with us forever