Drop The Self-Judgement and Walk Your Change

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I didn't realize how difficult I've allowed it to be to move myself in action. I've had difficulty doing the best things for myself. I realize I can improve upon the relationship I have with myself and doing more things for myself.

It's interesting how these points of reflection came about in my day, as earlier I made a point of doing a vlog and also some writing and this is a follow through continuation. I faced the point of my own self-judgement where there's this lazy energy...where I would allow myself to talk myself out of my walk.

I recognized this has been a kind of "stewing" I've tolerated and been way to lenient about - accepting that making decisions and movements for myself is a chore....like my life is a burden. I don't accept that. I commit myself to dropping any and all self-judgements. I commit myself to dropping the fiend attitude for lazy drop out do nothing mentality.

When and as I face resistance in a moment of follow through where I got plans...I got shit to do - I stop and I breathe - I realize how sad it would be to give up on myself before I've really made any progress in my scheduled play....I commit myself to pushing my plays by creating the follow through....where it's like "I did what I send I was going to do"...and I rinse and repeat.

Failure isn't really an option - only adjustments and tweaks as I realize my mistakes and I commit to fine tuning my best self-corrections.

It's so not necessary to hold onto bullshit.

Shame has been helping me to drop bullshit with an almost effortless ease.

I'm gonna keep on with Shame being a close friend of support in keeping me humble...grounded in just living simple, ordinary...doing my thing and making some shares along the way.

Self-judgment is making a decision to stew in your reaction to yourself...reacting to the very judgement you have of you. Obviously this isn't advisable or necessary. However it's really important not to deny our reactions. In fact by simply being aware of our reactions we can open up an extraordinary amount of potential within the moment...all of a sudden having access to dimensions of ourselves that we weren't giving ourselves permission to see.

Cheers to removing blocks and walking our talks.

This post is a follow through from, A Day is a Lifetime and then Some

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I think you hit the nail on the head with this post @worldclassplayer don't hold on to those bad decisions. Set them free.

This is one of the ways to self realisation and fulfilment. Need to be sustained.

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Voted @yabapmatt for witnesd. Good jobs.

Definitely am a proponent of living how you want to feel. It's a thing that you can train yourself into. Instead of brooding on old habits or actions get up every day, focus on how you want to feel. It's very helpful in doing things to support how you want to feel instead of supporting how you don't want to feel.

You are a serious game changer,continue this good work.

I am still on a journey to discover myself and I will continue on this journey until I achieve my full potential. YOU should too.

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