21 Day No Smoking Challenge - DAY 1

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I haven't done one of these 21 day challenges in a long while. I've done the no smoking 21 day challenge before....but it's been a long while and I think it's good to re-test yourself every so often...especially with any activity that can be regarded as a habit and or addiction.

For the next 21 days, I will document/report my story in making a change with regards to not smoking for the next 21 days.

I've decided to create some counter balance points of support to create more ease of accommodation in making the adjustment within myself.

  • Drink Water More Often. When and as I experience a craving for a smoke, I have a swig of water and really swish it around in my mouth for a moment.

  • Green Drink Everyday. Creating the habit of putting a green drink in me everyday is like feeding myself plant juice for my body to support good everything....my thinking is that this is just great accommodations. I've had about a handful of green smoothie drinks recently...and I've decided to make a routine of it.

  • Daily Exercise

  • Baths - Soaks in the tub. When I do...it's Great. Make a point of doing 2-3 Epsom Salt Baths a week...maybe I can get to a daily soak...that seems crazy to me at the moment...so will be chill about integrating baths as a body support.

  • Cold Showers is coming up inside me as something I should make a point of doing every morning when I get up. Will ease into this one too...and not start on cold blast....but will give myself a few minutes of heat before doing a few minutes of cold. Cold showers are invigorating.

  • Watch Some Movies/Series. It's rare that I commit to doing this. This is just a point of creating some rest and relaxation. Challenge myself to write about them. I suppose sometimes I do watch these things...but I don't usually commit 100% to them...usually on my phone or laptop, juggling the whole time...consuming as much info as I can not really staying on 1 point....so this is to challenge the point for me that, "less is sometimes more."

I'm satisfied with accommodations I've set up for myself for the next 21 days, Stay tuned for the next update as the story unfolds!

If you would like to join in with your own 21 day challenge share your posts in the comment section - we can walk this 21 day challenge together :)

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I applaud you for having the courage to taking on this challenge and sharing such a personal endeavor. I actually posted two articles about my 30 day no drinking challenge. It seems you are trying a lot of things like salt baths and watching tv series. This help but don't force these upon you! Just take it one day at a time and don't stress yourself out. I can't wait for your journal!

Please stop smoking @worldclassplayer.


Another tip is eat lots of oranges, vitamin C reduces nicotine cravings

thank you!

Quitting smoking will be one of the best things you do to prolong your life...and cut your health care expenses. I never smoked, but seen what it's doing to love ones around me.

Hey check out the video I just posted about smoking @Worldclassplayer

For me personally a useful trick was to always tell my self that I would wait one more hour and then smoke a boogie. I just kept telling myself that all day when ever I wanted one and eventually the day would be over and no cigarettes were smoked.

Good luck !

i like this...

This will be fantastic if you achieved it and i am pretty sure you can do it without a doubt you have done many wonders and this one will be a good test again :)

thanks for the support @blazing

This is a very good plan, to lead a healthier life ..
Because smoking will cause various diseases,
Good luck..

Smoking is injuries to health
Best of luck

good is a difficult challenge but not impossible, I hope you leave this bad habit not only for 21 days, but forever.

My mom smoked for 20 years, this ended with the birth of my daughter, since cigarette smoke hurt my daughter. He has not smoked for 5 years now and now has a more active life, wanting is power. kisses excuse my bad english jaja ;)

Smoking coses cancer
Good luck

its hard but not impossible to quit smoking i think

This is a tough challenge sir but you are a great inspiration for lot of them your presence will surely create impact on us.

great queto

Hope you can stop smoking for good! Good luck on your challenge.

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!