Shame + Vulnernability: Equals Huge Creative Potential

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Our creative potential is often in hiding. It's inside the suppression of ourselves. It doesn't have to be this's just that shit happens, mistakes are made and thus it takes a certain amount of getting real with ourselves to face our see what we've been holding onto...and understand why we've been hiding from the best expressions of ourselves.

You need vulnerability in order to really utilize shame as a tool to support change.

Shame is a tool I've used to support myself through difficult points of change.

Vulnerability is the point of exposure. Your exposing to yourself that which you've been hiding from yourself....your discomfort....your judgement....your inferiority...your superiority...whatever is there.

Shame is the pain and discomfort in seeing your mistake(s) . The experience is self-humiliation.

Shame as a tool of support works with vulnerability because vulnerability enables your self-stability to go into your discomforts and source the issues with words. Without vulnerability it is difficult to work with discomforts because your holding yourself in resistance as defense and offense to vulnerability...and it creates a block from being able to see your shame....and really feel your pain.

If you really shame yourself effectively - you won't make that fuckup again. It would be too discomforting to make that fuck up and you know and understand how humiliating that would be. You simply could not do that to yourself. You no longer have it in you to compromise yourself like that. You've forgiven yourself for real without a doubt.

Shame yourself into making great change, it's the least you could do for yourself and all of existence.

When you experience resistance in following through with your best play....Shame yourself into making the necessary adjustment.

Like a Fine Wine, You'll Just Get Better with Age


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shame is sometime what made us vulnerable

I'm new to your blogI like your post. Thank you for sharing with us.

you are right. if you are so rich and strong you can not feel shame or van't understand real people. if you want to do so you must show your vulnerability, your vulnerability may be real or fake.

showing vulnerability is the best way to know real people

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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very informative... thanks for sharing

good to read it....It helpful for me. I have some steem loan. I really need it. God bless you

This is a different way of looking at shame and vulnerability. Personally, intentionally shaming myself does not work but what helps though is finding out why I am feeling shame when I feel it. I believe painful emotions usually tell us what matters to us. Emotions are like coins. On one side of the coin we have the painful feeling like shame. On the flipside, we see what we care about and the kind of person we like to be. I take advantage of my painful feelings this way.

Vulnerability, on the other hand, is allowing myself to feel the whole range of emotions, pleasurable and uncomfortable, so I can do my best to behave according to my values.

Very well presented @worldclassplayer ... Aptly titled as well. Your article gave me a perspective on something that I cannot remember, ever, giving thought to.

Regards, @averageoutsider

Really informative and creative

Thanks for sharing @worldclassplayer.
I'm elementary school, we were taught that the loamy soil, which is dark and musky is the most productive kind of soil. Today, I have applied that knowledge in all I'm faced with to realise that it is even the dark things of life that brings us closer to the light.

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