New Beginnings

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Recently I made a change in how I regard my day and night. Each day and night is a lifetime in and of itself. We have a cycle of death and re-birth. It is rinsed and repeated.

Each night when I go to bed - I reflect for a few moments on my gratitude and overall appreciation of the day. I acknowledge the stand out points within the day and what I learned. This is a way for me to make sure I put to bed everything from the day.

I apply "gratitude and appreciation" in beginning my day and waking up - like I am being born again - Fresh Start - New Day - New Adventure - New Opportunity - A world of possibilities. A lifetime to be lived.

This seemingly small amount of regard for myself and my living is already noticeable to me in a big way. There's more of a vitality and a vigor upon waking up - sometimes I surprise myself and wake up even earlier than my alarm and I'm wide awake....and this is now like a double bonus of awesomeness for me because it's like Yes - I get to start doing stuff even before I planned to begin my new adventure!

It's like I've always kind of fucked with myself in waking up in the morning where basically I would fuck myself within my first thought of the day - like gonnnnnnne - off to never never land and fantasy island...getting the wheels of thought spinning as like a comfort influence radio jam playing all day long...but like being this kind of broken record.

This adjustment came for me in asking myself the question:

How can I be tired already when I've just got up out of bed?

  • I didn't realize how I was being somewhat slack in my going to bed...and even in my getting up. I had gotten so accustom to just consuming info before I go to sleep...more like pass out...and then as soon as I get up, start consuming the point where I could be in bed for hours before getting up and getting going.

  • There would be like this sluggishness to me and even a bit of a rush experience like there's so much that can be done...but I'm kind of stuffed and overwhelmed already and just need to sit down and chill out.

  • I wasn't allowing much structure or routine to best accommodate my mornings or evening' in this I would always be operating from a scramble....where it's like the default routine and structure became consuming information....almost like I've been on a supplemental diet of consuming info...not realizing nor understanding the amount of time I've been putting into reading. Don't get me wrong - reading is great and a valuable tool/ everything it's a about balance and creating the best balance.

See the vlogs I did yesterday afternoon and again this morning.

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You mentioned:

I apply "gratitude and appreciation" in beginning my day and waking up - like I am being born again - Fresh Start - New Day - New Adventure - New Opportunity - A world of possibilities. A lifetime to be lived.

Awesome because

Your thoughts will become words, your words will become habits, your habits will become your values, your values which will become your destiny.

That is indeed how we should act everyday , showing gratitude for the beautiful day we had.

i love your post....

This is a very a good habit to get into. To clear one's heart before sleep is like removing crap that is just going to rot overnight. No wonder one can wake up fresher this way. I have been practicing this for sometime now but once in a while I forget and the following morning I can literally feel the emotional heaviness. Good going bro!

I usually don't add water over fruits but hey, we all have different tastes. I hope you enjoyed the snack!

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

Living and creating those small moments is what life is all about :)

This is a great question "How can I be tired already when I've just got up out of bed?" and I have never thought of that before. I am the kind of person to say "Ugh I am so tired" right when I get up but I will try to change my frame of mind the moment I get out of bed!

Thanks for the suggestion! :)

Saludos, buen video... pero la imagen esta espectacular...

Thank God every morning fill us with hope, my day starts agrdeciendo for my children, for life, for my work and for the opportunities that I will present, only the fact of seeing one more day is a blessing, your post is spectacular congratulations.

I'd always try to end my day with good, loving thoughts. And I've lessened my Netflix nights so that I can read a book before I go to sleep. I find that this works better for me. I get less weird dreams/nightmares. I used to wake up feeling tired, but once I stopped all that and wake up and go to sleep at a consistent time, I feel less tired. To me, a new beginning to my day is important :-)

Thank you for sharing your thought in this article @worldclassplayer