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This has been a really cool adventure and journey into myself. I think writing and speaking about our experiences that come up within ourselves is immensely valuable. For myself, I've shown myself just how much I've been willing to let slide in terms of the questions I've been willing to ask myself.

This challenge is really highlighting for me just how much potential we have in terms of learning from ourselves by investigating our thoughts, feelings and emotions and allowing ourselves to observe these parts of ourselves without judgement and or reservations. Tricky at times for sure as the intensity is quite strong at times - especially so when we are digging deep into our roots that we very well may have forgot we even planted....or maybe we didn't even plant those roots...but they were just kind of a consequences of our environment, like something we just imprinted on a subconscious and or unconscious level.

In the vlog below on my morning walk from today....I share some of the deeper connections I noticed in relationship to smoking....where there was somewhat of a similar relationship in me to both weed and sex.

Please note the purpose of my explorations is not to judge things as like good or bad....but to understand the nature of my acceptances and allowances and to from here fine tune my playing/living.

Practice Makes Perfect is the Perfect Practice - This way of Self-Regard is Awe So Me

Best Regards Always!



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Hey @worldclassplayer just stumbled across this post! I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you are taking us through your challenge day by day. I haven't watched any episodes before so I am wondering what you are going to do when the 21 days have passed?

I appreciate your honesty about things that you are dealing with. I know that addictions are not easy to talk about. I hope that you find this part of your journey freeing and rewarding.

Your post is really attractive and you are doing a good work for yourself but for me habbit doesn't change fast it take time...

yes - everything takes time we become more able to change more quickly. I've been challenging a variety of points within myself through writing for along while this challenge journey may seem like it's been easy for me....and to an extent it has been......but the pressures as like my self-imposed restraints...and emotional burdens have been heavy obstacles to let go of.

Challenge yourself to write more about the experiences that come up within you when you face resistance. Realize, who you really are is not the emotions in the moment that you experience as like hopelessness when you give up in the moment and resist the's just programming that's been running in our mind on autopilot without question for so long that we've believed in it...kind of creating our own bubble fabricated realities.

I believe you in.

You are capable and able to change whatever habbit you like - embrace the ugly that emerges in bringing new change to light.

You got this.

Feel free to chat me up more if you would like assistance with whatever you are going through.

Best Regards Brother.

Good job i really appreciate your work and knowledge you shared here to other...

Well that is the beauty of the community in here.We are getting close and getting the real value of this community.

While hope you get to have success in the 21 day's adventure brother

well said Broseph and thaaaaaank You my man!

Hang in there bud. I've smoked a few cigarettes in my day, but I've never been addicted. I got a craving once, but I ignored it. I can only imagine what it's like to be full on hooked.

I am so glad that you are changing your habit.☺
I am so happy for you.
Change is a part of life.
Always believe in yourself.
God bless you @worldclassplayer.

please check out my post once🤗💙

Thanks for sharing this post.

It's a great decision you made. I respect your challenge. In fact, our bad behaviors should be left out gradually. I believe that it is impossible for people to do any work.Practice Makes a Man Perfect..

Hii friends how are you

That is so great to hear Felicity! Way to go! Keep enjoying your new smoke free self!

keep my spouse's spirit, I will always support your mission, I will always follow your post as long as you write about your challenge to quit smoking, hope you succeed to do it, and hopefully I can witness your success in struggling.

no smoking is a great step in healthy life

Sungguh sangat sulit untuk menghilangkan candu terhadap rokok
Anda memang brilian

My friend, this is a cursed addiction, I do not criticize those who practice it because I have smoked for more than twenty years, there are people who say that they do not harm my health, but that is not the case. I quit smoking and feel myself another person and totally renewed in every aspect that involves my health and well being.
So have strength and determination and you will be victorious in this battle.

Así es amigo, dejar de fumar nos demuestra lo tonto que hemos sido al haber adquirido ese vicio tan tonto y a la vez tan perjudicial

Felicitacione, el dejar de fumar fue una gran decisión, yo fume durante mas de 45 años, ya tengo mas de 10 años que lo dejé y me siento de maravilla, además aparte de lo saludable en lo económico es una gran ayuda, imaginate todo lo que he podido comprar con lo que gastaba en cigarrillos. de nuevo felicidades y por nada del mundo no vuelvas a caer en ese tonto vicio

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Some article carry most value which effected of our life. Such like this is the most valuable post which will be very helpful to all. Best wishes getting success for this post.

Yehay! Day 4 and still no smoking! Congratulations! Keep on going! You can do this!!!
I was able to not smoke for 2 years straight!
LOVE LOVE LOVE! And yes, although its really darn difficult to stop, from my point of view, you just need a deep reason for quiting.
Mine was, I didn't want BAD BREATHE and loved kisses and hugs. So how would I get that if I had bad breathe and lovidabs didn't like that?!!!
So yeah, I had to stop.
Finally figured out, no one really wants to smell bad breathe, especially me!!! So yeah, I really really had to stop!

4 day hahaha to low. Good luck bro. Same shit with smoking.

that's awesome you are getting better and better yayyyyy

I think that is a good challenge brother, and it's not easy to do it. Cause my father was a smoker more than 20 years. And now he can stop smoke.