Travel Digest #92

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Welcome to the 92nd edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy!
As always all posts featured here will be put on our Editors Choice Map.

Heya @martibis here with another edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy!

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#1 Guatemala - Jungles, waterfalls & volcanoes

@dbo takes us all around Guatemala, from one beautiful place on to the next. Tikal to Rio Dulce to Lanquin to Antigua and last but not least to lake Atitland. If I had to pick the most undervalued post I've seen in a long time, this one takes the cake. On each location there are beautiful images accompanied with very strong writing and the bonus of a proposal! @dbo If you're reading this, you definitely are the kind of bloggers we need on Steemit and I look forward to more!

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#1 Guatemala - Jungles, waterfalls & volcanoes

#2 Horseback riding to a waterfall and hiking at Cocora Valley

For our second feature @lizanomadsoul takes us to another stunning part of Colombia - where she goes horse-back riding and hikes out to the Cocora Valley. We really follow along with @lizanomadsoul and experience everything the way she did. There is a lot of good information, that feeling of adventure and a lot of images to get a good grasp of what she is writing about!

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#2 Horseback riding to a waterfall and hiking at Cocora Valley


For our third featured post @jeanwandimi takes us to the Waterkloof Winery in South Africa. If you're a wine-lover (like most of us at the Steemitworldmap team), you will love this post! We get a lot of background information on the winery itself, its values, the land they are using, and the winemaking process! This is a very strong post with a lot of information and beautiful images and I highly suggest you check it out!

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Ugh I need to travel somewhere soon. The place I live is cold, dreary and downright depressing right now. Today might be a good day to start planning a trip somewhere.

Haha, I feel you! I just got back from Malta and can't wait to get to warmer climates already!

It's very interesting the fact that the people that are in sunny places would like to go to cold places and the other way around like you. When you live in a gorgeous place you will look for somewhere else, but it's human nature right?

So glad to be featured. I love how you break down every posts giving your opinion too. Lovely project!

Heya, well deserved that's for sure! Thanks for the positive feedback, glad to see people are liking what we're doing here!

Hi @martibis, thanks so much for featuring my post in the travel digest! I will be following it closely from now on. It is very encouraging to have your writing recognised by others and also very welcoming as a new user to Steemit.

Keep an eye out, there are many more posts coming with the next one on El Salvador in the next day or so.

Heya, you're very welcome! You write incredibly well, and loved the El Salvador post as well!

Nice plans for travelling ! Thank you !

So.........sweet your traveling picture , and personally i like your hold sharing. next post wetting for you, all the best . thank you so much

u have a great story travel, i like it

Wow! This is awesome! Keep up the good work guys

Heya, glad to hear you like what we're doing here!

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