Travel Pro Eats #9: Peppermint Guesthouse and Vegetarian Restaurant in Chiang Mai Thailand!

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Hey there my steemit friends! I found this really good vegetarian restaurant just down the street from my hotel in Chiang Mai Thailand during my recent visit. This place was full of travelers all the time; seeing how popular it was I figured it would be good, and it was!

I ended up eating there several times during my three weeks in Chiang Mai. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big time carnivore by nature. But I know it's not good to each too much meat, and some days I like to give my digestive system a rest and just eat vegetarian.

Advertising all organic, busy as can be, and owned and run by a very lovely Thai family. I knew I was at the right place. Better yet for my "Travel Pro" budget each dish was only about two dollars a plate. The Peppermint Guesthouse was so good it had me coming back for more. Now let's have a look at what I ate!

Tom Ka

Tom Ka is a coconut milk based soup. It's not spicy and they load it up with lemon grass and Thai Ginger called galangal. Both of these herbs are very healthy. Then they add a mix of vegetables and top it with some fresh cilantro. Instead of chicken or shrimp which is common with this soup, they use fresh tofu, which was really delicious. I enjoyed this meal very much!

Red Curry

Red curry is full of flavor and has some good heat to it too. This is another coconut milk based dish. It's less of a soup, more of a curry, and still loaded with fresh herbs, spices, tofu, and vegetables including baby corn, peas, cauliflower, broccoli, bamboo shoots, cabbage, bell peppers, and onions! Served with a side of purple rice this was a real healthy treat!

Yellow Curry

This is another great dish and again a coconut based curry; as you can see there's a lot of that here in Thailand. This is one of the more mild curries, yellow curry. Unlike the red curry this one always has more starchy vegetables like potatoes and carrots.

Peppermint Guesthouse and Vegetarian Restaurant

Chiang Mai is a real wonderful place to spend some time. There is a huge selection of restaurants here and many like this one go out of their way to cater to the foreign clientele. In more traditional Thai restaurants vegetarian is not an option and MSG is often used. But not here! Welcome to Chiang Mai! Until next time -Dan "World Travel Pro!"

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Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!

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It looks awesome ! would love to try different stuff like that ! upped and resteemed to share with my foodie followers in @momskitchen blog ! thanks for sharing !😋😋😋💕✌👍


So glad you like it Karen. Thanks for the up and resteem like usual! You rock!

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I can't wait to go to Thailand one day. I have been doing Muay Thai for a few years and I have learned so much about the culture and language. My dream is to go to Thailand and watch a live fight! Have you seen any live fights yet?


Yes I have. This one fighter took a kick to the head and got knocked out cold! The crowed went nuts. Very dangerous sport. I hope you are on the winning side and make it safely to Thailand. :)

Great to see you enjoying my blog! -Dan

I think I, too, would not miss the meat seeing how delicious your dishes were. Thanks for sharing!


So good to see you stopping by! Yes going vegetarian I could probably do, but I enjoy my steak too much. Cooked a 28oz ribeye in my hotel room tonight! Look out for that post coming down the pike! Going to be starting a series called "Travel Pro Hotel Cooking" lol. Have a great day! -Dan


Ha! I'm sure the 28oz ribeye made up for those vegetarian meals. =D

Almoat look like you are going to have dinner with thé family that lives there. Doesnt even look like a restaurant and also the food looks delicious and super homemade. Instead of what you get in big fancy restaurants or chain companies.


Exactly, that's how most places are in Thailand. Actually the family lives on the second floor, and the bathroom for the restaurant is in their home! Thanks for stopping by! -Dan


Eheheh that sounda like a crazy and cool thing to experiment to be honest eheheheh

The food looks great! I was wondering do you have any tips for avoiding food borne illness while you are traveling. I know from my experiences in Thailand that the food is usually always fresh and safe to eat but the plates and utensils can be dirty. Especially when eating on the street. I ended up in the hospital once in Bangkok from a street eating experience.


I just wrote you a novel! Then I cut and pasted to a work document. Will clean it up and turn it into a post just for you. "@chefsteve asks......."

Thanks for the material you're helping me create. I'll try to get the post up tomorrow or the day after. I'll message you when it's up. Thank you and have a great day! Dan.


Thank you Dan! That is awesome. That article will be really helpful to the Steemit community. There are a lot of travelers here. Feel free to message me on Steemit chat, if you like. Best, Steve


Thanks. Steve totally got side tract today, and feeling a bit bogged down. But will definately get it out by Friday latest. Steemit chat. Fantastic. I'm on there too.