「Vlog」They make fried ricecake with onsen water in 霧島 ♨️ market.

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From Hong Kong I flew to Kagoshima, and I’m going to travel around in Kyushu. Instead of heading to Kagoshima city, I decided to relax a bit in Kirishima Onsen village. Kyushu is known for its natural onsens (hot springs). There are several popular hot spring villages in the island. You can feel it right after landing, as there is even a free feet hot spring in front of the arrival hall. What a wonderful way to get relaxed when you’ve just arrived after an early morning flight. Later I found out foot hot spring can be found everywhere here in Kyushu.


It is only my second time in Japan. Last time I’ve visited mainly big cities like Tokyo and Osaka. I loved Japan a lot and finally I’m back here. This time I’m going to see some small cities. Kirishima onsen village is small and peaceful as I expected. You can barely see anyone walking in the streets, totally different than HK where almost everywhere is so busy. I love how this village was surrounded with hotspring steams. I found a « hotspring market » in town. Although it is called market, there were only two or three restaurants, a local specialty shop and a tourist information center.



What I found the most interesting was the stall where snacks such as fried ricecakes, eggs and sausages were cooked with hot spring water. In the market you can find a foot hot spring too.



Most hotels in Kirishima onsen have onsen inside. I also had my very first Japanese onsen experience there. Most of the onsens in Japan nowadays are men and women seperated. But in place like Kurokawa onsen, you will still be able to try out the mixed onsen. This time I’ll drop by Kurokawa onsen to experience that, look forward to it!


Check out my vlog:






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I liked. Where locations you take picture ?.

What a wonderful place @joythewanderer ! the hot springs are of great help to relax the body ...




Gosh I miss japan already!!


You just came back right? XD! I totally understand you! As I was looking forward to Japan trip for so long!


Yes just before Xmas we came home... how long you staying in japan for?

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good picture @joythewanderer, Congratulations on vacation

ahhh. now you wanna make me park my bags and hit the road to Japan to find these lovely places..

Wow what a nice place. I'm going to Japan next month for the first time. Hope there will be nice onsen ready for us haha.

Joy you feeling the cold there with you wearing your big jacket? Haha


Hey! It is really cold here in Japan. I thibk around 3 degrees.


3 degrees is like a gorgeous Scottish summer haha. Joy just as well your not in the east side of the USA or you would be walking around with 2 tennis rackets tied to your footwear walking through the thick daunting snow.

Oh, Japan !
Have a nice trip😊

去过欧洲几个温泉 都是混浴啊 包括比利时的 哈哈




我去的那个好像是在安特附近的一个小镇上 挺不错的 还有个露天温水泳池可以俯瞰外景 以后如果你要去就问我 我再来找具体地址