Traveling the World #82 (Asia Series) Legoland <Rides & Around The Park> @ Nagoya, Japan - 向世界出發 #82 (亞洲系列) 樂高樂園 <機動遊戲和其他好玩的東西> @ 名古屋, 日本

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Hi Steemians,

Today I will show you some of the rides at Legoland and some cool parts of the park. Many people would think that Legoland is just a place full of Lego sculptures. There are actually alot of cool stuff in the park that is suitable for all ages.

今天我想帶大家看看在樂高樂園有什麼機動遊戲和其他好玩的東西. 我相信很多人都會覺得到樂高樂園只是看用樂高做的東西。 其實有很多好玩的東西不同年紀都會適合。


The first ride we went on was a family friendly one - Observation Tower. It is like a view deck but they take you all the way up to the top so that way, you can see which part of the park you would like to visit first or just enjoy the view of Nagoya. Baby E was so excited when we saw the rides at the bottom.

首先,我們就是玩這個我們全家都可以坐的。我們會被帶到最頂看整個樂高樂園和名古屋的風景。BB E 一看到原來有那麼多遊戲已經非常期待的。



We then arrived at Pirate Shores where everything was pirate related. Baby E and Daddy E both were so excited to get on this ride. You can even spray water towards the other boats so many people end up getting really wet.

我們之後到 ‘Pirates Shores’ - 全部的東西都是關於海盜的。BB E 和 爸爸 E 都非常期待玩這個遊戲。在船上,你可以噴射水到其他船所以很多人都會很濕。




There was also a big pirate themed play area for kids - Baby E spent a fair bit of time there

這裡還有一個很大的海盜船給小朋友玩的。 BB E 在這裡玩了很久時間



Some of these are pretty cool.




Then we came to this ride where you can get on the machine and fly with the rest of the other people. But unfortunately Baby E was too short so we can’t go on.

之後我們看見這個遊戲。就是所有人坐上去的時候,會不停飛來飛去。但因為 BB E 比較矮,所以不可以玩


There was also a mini roller coaster for kids - again Baby E was too short to play

還有一個小型的過山車。 BB E 同樣都不可以玩



Popcorn at the park was very popular. You can buy them in stands like these



We also saw some animals made from Lego and when you walk past it, they make sounds.





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謝謝你們收看。 請你們繼續跟隨,留言和投我一票 👍. 我會分享更多遊記和其他有趣的 blog.

All photos are taken by me & co in all my blogs/stories unless quoted. 每張相片都是我們自己拍的 📷

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Great travels! Legoland is ♥


its the best!

Wonderful place, professional photography.

An amazing exploration of the City!

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very nice. like the legoland. thanks for your descriptions.




Nice yatch to life and travel

Legoland looks really cool!


I turned into a big kid that day haha



是的 - 一整天都玩不完。我們很多都不須要排隊都玩不完

wonderful shot for the wonderful japan love this
and we will wait for your excelent pictures
and thenk you for sharing this with us and hope you had a happy jurney

the wolves made of Lego are amazing artwork. I love it!
When did the Lego park in Japan was established?
I remember when there was only one Lego park in the world - the original Legoland in Denmark. it's really nice you don't have to travel far to see a Lego park, it's like you can see some of the famous museums that have branches in few cities, like the Armitage that have a branch in Amsterdam.
are you from Japan, is this Lego park near your home?



oh I was a bit crazy myself when we got to Legoland - i was the biggest kid there haha