How to gain most efficient exposure on Steemit and followers in no time!!! Part 2 - Networking (Discord Full Walk-through + Links)

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Hey Guys. As I promised I will continue to share my experience on Steemit and will try to provide one of the best Guides Currently on Networking...

Strap In Guys This is going to be one long in-depth Tutorial Which You'e going to love.

I have been only one and a half months on Steemit and I got to say that without Networking one will be lost and discouraged especially in the beginning when there is not much exposure to your posts.
So what can we do about it. There is one simple ANSWER to all of your worries: DISCORD

If you haven't installed yet this lovely chat program you have to do it right now.
This is the main source of income, exposure and friends to get.
If you truly want to succeed on Steemit this is a must have program.

What are the pluses of using the program.

You get to join awesome communities for varieties of interests and movements.
-to be part of the community lets you promote your posts (most discord servers have a so called promo channels where you put your links and get more exposure and votes sometimes if you get lucky and write awesome content)
-there are different type of communities as well (some only for promotion some for special program or event, there are many fun movements going around steemit I will tell you more about them later in that post)

You get access to many Voice Channels, Podcasts and Radio Shows

-Here is where the interactive fun starts guys. In each server there are the Voice channels where you can participate and talk with people. Usually each server got an event at some point of the week. They gather and make a show or discussion. For example there are several servers where they organize the so called Promotion Shows where you Showcase your Post in front of an audience for several minutes. I have to say all the involvement in these type of events pays out...(it takes time and patience sometimes thou)
-There are also many curation shows on the Radio networks. At the moment I know of two they are the MSP Waves Radio Network and SteemStar Radio Network

You get to chat and meet the best people on the planet!!!

-the best part is that in DIscord I think are one of the best friendly and positive people on the Planet. If you don't believe me jump in after this guide and you will not regret it.
-you want more well there are many awesome channels and servers where you can get help on your writing skills on your music, poetry art, stuff that you want to post on steemit and see what people have to say before posting your work. You can get precious advice on how to edit and make your posts look gorgeous(that i when the upvotes come in). You have to keep in mind that there is furious competition on Steemit so many new accounts joining daily...

So if you already think that you are on to something here I have prepared a small list of Discord Servers that you must join in and participate in their events in order to get that so wanted exposure and followers. So here we go. In no particular order I will start representing you the servers that I have joined and the gains that you can get from every server. Enjoy: First I want to start With one awesome Discord Server Which I forgot initially and that is my BAD so to see how much I value this discord I am putting it here FIRST :)

    You forgot to include the @mitneb Curation Trail Project Discord Server as a resource for people who are writing in English, but whose first language is not English. Others are invited to join my Server, and benefit from it, but it is especially designed to support those users. Maybe you can edit your article, and add it.
  1. Peace Abundance Liberty:

Well I got to say that this the biggest community on steemit right now probably. They have it all. Bots that you can call and they upvote your stuff, Radio shows, Podcasts etc. So I encourage everyone to head there first and explore this network it is very beneficial and you can learn much there. They have also Radio Shows for which you can apply to be interviewed in like @ma1nevent show. Also have shows where you can apply your works to be reviewed and curated live on the radio show @isaria . Let's not forget the great Sunday Show The Town Hall hosted by the founder @aggroed . I can talk all day about that group as it has so much upside but that is probably for a separate post on itself at some point. Lets move on to the next server.

  1. Steemit Ramble:

I have got to say that this is one of the most friendly communities in Discord and Steemit. If you want to give it a try and share your post on PYPT (Pimp Your Post Thursday) Show hosted by @shadowspub . That is the best way to do it. You must have Push and Talk function working already to be able to present your post with voice. But don't worry if you're having troubles you can always present your post in text and still get those precious upvotes based on luck and quality of content again.

  1. WhaleShares :

This community is build by whales. They have created their own coin on Bitshares and distribute it to their members. With this coin you can buy a whales vote. Furthermore they have Curation shows going on Monday Thursday and Sunday... I got to say you don't get much more exposure anywhere else so many times a week... You need to come as early as you could before the Shows as this weights toward when you will be picked to present and sometimes that takes two hours so Patience is the key. It always pays out. :) So guys what are you waiting for ...

  1. Adsactly Community :

This is again a nice community full of nice people. They have a promotion tag #adsactly that if you use you have a chance to get post of the day promotion and that means quite a lot of money. Good luck with that as there are more than 200 posts a day that compete for the title :) Also at this place you can learn a lot about crypto and listen to weekly discussions and tips and tricks for trading crypto. They as well have created their own coin on Bitshares Market so If you participate in their events you get the coin for our participation. Awesome place to be part of.

  1. The VOTU (Voices Of The Underground):
    This is as well a special server IMO they have a weekly podcast hosted by @beanz which is great opportunity to learn new stuff and make new friends too. In this community you can promo post after you have voted on previous promoted post. I got to say that it pays back for sure to be part of this great community.

  2. The Steem Engine :
    This group is again for post promotion and I got to say it is awesome group with great support and community. If you want to be part of something bigger and get exposure that is the place to be and participate. You get plenty of return on your involvement. Got to give shoutout to @ethandsmith for creating the initiative with other fellow steemians.

  3. The Curator :
    This group is a bit different. It has a fixed lifetime membership price of 2sbd. But after that you get to enjoy daily upvotes from their bot if you Upvote the daily issues that they do. You also get a chance to be included in the dailies. Got to say that it pays out to be a member of this group it is not a coincidence that it has over 600 members already...

  4. The Writer's Block :
    This place was created by @gmuxx He is now a witness too. I have to say this is a must be part of place if you are a writer. You can get feedback on all of your work and be guided as well how to make your posts look awesome. If you're a writer you make sure you don't miss this community. Also they are exploring the options to make a SMT backed up Publishing House which sounds like a great idea and awesome thing to be part of. Enjoy your stay there.

  5. Steemit Poets United :
    Well this is the new server of all Poets and Poetry lovers. Anyone else is welcome as well. All Photographers, Musicians, Artists are welcome to join too as we have a special channels for them to put their works and our members to collaborate on the pictures music and all sorts of art. So don't waste your time join us...There will be curation shows starting and many contests soon to come so come join us and stay tuned. At PoetsUnited we have Daily Dose Issue which includes our writers and curates them. We are proud to be one very fast developing group. If you have any questions or just want to pop in everyone is welcome. I am there for you guys...

  6. Now I will list several groups where it is great for you to leave your posts in the Promo Channels it does give exposure but it is rather mixed results every time and luck rather than quality of content you provide as there are many people spamming those channels. But hey every view counts so you got to try all you can I encourage you to go and give it a try. You might find things in those servers that I have missed. After all there is so much information everyone can miss a bit. so here we go:

Post Promo
Steem Venue
Jerry Banfield and Friend!
Steem Art
Steemit Bloggers
Steemit Achievers
The Narwhal Society
Mitneb Curation Trail
You Are Hope Network

So I am sure I have missed many many groups but that is normal. It is a good fresh start to go and look around all these that I have given you guys. I hope you gain from it as I did. I can say that one month into steemit. I have experienced only great things and all were connected to networking making friends in discords and participating in many many events. That is the way to do it guys. As of today you see I have 520+ followers and counting .... That is the way to go. You got to put all of your efforts into this in my opinion if you want to succeed here.
If you liked my Tutorial and you gained from it please Upvote Resteem Comment that would all be lovely. Thank you in Advance. :)
God Bless You all and thank you for reading. Wish you all great time socializing on the best platform in the world. :) Enjoy. Peace and Love.


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TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!!! UNITED WE STAND!!! #poetsunited (use it to be included in Daily Dose Poetry and Prose)
SO COME STEEMIT POETS UNITE : Join us on our new Discord Server Click Here

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Thank you sir. I am working hard :) to gain my place in the Steemiverse :)

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That's cool! All interesting and useful Discords in one post:-)

Thank you. Well I am sure I missed some there are so many :P I will have to make a second edition on six months probably as there will be like 200 new with the growth that we are having right now :)