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On the tails of Steemfest!!

SteemFest is over :( and I'm writing you 

this day from my own cozy sacred space. Ahhhhh!

Ive been home for nearly 17 hours now from Steemfest.   A few hours of sleep in my own comfy bed, and more inspiration in flow to participate in this Steemit community with my new-found Steemit family.  I'm still reeling in the afterglow of the magnificence we created together.  I am honored to have taken part and am more dedicated than ever to being the change. 

We took 5 planes to get back to Texas from Amsterdam which took us 65 hours to complete.

We only took 3 planes to get to Amsterdam and 42 hours in transit.

So our round-trip transit time was about 108 hours to attend the most cutting-edge, impeccably prepared, progressive, inspired, fulfilling meeting of the minds, once in a lifetime event.  

Well worth EVERY MOMENT sleeping on benches, on planes, on the ground inside and out, schlepping our Steemit gear from place to place, staying true to our commitment to sustainability and keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible, while literally walking our shoes off!  

My Steemfest journey was so above and beyond what I even imagined, and that says I lot considering I live a life by my own design amongst the most conscious and inspired people I have ever known.

I first want to thank those who helped me get to Steemfest, and those who aided my physical reality while I was there.  More shoutouts to come in another post of those I met on this journey who have had life-changing impacts on my experience.

There have been so many Steemians --once strangers -- who have generously invested in me through their generous offerings of post reward donations, art collaborations, Steemfest ticket winnings and ground and air transportation.  I have a bit of trepidation in naming those who helped me get to Steemfest, as I don't want to miss a single one of you.   

My heartfelt THANK YOU is simply not enough in words.

Here goes:

@roelandp and @ned and @dantheman - a GYNORMOUS thank you for making this entire Steemit platform and Steemfest possible.  What an incredible gift you have given to humanity.  In awe of your dedicated physical and energetic contributions to being the change.  I am astounded at the magnitude and implications of what this platform means to the entire world. 

 Thank you for DOING IT!!  

Also thank you for the Steempower for attending Steemfest. What an incredible bonus!

@quinneaker -  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring me beyond the farthest stars in my life path to be the person I am and igniting my fire.  Thank you for cracking me open to new possibilities and giving me hope that the world can change to thrive in love with one another.  Thank you for sharing your vision and unconditional love with me, for believing in me, supporting me, honoring me, and investing in me and catching me when I fall.  Thank you for offering me this trip to Amsterdam to expand my awareness and as an ambassador for your life's work at the @gardenofeden.   I am EVER blessed by your existence.

@saramiller - Thank you for your ever steady support in word and in deed.  For always having my back, being one of my greatest fans, for sharing perspective, answering my silly questions, for your dedication to the cause and for seeing the truth of this powerful purpose in which we both engage.  Thank you for your techy skills, your organizational and managerial skills, and for arranging all the details that made this trip so flawlessly in flow.  Thank you for laughter and tears, for yoga and for a lift on your shoulders.  Thank God for Sara!!! 

@inforvore - If I hadn't won this ticket to Steemfest, I feel certain I would not have attended.  As I often live through synchronicity, receiving this ticket was the deciding factor that lead me to Amsterdam, as it showed me the journey was a worthy one by showing up so beautifully supported by this community.  

@willemjanvandort  - So grateful for your hospitality and genuine infusion of love for my first couch surfing experience. Sara and I were truly blessed by staying in your cozy abode with you, engaging in the language of the soul, and enjoying together delectable delicacies of chocolate, wine and cheese.  And a HOT bath---oh so very blessed!

I have so much gratitude for the main funders of the Travel Reimbursement Fund: @liondani and @bhuz.   Your contribution made this journey possible for so many, including me.  Also thank you to all others who donated to this fund:  ballinconscious @konstantin @donkey @christoryan @christoph3 @mrwang @pong @joseph @anduweb.  I am so grateful to have been able to attend this event, supported by the Steemit community, allowing me and the @gardenofeden to continue investing all of our other proceeds directly back into feeding, housing and educating people.

@richardcrill - Thank you for so generously posting up opportunity for the expansion of my travel fund--making posts on my behalf and for offering these gifts from the heart.  So blessed to know you and @lindseylambz and your genuine spirits. 

@knozaki2015 - Blessed by the sweet ride you provided for @saramiller and me in the dark, wee hours of the morning.  That one little simple gesture changed our experience for the rest of the entire Fest.  Thank you for the gift.

@robrigo - Thank you for so generously being our wing man.  You are one incredible dude, looking out for our best interests, making things flow smoothly, saving us thousands of 3:00 a.m. steps to our beds, holding our Steemfest gear in your space, dancing the dance with me and walking the walk.  I truly hope you come to the @gardenofeden one day so we can shower you with hospitality.  I've been blessed by your attitude toward life and the way you share yourself.

Huge mounds of thanks to all the artists who collaborated with me on my art to raise funds for this journey (EeeeK---I hope I don't forget anyone!)

@opheliafu - Thank you for all your artistic and financial support through posts and art collaborations. Collaborative Art challenge Midnight Sky, Madam Kali, and Bird on a Wing.  Thanks for the initial boost on post rewards with our collaborative works--you set the pace for many more collaborations to come.  Your constant support in spirit and action are beyond amazing.  Meeting you was one of the highlights of my trip.  Thank you for being.

@mariandavp - Blessed by your contribution and your gifting our zentangle art collaborated piece to @kevinwong to grace his space, and for your collaborative Silent Ninja.  So great to know you and your beautifulness oozing all over.

@merej99 - Thank you for going out of your way to support me, even when you wanted to be doing this yourself.  A true testament to your character and the loving energetics you infuse in this platform.  <3  And thank you for Instigating the Ned's head collaboration and Spiraling Out of Control.  You are a true community player--being a shining example of how it's done.

@meesterboom Thank you for the art collaboration the Molding of Skully.  So fun to have met you--hope one day to spend more time in your presence.

@thedrollyears  - Thanks for playing together with Ned's head and Kiss the Sky.  I love that we're doing it together.

@shortcut - Thanks for your inspired meme with Ned's head and taking Midnight Sky to another dimension. So blessed to know you.

@lloyddavis - Thank you for this brilliant song to add to Ned's head!  Grateful for this collaboration.

@saramiller - Thank you for your collaboration in life, on this journey to Amsterdam and beyond--and on Midnight Sky.

@phoenixmaid -  Thank you for you beautiful Midnight Sky inspiration.  I love playing with you.

@mikkolyytinen... Thanks for collaborating on Midnight Sky.  We're doing it!!!

@collabornation -  I feel collaboration on this platform has made a big impact on me and my art already.  Thanks for keeping the collaboration going. 

@skapaneas - Thanks for you collaboration on Midnight Sky.  So amazing to meet you and share some truly beautiful moments.

@steemfestdreams - Thanks for making it happen all over again

@mada - Thank you for this amazing zentangle art collaboration.  I hope to continue collaborating with you.

I'm so grateful to have been entered into the Golden Steem Awards in 4 categories.

Thank you @burnin for facilitating these awards as this has been a huge catalyst for yet another leveling up my game to greater heights of inspiration.  Being nominated for these awards was actually one of the powerful instigators for me finding a way to attend Steemfest.  I made a comment that I needed to get to Steemfest to receive my award!  I didn't know which one it would be, but felt the odds were stacked in my favor, especially since I enter lots of contests but have never won or placed in any of them.

Here were my posts nominated and responses:

Best Photography:  Blessed @quinneaker for your sharing my  photography and nominating me for this award. Photography is one of my passions because it gives me an opportunity to share my unique and unusual perspective of life. My life truly is art, and I am grateful to share so many artistic aspects of my experience here on Steemit.  I grateful to be a part of such a dynamic platform. Thanks for the recognition. 

Best Life Advice:  I am so passionate about children!!!  They are our future. For me, pretty much everything, including our future and our past, is dictated by our ability to tune into the juicy life introduced by our children. I love to share my perspective, and much of what I write comes back to our relationship with ourselves and holding space for the future generations. Thank you @quinneaker for sharing my writings and for being an ever-present reminder of what it means to be a child again. Kids are the best life advise we can give and receive.

Best Original Art:  Submitted by @opehliafu--your support never ceases to amaze me. Not only are you a great artist, but you have welcomed me into this community with much love, and my experience here has been greatly enhanced because of you. So grateful for you and your dedication to this artist community. <3

...and my winning entry nominated by @sara miller.  Thank you Sara!

Best Undiscovered Author: " I nominate @everlove for best undiscovered author! Every aspect of this woman's life is art. She is truly inspired, and she shares her unique and valuable perspective through creative communications. Children are her passion, and I think this "children's book" she created is a great representation of her abilities as a writer, mentor, and free spirit."Imagine the Potential for Life If Children Grew Up with True Freedom, in a World of Self-Design: Here is a Real Example of Children Living Such a Life We're Creating A Whole New Paradigm In Honor of the Children!

I am so STOKED that this post got recognition.  Not only does it share my passion for children, but  also my passion for photography, for creative expression, and for multi-tasking the unfolding of beautiful moments.  Once I came to the realization that the children are perfect, and that it is adults and society that are those that need mending, my ability to stand in my own dysfunctions and just allow the children to be and shine the way, became the all-important parenting task at hand.  

I hope to inspire others to reconsider their relationship to our future generations.  I got to share my excitement for them on stage at Tobacco Theater--and was almost moved to tears with the awareness that Steemit could be a HUGE space holder for their freedom, and we are all being an integral part of it.



My SteemFest journey has actually just begun as I feel moved inside very deeply by this experience.  

So grateful for you Steemit Family.  

Living through gratitude and gliding on the steem of love.  

We're doing it!!!  

Thank you all for making it possible.

For a glimpse into my life and the possibilities for the free life we could be building in community for future generations, I share with you my introduce me post.


I'm still reeling in the afterglow of the magnificence we created together

I missed being there but the many heartfelt posts regarding the event, including yours, allows me a glimpse of the "magnificence". Thank You!

My pleasure. It's a bit energized to contain!! Do glad you can feel it. Thank you for tuning in here.

Loved going through the details in the post! I'm glad you had such a great time at the fest! I hope to pay you and @saramiller a visit at your Garden of Eden and spend sometime with you and your community there! Cheers and thanks for all your support at SteemFest!

I'm so glad you're here with me @firepower. You are actually one of my favorite people at the fest. You have such a bright and shiny nature. So blessed to know you. Would love love love to host you here at the @gardenofeden. You're welcome and thank you for all you do.

Wow @everlove,that was beautifully written! I am starting to love being a part of this wonderful community by reading all these posts of how awesome everyone is here! I'm new here and truly wish i joined awhile ago and could have experienced Steemfest with you all!!
I'm still learning everything about the community and how everything works around here! :) I'd love if you could check out my blogs and possibly give your feedback: ) I'm glad you had such a great time, your words are very inspiring!

Thank you for showing up on my blog @momoftwins. Great username!! (I'm guessing it's true!?!) This is a great community--made stronger still by Steemfest. Extremely impactful! So grateful to inspire.

Woman, all I can say is WoWzA!!! What a wonderful tribute to Steemfest in Amsterdam and all the wonderful support you received from this community. I love reading your posts and inspiration as it always puts a huge smile on my face. Love your article and am so happy the trip was even more than you expected. :-)

Truly amazing how people pull together and magic just happens! So glad to see your face here on my blog. Thanks for your support. Loving getting to know you.

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Thank you for the acknowledgement and for sharing my gratitude on this platform again.

@everlove you are an inspiration. I am glad to see you get the recognition you deserve!

Thank you @richardcrill. You are a really great supporter and encourager. I appreciate all your help and your generous spirit. Perhaps you'll make it to the @gardenofeden one day.

it was a pleasure to meet you guys! happy my little donation took you home .. it was way too cold and dark to send you two home by foot...

your post is fantastic, how many hours did you write on it???

Your little donation was a God-send, especially with Sara's boot on the flap!!! An extra hour sleep was also a bi-product of your gift. Thank you!

I woke up early, after only a few hours rest, laying in my bed pouring over all the amazing people who helped me get to Steemfest. It was a way bigger project and time-investment than I had considered it would be. Definitely 4-5 hours in the making, especially since all my devices were full and had to do some arranging to make room for all the new photographs.

I can imagine how long the post took. my posts are mostly pictures but with the picture editing, the uploading, post writing etc. it takes up to an hour.. so 5 hours sounds accurate!

Posting is definitely a time commitment. Gratefully I am now snug in our design studio across the table from the beauty that is @saramiller. Time flies in silent creation, a steady wifi signal and fresh tomatoes from the garden. Feeling a bit melancholy about leaving Steemfest. It was great to be with so many inspired and capable people. Will have to get a bit faster with this posting if I'm ever to share some of these hundreds of photos. It's fun to see what time-frame others work on as well. Thanks for asking.

yeah.. it is time consuming but after meeting all of you. I am even more motivated to keep posting

Yeah, it's ore like passing notes back and forth between friends--so fulfilling. Rewards that come with it are bonus!

You are a wonderful friend, thank you for all the great SteemFest memories and the greatest welcome!

I got so excited when I saw you! Just had to jump right in to that hug! Life is so interesting how it throws us together with people who help us grow and provide us support. Thank you for being you!

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