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Thank you!

In less than 24 hours CollaborNation gained 11 followers, 10 reputation points, and a 5 SBD donation!

We've been scouring Steemit for collaborative efforts within the last 30 days and wanted to share a few of them with you. Our hope is that you find value in what we're trying to do and inspire new collaborators to take our Steemit projects to the next level of awesome!

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Sending @everlove to Amsterdam

Our hearts swelled when a group of Steemit users pointed a light at one artist in a single mission: to get her to SteemFEST. And, ladies and gentleman, she was on a plane to enjoy the camaraderie on her birthday! What a celebration of work, effort, giving, and ultimately love.

There were several projects using her art or photography as a springboard.
We're going to focus on the collaborators of her photograph: Midnight Sky

A Call for Cinemagraph Collaborations!

What is a cinemagraph? They are moving pictures. Basically a really fancy way of saying GIF.


@galamirissa asks the community for content to make some pretty amazing cinemagraphs. Her post requests cityscapes or any 30 second video, as long as it’s shot on a tripod (or a very steady hand).

Here is an example of her work:

Pretty awesome, right? We can only hope that she shares her talents and future collaborative efforts to CollaborNation too.

Make Music with @xanoxt

@xanoxt has a ton of music-making apps and equipment and has the support of musicians and music lovers like @luzcypher, @kevinwong and @the-ivor.

Imagine if someone lent their voice to your poetry and then @xanoxt mixed in a cool beat? The possibilities are endless.

Impactful designs with @voronoi

Quote from @voronoi: “I believe that good and impactful designs are achievable through engaging curiosity and enabling collaboration.”


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A special thank you to @merej99 for donating 5 SBD!

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All donations are greatly appreciated and will be used to Power Up this account. We will have a special post for all who give in the near future.

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Thanks for the shout-out @collabornation. I'm definitely going to check out these other Steemians. The cinemagraph project looks really cool.


:) Thank you.

Thanks for the mention. Resteemed!


You're welcome @shortcut - we hope to see more collaborations from you in the future


I'm sure you will :-)

Look at us playing with each other and turning out some good stuff. And look at us helping each other (you helping me) to meet each other and build a strong community together. Thank you for posting this and for showing the awesomeness that comes from collaboration. The Steemit platform is juicy for those of us who come together. Brilliant. Thanks for showing it!


There are so many people collaborating but it almost feels like we're all playing Marco Polo in the pool...and everyone wants to play but they've all got their eyes shut searching in the dark. Time to gather everyone and be aware that there is a group of people who want to build on and uplift each other in our works.


I agree Sweet job putting it out there and highlighting all that is transpiring. If we keep it up we will build a strong foundation. Steemit is the only place I know of that provides such an opportunity. Loving and appreciating the opportunity.

Thank you for your STEEM donation @blocktrades. It is very much appreciated and I have used it to power up.

Yes, good work, great post!


Thank you @vegascomic - we hope to see you participating in some of the challenges. We've just posted the first one!

Myself and @littlescribe will be collaborating on an advice column! You can put us on your list! :) The link is here!


excellent! Thank you for the lead.


You're welcome!