My Reading Log: Interesting Stuff From the Past Few Days (2018-08-07)

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I keep track of any posts on the Steem blockchain which I've found worth reading. Here's the stuff I've enjoyed over the last few days.


Happy reading!

Growing things

2 Minutes with the Farmer: Money Grows on Trees!!!

by @bowentroyer


"Today on 2 Minutes with the Farmer we are talking about money that grows on trees. I went out and checked on some of the many walnut trees on the farm. We collect and sell walnuts in the fall. Last year we collected over 11,000 lbs of shelled walnuts and sold them. If you have access to some walnut…"


How do You React to Your Own Negative Thoughts?

by @abigail-dantes


"Today we are going to peep through the emotional lives of Damian and Laura. More specifically, through the way they deal with their own emotions when they find themselves in a state of mental suffering; in other words, their cognitive style (thinking style). Let me inform you that Damian and Laura…"

NZ History - the William Bryan and the first settlers in New Plymouth

by @ravenruis


"The William Bryan, a barque, left the English port of Plymouth on the 19th of November, 1840, with about 148 passengers (70 of those being children). It was the first of six ships carrying (mainly sponsored) settlers to a new planned settlement organised by the Plymouth Company (its…"

The female blanket octopuses (Tremoctopus violaceus) is between 10,000 and 40,000 times the size of the males, making it the most sexually size-dimorphic multicellular animal we know of

by @valth


"Can you imagine if female humans were 40,000 times the size of the males? That would be absolutely absurd! We do so have some sexual size-dimorphism in humans, a term used to describe how different size the sexes of the same species is. In general, males are more muscular and bigger than females,…"

Endoscopy And The Science Of Visualizing The Inaccessible Obscurity

by @sciencetech


"Hey guys, don't be taken aback by the title of this piece. I bet in no much time, you gonna get the gist of what this is all about. Okay, with that said, let me take you a little back into history. Assuming you are a 19-century physician and a patient come running after you with a complaint of acute…"

Whither the Flores Hobbit of Indonesia? A new Study Hints at Evolutionary Pressures for Insular Dwarfism...even for people

by @anzha


"To say the Hobbits of Flores are a controversial topic in paleoanthropology is putting it mildly. They were announced in 2004 and dubbed a new species, Homo floresiensis. The fossils showed a people standing at 3 ft 6 inches (1.05 m) and had a very small brain. The suggestion was H. floresiensis was…"

Games, art, and geekery

Classics Illustrated Comic Books

by @blewitt


"At the shop we always seem to acquire tons of the old Classics Illustrated Comics. It seems any old collection we purchase has a chunk of these in it. While I think they are awesome...they just don’t sell well in our shop. Superhero stuff is where it’s at for us. The Clasdics Illustrated comics just…"

Michael's RPG Shelf: All Flesh Must Be Eaten (1999+, Eden Studios)

by @modernzorker


"As big an RPG fan as I am, my first love will always be Dungeons and Dragons. My collection fills two six-foot book cases, and I'm nowhere near finished adding new goodies. But despite what your first glance at my shelves may imply, there's room for more than one RPG in this aging geek's heart. Over…"

Creedence clearwater revival tribute | Tributo ai Creedence clearwater revival (ENG - ITA)

by @airmatti


"CCR, what a sound! Versione italiana in basso ▼▼ 02.08.2018by @airmatti One of my favorite band is the Creedence Clearwater Revival. It's one of those bands that you have been listening for years and have never tired of hearing. They are one of those bands that when a piece of them goes on the radio…"

Zhora from Blade Runner - concept art by me

by @stahlberg


"I made this for the company portfolio, the company I work for (Streamline Studios), and I recently got permission to show it in public. Perhaps you remember the replicant Zhora running away from Decker, getting shot in the back inside some kind of mall. I was inspired by that to make a "cyber punk"…"

Rapid sketch -Game Gear -Paperboy

by @ran.koree


"Ciao a tutti Un velocissimo disegno di una vecchia console portatile con il gioco Paperboy Rapid sketch -Game Gear -Paperboy Materiali utilizzati : Trattopen nero- Matita Alcuni passaggi del disegno 01 Traccia 02 03 04 05 Mancano solo le ombre Altre foto del disegno finito All works and photos are…"

The Dark Knight Alternative Movie Poster

by @swarddraws


"Hello Steemit! So this one is basically just for fun. I was recently commissioned to draw a Bernie Wrightson style illustration of the Boris Karloff Frankenstein. This was basically a dream commission for me, as Wrightson and Frankie are two of my favorites of all time. And more importantly it was…"

Arsenic Lullaby- Commissions past and future?

by @arseniclullaby


"I've got a full boat for you for the weekends post! a blog AND after that, a buncha pics of cool commissions I've done. This should keep you busy for awhile. ahem... Lettering and inking/commission request advice! I myself don't take commissions very often. I am usually busy working on a book, or…"


FIORELLA / Trialbycomics / theme week "Zombies"

by @razielmorales


"Fiorella is an old zombie who is obsessed by physical beauty, she considers herself beautiful and never tires of contemplating her, she is in love with herself and her auntoestima is not obscured by anyone; her son Lois also a zombie accompanies her everywhere while observing how distracted she is…"

Linny draws a Lich - Zombie Summoning for Trial by Comics

by @linnyplant


"This is part of my Learning to Draw Dungeons and Dragon Series. She’s not part of my original crew, but there was a Lich in our campaign. I think our Dungeon Master put the Lich there for flavour, as a prop of sorts. Our level 1 Elf Ranger ran past and shot an arrow at it... We were noobs, we didn’t…"

Trial by Comics for "Zombies"/ My entry.

by @javisem


"Hello my dear friends of Steemit, this time I show you my work to participate in the "Trial by Comics" Coordinated by @kommienezuspadt, the theme of this week is "Zombies". Let's go step by step in drawing this drawing! While I'm drawing, I digitize the process with a scanner. The materials to use:…"


by @allangraves


"Hello stemmers, Following @kommienezuspadt advice to entry in this week's trial by comics contest I decided to jump in! I based my entry's character in one of my favourite zombie movies ever: "return of the living dead" without being any specific character from the movie, it's my interpretation on…"

Big, beautiful world

The Scenery of Byeokgol-Jae Reservoir in Kimjae City, Korea.

by @slowwalker


"There was an observatory near Byeokgol-jae. I could look around the scenery near Byeokgol-jae reservoir. Korea is a country of the mountains. You can see the mountains everywhere in Korea. But this area is the only place you cannot see the mountains. And it is the only place you can see the horizon…"

Canadian Rockies: The detour to the famous Moraine Lake, day 5

by @ladybug146


"Hey Steemians!! I am now back from my other camping trip to the Rockies, as promised I will now finish with the last day of our first trip before carrying on with the details of the latest mountain getaway. All this hiking was fun and I wish I could stay here longer but we do have 3 kitty cats that…"

TripFM #71: About the island of Lefkada, Greece, 2018 (28 pics)

by @alexanderfluke


"The Ionian Islands are known for their popularity in Europe. Among them, one of the most attractive is the island of Lefkada. I often mentioned Lefkada in previous posts and today I would like to tell you a little more about this island. Lefkada is the only Greek island that can be reached by land.…"

Tân Thế Giới: Titicaca - Nước mắt Thần Mặt Trời

by @hanggggbeeee


"Mặt trời thương nhớ người con đã mất, rơi lệ ngày đêm, cuối cùng nước mắt đọng lại thành Titicaca. Người ta gọi Titicaca là Nước mắt Thần Mặt Trời là vì lẽ đó. Titicaca Mặt Trời luôn là một biểu tượng có vị trí đặc biệt trong tín ngưỡng tâm linh của người Andean. Trong những giai thoại được truyền…"

The Sunken Cemetery of Camiguin Island

by @traveltramp


"The Sunken Cemetery Under Camiguin Island Camiguin is a beautiful, volcanic island in the southern Philippines, but with the exceptional, natural beauty, there's comes also a dangerous natural, and potentially deadly element. Because of its volcanic nature, and its location in the Pacific Ring of…"

A Journey Through Ontario - Home to Over 250,000 Lakes

by @jessicaoutside


"Road tripping across Canada last Summer was EPIC! It was a leisurely trip as we had no real time constraints but, we still needed to work from the road. We drifted from province to province in search of beautiful places and interesting things to do. Here's a look at our time in Ontario. After…"

Ulog 9: Serious Bagging, Day One – Creag Meagaidh in threatening weather

by @natubat


"With the weather forecast looking very changeable, me and my friend Kathleen decided to tackle the Creag Meagaidh circuit, a walk that takes in three "Munros" (mountains of 3,000 feet or more). Creag Meagaidh As I outlined in yesterday's post, I am aiming to "bag" all 282 of Scotland's Munros, and I…"

Travel adventures - Mallorca - Part 3

by @delishtreats


"Are you ready for another trip with me in Mallorca? Fasten your seat belts as we're going to drive in mountains and the roads are curvy and narrow 😊 Are you asking where we're heading? Then continue reading 😊 There are too many places to see in Mallorca when you're only staying for one week. Even…"

Visiting Lithuanian Mars Canyons

by @ctdots


"Who told that there is no mountains or canyons in Lithuania? Well, technically, it is true. Lithuania is located in Eastern European plain where most of the biggest countries in the world without mountains are located. But if you are not into idealistic viewpoint too much and enjoy things more in a…"


CRISPY CAULIFLOWER WINGS FOR The Medicinal Cooking Collective Week 4 🌼😊🌼

by @lenasveganliving


"Hello my Dearest Foodies, I was planing to make this recipe for a long time, even before I knew about this challenge. I was just waiting for lover prices and nicer cauliflowers. And the timing was just perfect! I couldn't believe how beautiful cauliflower I got, for almost half price of what it…"

Isaan food: the real Thai food

by @gooddream


"I think if you were to ask most people if they like Thai food the answer would likely be "yes." Thai food is, without question, the most popular South-East Asian cuisine in the world and one of the most iconic types of food overall. However, it surprises me to find out how very few of my western…"


Do you believe in this? This is the folklore in my country: Tales and legends that are scary.

by @raquel.ramirezv


"Hello friends, today I come to tell you a little about stories that really seem comical to me until the night falls and they tell you in a dark place (that's where you start to stop being the "brave") and that results that like all oral and written tradition in #Venezuela there are myths or legends…"

Sankofa Contest: Winners. New Week Opens. Prize Sponsorship Announcement

by @sankofa


"Big announcement first: We got Sponsorship! As part of her contribution to foster community and further incentivise good quality, original content creation on Steem, Curie is sponsoring the prize pool for the Sankofa Folklore series of contests for August and September. Find out ways you can support…"


Book News of the Day – Ernest Hemingway story from 1956 to be published for the first time

by @rarebooksleuth


"As a Hemingway fan, this comes as a welcome surprise! A Hemingway story, entitled A Room in the Garden and penned in 1956, is going to be published in the summer issue of The Strand literary magazine. The story takes place during the Second World War, narrated by a young soldier in the Ritz Hotel…"

Book News of the Day – Spectacular ancient public library discovered in Germany

by @rarebooksleuth


"Archaeologists have just unearthed the oldest public library in Germany, which dates back over 2,000 years and may have housed up to 20,000 scrolls. It was originally discovered in 2017 during the excavation of the grounds of a church in Cologne. Archaeologists knew the walls were of Roman origin,…"

Open source (unless you're RMS, then free software)

Open Source News Digest by [26/07 - 1/08/2018] - NASA on Github, Open Source Bioprinters and Guns, Uber Eyeing Open Source Maps & More

by @techslut


"My main job on the Open Source Radio Show on MSP Waves (aired live weekly on Wednesdays at 6PM UTC) is causing mayhem is bringing in the freshest and most interesting news from the open source world, and (when possible) adding some commentary to each new item. When on the air, I usually…"


Steempress: A New Way To Monetize Your WordPress Blog Without Ads

by @practicalthought


"As many of you bloggers know, it is growing increasingly difficult to monetize your blog. From ad blockers to being paid based on traffic, every year it gets more difficult as the competition for eyes grows more fierce. And lets face it, people are tired of being pitched to buy items when the…"

How do we prevent market failure caused by over delegation of Steem Power to bid-bots?

by @spectrumecons


"Should bid-bots unvote posts on Day 6? Hi everyone, I find myself writing another post about bid-bots. I have covered off a lot in my previous posts. My most recent post titled ‘Bid bots and the possible economic implications’ looked at the current situation on Steem with a focus on the effect on…"

Crypto as currency, with games

Big News-Microsoft and Starbucks accepting Bitcoin!

by @sames


"If you didn't hear the good news. Well let me tell you. news is from this article of a reputable source: ICE launches BAkkt ,a cryptocurreny exchange and warehouse solution a…"

Chibera - An Open World MMORPG Interacting With Steem

by @blockgames


"Support this project on ps: You can donate with steemconnect and pay with Steem. Blockgames is always on the lookout for new projects to look into and possibly support. Especially games that tries to connect STEEM blockchain and gaming. Not nesecerially because I personally am Invested…"

Steemgg Is Now Open For Business

by @taskmaster4450


"Yesterday I wrote a post about how the gaming industry is coming to the STEEM blockchain. Steemgg is a platform which will allow independent game developers to profit from their creations. They…"

Introducing - A Directory of Businesses Accepting STEEM/SBD

by @timcliff


"Today I just launched a new website! What is is an up-to-date list of businesses that accept STEEM/SBD as a form of payment. The main goals of this website are to: Provide Steemians with an easy-to-use interface where they can find all of the…"


Ocean of Art 45: Dive in and discover some promising new Steemit artists / Minnowsupport Curation Team

by @juliakponsford


"To help promote and improve the artistic community here on Steemit I am doing a weekly curation! Most of the artists I have chosen are still minnows and are waiting to be discovered and others that I will feature have just plain impressed me! All of these posts will be voted on by me and also our…"

So, what's all this then?

My goals here are to foster interaction on steem and provide visibility for good content.

Why not just resteem

This is basically a UI issue; I've noted in my feed that some great accounts which resteem dozens of times a day tend to drown out other posts. Until there's a way to separate author-content from resteems in there general steem-verse (i.e. on Steemit), I don't like resteeming much.

Criteria and format

The only real criterion I have is that the article should be something I was happy to have read. Ideally, it would be recent enough to still be active for 3 to 4 days after I post. A few other other things:

  • There's no restriction on category, though I tend to read more STEM/nerdy stuff
  • The list is not exhaustive
  • If I left you off, it's not because I don't think your post was worth reading
  • I'm still figuring out how to arrange topics
  • Post order is like the point system on 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' - meaningless
  • If you're a prolific author, I might only list one post in full format, then mention others.
  • If I post your stuff a lot, I may leave you out from time to time to make room for others.
  • If time allows, I may provide commentary on posts, but right now I'm letting them stand on their own merits.
  • Artists! I'm trying to post your art in such a way that people can see enough of it to know if they want to follow the link. I definitely don't want to just repost your stuff in full resolution. Let me know what makes you happy.

Call to Action

I enjoyed compiling this list and you can do it, too. Even if your vote counts for nothing and you have 3 whole followers, start keeping track of what you actually liked reading and let the world know about it. I don't think there's a relevant tag yet, so let's go ahead and use #readinglog. If there is a better tag out there, let me know.

Remember, a community without interactions is just a bunch of people. Comment, vote, promote, even resteem!

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Cool design and great idea, thanks for the mention!

I’m actually shocked someone noticed my post and would include it in their curation list. And your list looks to be a quality one too. I really like the feel, format and the thoughtfulness of it. I checked out a couple of links that caught my interest. I’ll loop back this weekend to properly read, comment and let them know they were discovered via your curation list. It’s the least I can do, because it’s little things like this that holds a lot of value to me. ❤️

So thanks for the mention, here’s some flowers for you. Okay, they’re from the foyer of my office building where I’m sitting to write this reply. They’re so pretty to me, even the cotton ball thingies, I wanted to share them somehow. Lol


Have a lovely day.