Linny draws a Lich - Zombie Summoning for Trial by Comics

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This is part of my Learning to Draw Dungeons and Dragon Series.

She’s not part of my original crew, but there was a Lich in our campaign. I think our Dungeon Master put the Lich there for flavour, as a prop of sorts. Our level 1 Elf Ranger ran past and shot an arrow at it...

We were noobs, we didn’t know what we were doing. We tried to kill everything. I’m pretty certain the Rogue killed a Tiefling who could have assisted us. It was our first session, it was chaos. Thinking back, we sucked so bad, it was hilarious.

Anyway, the Lich is a powerful Necromancer who could have killed our Elf with a point of a finger. 🤣

I wanted to draw a Lich, but decided to make her female. She’s a Drow, a dark Elf. I don’t have time to write on it for this post, but the Drows of DnD have a matriarchal society. I so loved reading on their culture. There’ll be another Drow in this series, she’s my character, but I’m doing her last. Trying to tackle a Drow as a first timer DnD Roleplayer is not recommended. I struggled.

Contest Submission - A Lich Summoning Zombies
This is also a submission for @kommienezuspadt ‘s Trial by Comics ‘Zombie’ Contest .


I started working on this piece properly yesterday morning. It turned out harder than I expected. I need two more days on this!

So this is the first time I’m submitting unfinished work. 😥

I’m not happy with it....

My husband told me it’s not his favorite either.


The zombies are lame, I know. They were a hack job. My husband complained about them bitterly, but what can I do? I didn’t have time for them. I bit off more than I could chew in this composition.

This was the most unrestful drawing experience ever!

I started writing this post in the car, and I’m now going to submit while in a busy restaurant. Apologies for any grammatical errors.

I’m so glad it’s done.

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Well done! I'm not really into zombies, but this is great. ;)


You are way toooooo self critical!

I am, but it’s frustrating to me to see all the problems and not be able to spend more time on it. This morning was a crazy rush to just paint it in the most random way to hide the faults, so it was at least submittable.

There’s more stuff I want to do, things I want to change. It feels incomplete... Driving. Me. Nuts.

But thanks for commenting. I didn’t expect you’d even pay attention to zombies.... 🤣

In fact, this challenge was quite complex although I learned a lot, the self-criticisms made to your drawing are real and very accurate. I was not very comfortable with my entry but I had 4 days in the and patience is over. Thank you

Thank you for the comment. Yours is much scarier. I hope I don’t have nightmares! Lol

It's a real compliment. Thank you.

Aww don't worry. Awesome lich more than makes up for "lame" zombies ;D

Love you ryivhnn. You know just the right comment to write. I was dedicated to the Lich. I’m just annoyed with her hair and that I didn’t finish all the detailing on her. Had to redirect time to my half-baked zombies. I seriously considered smudging them out of existence. Lol

(Yeah, I’m using every comment to complain. My husband read my post and laughed at my first world problems...)

Smuding them some to make them a bit less detailed would have worked, then you could have called it dof ;D

That Lich is amazing! Gives me the creeps just thinking about it. Makes me wonder the kind of horde that will be summoned to do her bidding that could be lurking out of view. I do like how they are coming out of the ground almost trying to cling to the one that summoned them.

Thank you, enjar. I did quite love the concept of her, and I would have liked to spend more time. But it’s done and I have to move on. And yes, you got the concept I was going for. Zombies in DnD are mindless undead, whereas the Lich is intelligent undead and retain their previous personality. You may already know this, but I had a husband who was quite specific that I stick to lore, rather than another idea I had... Lol

Well done Linny, summoner of zombies.

Thank you, Brian.

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