Trial by Comics for "Zombies"/ My entry.

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Hello my dear friends of Steemit, this time I show you my work to participate in the "Trial by Comics" Coordinated by @kommienezuspadt, the theme of this week is "Zombies".

Let's go step by step in drawing this drawing! While I'm drawing, I digitize the process with a scanner.

The materials to use:

  • Opaline letter type sheet.
  • Pencils 2H, HB, B, 2B, 3B, 8B.
  • Charcoal.
  • Diffuser.

  • We start by making the sketch, then we draw the head and the face, we draw the darkest details and then the lightest.


  • Then we draw the torso, shoulders and arms, we do the same procedure drawing the darker details and then the lighter ones.

  • In this gif we can observe step by step.

I hope you like my drawing, I am still in the process of training in this area of my life that I love so much, and those who have more knowledge in the drawing I read your suggestions.

In order to share this publication with the English speaking community, I used the google translator.
I apologize if there are grammatical problems.

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auuu...this is scary a little! lol...The deep set eyes especially stand out. this deserves my vote.....sorry my SP is low though, for now. I am waiting for it to recharge!

Thanks for comment, do not worry I still have 6 days so you can vote 100% jajajajaja

Fair enough....i will return in 48! Thanks for the patience.

Good entry friend. I really liked your gray handling. Good luck in the contest.

Thanks friend for the comment! It's the first time I've made a zombie, I hope to win, but if I do not win I had a lot of fun doing it.

We are two who hope to win I'm from the competition haha. Luck.

Simplemente bello javi..

Jajajajaja gracias por comentar @chayanne07X! Pero no es bello es horrible esa es la impresión que tiene que dar, de miedo y terror.

Okay, so this zombie is flat out in your face. I really like the shading and the darker background. The contrast puts your zombie even more front and center. Almost too close and center. :)