Chibera - An Open World MMORPG Interacting With Steem

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Support this project on ps: You can donate with steemconnect and pay with Steem.

Blockgames is always on the lookout for new projects to look into and possibly support. Especially games that tries to connect STEEM blockchain and gaming. Not nesecerially because I personally am Invested in STEEM, but because STEEM is easy to operate, steemconnect works seamlessly, and it is feeless as well as instant. Even though games cannot be built on top of Steem, Steem can fuel the game's economy.

So, welcome to Chibera

a land that is still recovering from being torn apart and mutated by an explosion that was caused by a mana experiment centuries ago. Because of this accident, a tree was mutated into what is now called the world tree, along with the mutation of humans, elves, dwarves, and animals which lead to the rise of multiple new intelligent bipedal species.

They make a really good point. It is truly time people start developing something for people to SPEND their Steem on. Right now, there are thousands if not more people who are just sitting on their thousands, and even millions of dollars worth of Steem. There is not much use case. You can invest passively, delegate and earn interest, which is awesome in itself - but if we want to grow as a crypto we must create more avenues to interact with the Blockchain.

An in-game auction house in an ACTUAL 3D (I personally wouldn't hate a cool 2D game as well) environment just like any other normal MMORPG would give Steem A LOT of use case. You go on missions and kill monsters and collect unique Items that then will be sold for REAL money (STEEM) in an auction house. I mean..what more can anyone who loves gaming hope for?

In my opinion this is the final ingredient in computer games, that has really kept me personally from being drawn into games. I feel like it's a waste of time, because I don't do anything of value. It feels fake. I spend hours grinding, but for what use? Imagine going on quests deep in a dungeon and finding that extremely unique Helmet, and sell it for 100 Steem which you can convert to real money to feed yourself or pay the rent. Imagine spending hours mining for gold and setting up your own in game business. Or imagine owning your own land, which you can rent out for players who would like to let's say farm - and make a passive invome.

The possibilities are endless.

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 10.03.21.png

An immersive PvE and PvP world

Chibera will give you the chance to experience its world in two distinct ways. Either you may choose to play as an adventurer, seeking fame, glory and wealth by venturing into dungeons with your party to slay mythical plus dangerous beasts and provide your faction with much-needed resources while acquiring gear to become stronger in the process.

Or if you wish to fight against other players, you may choose to join the never-ending battle for resources as a member of one of the factions and kill, steal and do whatever is necessary to ensure your factions victory in the short term. Because the world is always coming to an end. But when it ends, the one who controls the most territory will get the glory and wealth.

And no matter what world you decide to fight in, whether it will be against dangerous monsters or against cunning players you will always have the option to customize your character with a complex skill and talent tree - giving you the option to play exactly the character of your liking.



  • Steem based auction house connected to the Blockchain

  • Ownable land, buy sell, rent out, build on it

  • Flying, swimming, ground mounts

Support this project on ps: You can donate with steemconnect and pay with Steem.

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Cool idea! I’ll have to reach out to you in the future upvoted

Its playable now?
System requirements?


Launch by Christmas, early access people will get to play the whole development @kriptonik


Thanks for the answer!

Any roadmap plus release date? thank you!


Launch by Christmas, early access people will get to play the whole development

seems like another really interesting game. Defiantly keep us updated


Launch by Christmas, early access people will get to play the whole development. Maybe even possibility to add minigames like Steemmonsters.

Damn son. All you need is publicity. Is this browser based? Did you build it with Unity?


Not my game! I'm just delegating SP and helping them fund the development, as well as promoting their project. So should anyone interested in this!


Ohh are you part of fundition io?