My Reading Log: Interesting Stuff From the Past Few Days (2018-07-27)

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Helping younger artists grow (Steemit drawing school proposal) Are you in?

by @promisearts


"It has always been a sincere passion of mine to find and nurture younger artists as much as I can…"

Dragon Riddles

by @kristyglas


"Dragon Riddles are a tradition passed orally from elder dragons to youngsters. The main purpose is entertainment with a hint of wisdom…"


Sweet Peach Rose Tart

by @ayaennaciri


"With puff pastry, honey, and peaches, nectarines, and plums. This tart is DELICIOUS and worth the effort! …"

Sfenj: Moroccan Snacking Doughnut Recipe

by @ayaennaciri


"Sfenj is one of my favorite childhood treats and my guilty pleasure. It is a Moroccan version of Dougnut…"

Let's Check out What The Vegetables Seller Has In His Moto-cart!

by @cicisaja


"…I think it's about time to re-write and add some more information. This Moto-cart owner comes everyday around 11 am to 2 pm…"

Canning tomatoes, step by step

by @amberyooper


"Hello, steemians, and welcome to da garden, eh! Yesterday was the start of canning season for me, I canned my first batch of tomatoes for the year…"


Book News of the Day (Update from Yesterday's Post) – Forbes Deletes Op-Ed Arguing Libraries Should Be Replaced by Amazon Bookstores.

by @rarebooksleuth


"Yesterday's book news was about the Forbes article, written by a professor of economics who, very unconvincingly, argued that libraries should be abolished and be replaced by Amazon bookshops.…"

Book Review - Jingo (Terry Pratchett)

by @tfcoates


"G'day Team, Seeing as I'm currently struggling through my surgical rotation, I'm struggling to find the time to research and write really thorough STEM posts. But I still enjoy writing and so I figured I'd keep going with reviews of the books I'm churning through. I hope people enjoy these reviews…"

New article on my India paintings in French Embassy magazine.

by @kathleenscarboro


"What a nice surprise, coming back from Normandy, to see my painting on the cover of the latest issue of the "Nouvelles de l'Inde". This magazine is published by the Indian embassy in France…"

Book News of the Day – Haruki Murakami's new novel declared 'indecent' by Hong Kong censors.

by @rarebooksleuth


"Haruki Murakami, the Japanese novelist who is one of the world's most celebrated literary writers, has run afoul of Hong Kong censors…"


Dividing the concrete jungle to help the animals connect - Part I

by @snowyknight


"What are solutions for ecosystem divisions as we continue to "develop" this planet? @mountainwashere inspired this post based on their post regarding surviving the asphalt wasteland…"

Vibration - physics explained

by @zen-art


"It is time for some fun science again!"

How Humanity is Changing the Course of Evolution Part 3: Surviving the Asphalt Wasteland

by @mountainwashere


"As heavily as the damage humanity has wrought upon the oceans has changed the course of evolution, the damage on land has done even more to shift the path of evolution.…"

Bizarre Natural Phenomena Vol. 65 - Mesmerizing Icy Blues (Mendenhall Ice Caves Of Alaska)

by @ruth-girl


"Are you ready for a new weird phenomenon? Being summer here, I'm gonna take you some place cold to cool you down a bit. Pack your heavy clothes and follow me to... …"

General relativity 101 - Gravitational waves in a nutshell

by @lemouth


"As the entire Steem planet probably knows it today, SteemSTEM and are currently organizing their future joint meetup at Virgo Labs, close to Florence and Pisa in Italy. For more information, please do not hesitate to visit our @fundition campaign aiming to cover the costs of this enormous…"

What makes wine cry? Let's explore from first principle the "Tears of wine" - A case of Marangoni effect

by @temitayo-pelumi


"Marangoni may sound like some spell from the “Legend of the seeker” or “merlin” series or maybe not, but anyhow, you sure will wonder at what I’m about to reveal to you…"


by @lordneroo


"Hello everyone! How is everything going today? Hope you are having a wonderful day…"

Why are we not spherical - Breaking the symmetry of embryo with Alan Turing.

by @scienceblocks


" Are you paying attention? That is what you hear the star of The Imitation games asking in this movie inspired from life of Alan Turing. But were you paying attention, to the real story of this genius? The genius…"

Brewing without Hops: Genetically engineering yeast to make hoppy flavor

by @tking77798


"Brewing beer is weird once you think about it…"

Geology of Iceland - Part 9: The environmental impact of the Skaftár Fires

by @sooflauschig


"During history, short-lived explosive volcanic eruptions have had small to moderate impacts on climate. This also goes for moderate to large basaltic flood lava eruptions. Currently, Iceland is the only volcanic region on the planet, where eruptions of this type and scale repeatedly…"

Introducing Connor and Bender the FHT Bots

by @birchmark


"Hi guys, Last weekend my partner and I went to an event called Hybrid World Adelaide. Within this event was individual workshops and events. My partner and I did one where we made / assembled a robot each…"

A triangular approach to the reason plastic melt in hot oil but not in boiling water

by @olasamuel


"…Few days ago, I had an interesting experience which I think I should share with you guys. It was the saga of a plastic spoon and an ignited frying pan with fried Plantain and hot oil in it. Actually, I…"


by @cyprianj


"A little prologue A knock on Doctor Cold stone's office by Mr. Bond. Doctor : come in please Patient : thank you doctor, good morning sir! Doctor : Good morning my dear, please have a seat. How are you doing Patient: Doctor, hmm I am not fine o , or do I? Doctor : laughs... If I may ask what is the…"

Superfluidity: Liquid light as the 5th state of matter, its strange production at room temperature and relevance to physics.

by @emperorhassy


"…Today I'll be talking on Superfluidity, taking liquid light as an exposition…"

We are relying on ancient rocket engine designs to shoot us into space! Is the Aerospike engine an alternative?

by @alexdory


"The rocket science and industry is so high tech and so advanced that it has sparked the well known expression: "It's rocket science". But is it? …"

Gravitational waves - from proposals to observations

by @steemstem


"The Virgo Interferometer is something spectacular. With two arms 3km in length, it's one of the biggest machines ever made in the history of the world,…"

Large quantities of liquid water discovered on Mars

by @astrophoto.kevin


"For the first time, the European Mars probe "Mars Express" discovered large amounts of liquid water on Mars…"

Philosophy of Science Part 3: Physics Envy

by @mountainwashere


"There's a fantastic XKCD comic strip that discusses the relative "purity" of the sciences, ranking them with physics and math on top…"

The most exciting clustering you have ever seen

by @alexs1320


"Clustering in mathematics is as exciting as a bread. We all use it, not really enjoying in that process and whatever we do, it's more-less the same. At least I've thought so until…"


Some witnesses worthy of a vote. Be part of the process

by @steevc


"Have you used up your 30 witness votes? These are your opportunity to have a say in the direction Steemit takes…"

What is the Steemian Directory?

by @anonyvoter


"Those who are following me will find this a strange post, but I receive some feedback from @lemouth telling me that it wasn’t easy to find more info about this project…on steemi…"

Binance STEEM Wallet Now Working For Both Deposit & Withdrawal

by @socky


"STEEM Withdrawals are working on Binance…"

Steeditor development update: communities, new core, and new editor

by @jakipatryk


"It's been two months since the last update about Steeditor. One might think that the project has been abandoned, but this is definitely not true …"

Why I think the subscription bot model is good for Steemit, and my review of the available services.

by @phelimint


"I've always been a fan of subscriptions bots here on steemit and I think they are good for the platform. It's a model I've very fond of here on steemit. This is when you pay some fee in advance to have ongoing votes on your posts…"

Small fry Steemit abusers

by @steevc


"Unlike most social sites we can't just report abuse to the company to get it dealt with. It's up to the community to do the dirty work…"

Which Steem apps attract new users?

by @crokkon


"Steemit is by far not the only interface to Steem…"

Two Huge Steps Forward For The STEEM Blockchain!!!!

by @taskmaster4450


"Picture being on one of your favorite non-STEEM blogs. … As you hit reply, a button comes up that says "Log Into Steemit". You press that, post your…"

Steemhunt Gamification Leads The Way For Future Smart Media Tokens

by @flauwy


"The team of this product hunting platform based on the Steem blockchain has implemented various elements of making your time there worthwhile and addictive. I am looking closer at these features and how they can be…"

Fixing the Markdown Parser on the Utopian V2 Frontend

by @tensor


"The issue that was encountered in this set of pull requests was with regards to the Markdown parser and how it parsing certain types of data. Specifically, images, styled links and blocks…"

STEEMWORLD ~ My Favorite Tool For Steemit!

by @blewitt


"While there are many tools out there to help you along on your quest for Steemit greatness, this is the one that I prefer most…"

The Pace Of Development Is Accelerating

by @taskmaster4450


"Have you seen SteemProjects yet? This is a site that lists all the applications on the STEEM blockchain…"

dApps Unite! Fundition and Join to Empower Open Source Innovation

by @fundition


"Fundition was built on the idea of collaboration, aiming to help bring people together toward a mutual goal…"

Dev Portal Update: Tutorials, Recipes, and Tweaks, Oh My!

by @steemitblog


"In this update our primary focus was adding new tutorials. We also improved our API definitions, added ImageHoster…"

Steem as currency

Steemshop guidelines: we are waiting for your products

by @steemshop


"@steemshop is an account where you can buy or sell anything using the Steem/SBD in your wallets.…"


Is STEEM In The Process Of Building A Basic Income Network

by @taskmaster4450


"These days there is great debate regarding the income situation throughout the world…"

Games and geekery

Blender. Robot (part 2)

by @kovatelj


"Good day! As promised, I continue to work on the robot model…"

What is SteemHeroes? Here's what you need to know to create a character and start earning rewards!

by @steemheroes


"SteemHeroes is a creative, story and character-driven comic book universe that exists entirely within Steemit and is being built by the users themselves…"

Ithaqa Graphic Novel Fundition Update 25 Steemit Exclusive Art Update

by @drwatson


"The art is starting to come together, and I think I won't add any more commentary in terms of what is being depicted…"

Papers, Please - Simulator of Communism

by @pipiczech


"I bet you've heard about this game because everyone is talking about it. The theme is brand new. You just hope the game is not as boring as it sounds…"

The Red Keep poster

by @moderndragon


"About four years ago I did a design for a vintage travel poster to The Red Keep in Westeros!..."

First Appearance Friday ~ Gabby (AKA Honey Badger)

by @blewitt


"In January of 2016, the title, All New Wolverine released its second issue and it quickly became a hot commodity. Why you might ask??? …"


by @allangraves


"Today I have a really good project that I started this week, A customer came by the shop not long ago and he wanted to cover up a tattoo he had of Marilyn Monroe…"

Krull (Atari 2600)

by @darth-azrael


"Krull for the Atari 2600 is based on the movie of the same name…"

Drawing the Iron Man | Avengers: Infinite War

by @jaquevital


"Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man character in the movie Avengers…"

Project Introduction: Solarium - A Steempunk Visual Novel

by @thefairypark


"Solarium is an open-source visual novel in development based on the @steempunknet game, created using the Ren’py open-source game engine…"

Villag3Craft - Minecraft SMP - Diamond Dust Railway Company

by @debralee


"I missed getting last weeks update out to you but to be honest, you did not miss much. I saved the village close to …"

"The Three Kingdoms" also known as "Three-Chess", is a game made by Venezuelans that takes Chess to a new level

by @arepadigital


"Chess is without a doubt the most important board game in the history of mankind, not only because it has been an ideal entertainment for those evenings sharing with friends since centuries, but also because…"

Michael's Fantasy Lase-O-Rama: Deathstalker (1984, Vestron Video)

by @modernzorker


"The success of 1982's Conan the Barbarian drove movie studios everywhere to capitalize on the sword-and-sorcery genre in the hopes of replicating Conan's box office returns without having replicate its considerable budget. One of the earliest and most successful of these rip-off…"

Select Your Hero!!!

by @blewitt


"This is a new segment I’ll be trying out. It can be interactive and fun and will hopefully get people talking and commenting on this platform, which is the ultimate goal…"

Comic Artist Spotlight ~ Joshua Middleton

by @blewitt


"Comic book fans and collectors can be a fickle group. Take for example, Josh Middleton. An accomplished artist who’s been working steady in the industry for nearly 2 decades, yet is only now achieving “stardom”…"


Animation Lab Work #4 (Kool-Aid Dancer?)

by @midlet


"Today I experimented a bit more with some particle work…"

Crafts Idea - How To Paint Dragon Eyes

by @starjewel


"Hello my friends! Today I will show you a fun crafts project, how to paint dragon eyes.…"

Big beautiful world

Caretaking History: Living In A Real Ghost Town

by @csusbgeochem1


" Today's post will concern a period in my life where I had the opportunity to be the live in caretaker of a real life ghost town…"

East End of Rundle - Scrambling in the Canadian Rockies 📷

by @unipsycho


"Had a great day of scrambling near Canmore, AB in the Canadian Rocky Mountains…"

Ruinas de San Ignacio, Argentina

by @claudiaz


"Today these ruins are a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. We stopped by for a visit on our way back from a trip to Brazil…"

Indonesia #07: Diving in Amed – Day 1 [EN/GER]

by @roadtrips


"Welcome to Amed! Amed is a small, laid back town on the north-eastern side of Bali. The main reason for tourists to come her is diving…"

Tunisia. The troglodyte houses of Matma. (Photos by sard @ rt)

by @sardrt


"Tunisia is a country that reserves many surprises for a curious traveler. There are many places and monuments that can be visited during a trip of a few days but to see absolutely in Tunisia are the "troglodyte houses" of the village of Berber origins called "Matma" and located near the city of…"

Agrippa Palace In Caesarea Philippi

by @exploretraveler


"Caesarea Philippi was an ancient Roman city at the Southwestern corner of Mount Hermon. It is near a spring with awesome water, a grotto, and many shrines that lay ,…"

Caerphilly - The Largest Castle in Wales

by @vliet


"Even if you don't know how to pronounce the mysterious name of Caerphilly, it certainly is worth visiting its castle, the largest in Wales,…"

Urdini Lakes

by @danielapetk


"Exactly a month ago I went to Urdini Lakes for the first time and I would like to share with you some photos that I took that day…"

Pony Swim on Chincoteague Island

by @dswigle


"It has been asked why they hold this event, the swimming of the ponies. They gather the herd and cull out many of the babies, as the island cannot support an endless number of horses…"


Northern exposure! Why Scots have been baring all on the tops

by @natubat


"Maybe it's the unusually hot weather this year, or maybe it's just social media gone wild… Scots have been enthusiastically stripping off on mountain tops and posting photos of their bums…"

Not just a place in RISK

Kamchatka. Halaktyrsky beach

by @sapiens4media


"Strongest, cold wind knocking down. Heavy, gray waves of the Pacific Ocean. Amazing large black sand…"

Curation and community

Maker Menagerie #1 - A collection of unique maker projects!

by @thesteemhouse


"There are many amazingly talented people here on Steemit! From arts & crafts to sculpting and stitching, from 3d printing and do-it-yourself projects to electronics and programming, "making" covers a broad spectrum of topics. The one thing they all have in common, though, is a sense of creativity…"

Post Promoter Curation Initiative - Weekly Curation Report #2

by @postpromoter


"Hello and welcome to the second @postpromoter weekly curation report! .…"

Ocean of Art 44: Dive in and discover some promising new Steemit artists / Minnowsupport Curation Team

by @juliakponsford


"To help promote and improve the artistic community here on Steemit I am doing a weekly curation! Most of the artists I have chosen are still minnows and…"

The Global Homestead Collective Is On the Move!

by @ghscollective


"Who is the @ghscollective? Who are the members? And what are they doing? And Finally.. What's This About Global Home Coins & Radio Shows? Let's start at the beginning…"

Follow Friday: Crypto-mongous

by @steevc


"I don't know about anywhere else, but it's very hot in the UK right now. We may see record temperatures today. It's 32C outside and not much cooler inside. No, we don't have a/c. We wouldn't generally need it much. Still, whatever the weather, #FollowFriday must go on! This week I'm featuring some…"

Charity raffle

Golden Steem Monsters and SBI Shares to Win!! Massive Raffle for Charity

by @cryptoeater


"Hey guys! We would like to announce that the next raffle by shall commence now! Below I will list the prizes and how to enter! This is a re-post of the original one as's account does not use any bid bots and I would like to promote this post at least a little!! Prizes…"


eduSteem (Introduction)

by @bflanagin


"eduSteem is a LMS (Learning Management System) / Lesson Plan sharing service that uses the Open Seed API and Steem cryptocurrency to reward educators through payments and students through what we like to call "continuous…"

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