dApps Unite! Fundition and Utopian.io Join to Empower Open Source Innovation

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Fundition was built on the idea of collaboration, aiming to help bring people together toward a mutual goal. Behind Fundition, stands the idea of Founders, Supporters and Backers working together to change the world and their lives for the better.

Now, seven months since its inception, Fundition is proud to announce a collaboration and partnership with Utopian.io, an initiative utilizing the Steem blockchain to incentivize open source development collaboration.


(Illustration by @sndbox)

Utopian.io is one of the first platforms built on the Steem blockchain with a vision similar to that of Fundition. Utopian.io (@utopian-io) aims to crowdsource the development and promotion of open source projects, and reward professional contributions to open source projects on and off the Steem blockchain. Since its inception, Utopian.io has distributed thousands of STEEM to FOSS projects and contributors all over the world, and has helped dozens of project owners realize and promote their visions.

With such a similar vision of collaboration and crowdfunded success of innovative initiatives and projects, a partnership between the two is only natural. We are very excited to offer you this opportunity to empower your open source project with the combined power and reach of Fundition, and access to the open source contributor community of Utopian.io.

Utopian.io + Fundition.io = Open Source Success

If you are a FOSS project owner, or have been thinking of developing one - you are in luck! Fundition and Utopian are your combination for crowdfunding and crowdsourcing the growth and development of your idea and vision.

Empower YOUR Open Source Project

To make your Open Source dream a reality, you already know you need two main things - a budget and a community of passionate professional contributors. To get started, all you need to do is create a Fundition campaign for your project and promote it.

When you create the project on Fundition it should include:

  • Description: An attractive and detailed description of your project, including an introduction of the project and team, relevant images and videos, project goals and the story behind your open source initiative.
  • Goals: Include a short summary of the above-mentioned project goals.
  • Rewards: This optional section to include rewards or incentives for your potential supporters can help increase the visibility of your crowdfunding campaign.

How to Receive Support for Your Project from Utopian.io

To get @utopian-io support for your project, you need to ensure that your project update posts are tagged correctly to be included also as contributions to the blog category on Utopian.io.

Until the new Utopian.io frontend is made available to the public, you simply need to include the following tags in your Steem post published through your Steem frontend of choice (steemit.com, busy.org, etc.): utopian-io as the first tag and blog as second. Don’t forget to add the URL to your github repository at the top of your post.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the community participation policies and publishing guidelines for Utopian.io and the specific category.

The last tag to include in your update posts in order to link them to your Fundition campaign is your Fundition project tag, that can be found on your Project News Section.

Note that only project updates made to the blog category on Utopian.io will be considered for an upvote from @utopian-io according to category moderation and scoring conventions.

If you have questions, or would like to hear more about the services and opportunities Utopian.io can offer YOUR open source project, please join the #project-owners channel on the Utopian.io Discord server.

Let’s change the world for the better together!

Join a community with heart based giving at its core


恭喜,这是Steem生态重要的一步。 生态内合作、互通。

Yes!... I believe that Fundition is the future of crowd. I like your new association with Utopian. Really exciting.

I'm glad that both of these projects are thriving. Hopefully, I can soon launch my own project with blackjack and hookers. Will be using both Utopian and Fundition. What are the chances of assembling the dev team in these communities, I wonder?

Hey there. If your project is going to be open source our community of developers will likely be happy to help!

It will be as soon as there will be a non-embarrassing prototype to show. Not only that, it probably can be classified as FOSS as well.

Great initiative @elear !
Good to see things are continuously evolving with @utopian-io

Regards, @gold84

vote me and follow me

A very beautiful article, Lake!

First time hearing about fundition. Definitely will check it out. Thanks.

We are just about to launch a steemit based gaming distribution platform, and we have been thinking about exactly the same thing here, encouraging game developers to submit their project in Fundition to get initial funding, make an open source creation with the support of Utopian, and finally submit their game onto our platform. All done on the Steem blockchain. This will hopefully bring more of the gaming community into the blockchain. I wonder if there are any chances of working together @fundition @utopian-io?

Amazing! Looking forward to that

We have just made our first post. We will be officially going online in a couple of days. If you are interested, you can find out more about our project here:

Gaming Distribution? What do you mean by that? Is it like RPG like Steem Monster? Sorry for my innocent question...

It's a platform for game developers to upload their game and earn rewards through upvotes. We will be launching in a couple of days, will let you know when we make our first post!

Thank you! I love to join!!! Please let me know by any ways of a message...

Good going! Let's tokenize the web together :)

Hehe! It would be cool to see Fundition, Utopian and SteemPress Tokens being used all over the interwebs!

We are building the future all together :)

To the future! :)

Note that only project updates made to the blog category on Utopian.io will be considered for an upvote from @utopian-io according to category moderation and scoring conventions.

Does that mean that development work will no longer supported by Utopian when done via a Fundition campaign?

Hey @flauwly. If you have successfully contributed to Utopian and Fundition in the past via the development category and you want do so in the future, you are welcome to do so.

We are focusing the partnership with Fundition on the Utopian blog category, enabling project maintainers to publish and get rewarded for updates, which do not have to be necessarily code related.

Sounds actually just perfect for my 1UP project where I just released the Task Request yesterday. I could found it like that as I have already planned to do a Fundition campaign for it anyways. Thanks for the feedback, Elear.

Good question! I am curious how they monitor that a dev of the project also submits the code as contribution.

Open source innovation is a great concept

It's really good concepts I agree with you

Oh. @utopian-io interesting news. Thank you for information. I resteemed this article.

I congratulate the entire @fundition team for their achievement and association with @utopian-io, good deeds definitely generate the engine of any happiness. I will be excited soon to start my campaign and continue helping people in my country.

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