Is STEEM In The Process Of Building A Basic Income Network

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These days there is great debate regarding the income situation throughout the world. The plight of those in the third world nations is well known. While they have seen an increase in their standard of living, many are projecting that automation in the west is going to harm those people first.

Of course, there is a great divide in the more advanced countries in terms of income inequality. For the most part, wages are flat for workers in these countries according to studies that looked at the last couple decades. Part of the banker run system is one where they consistently, yet underhandedly, devalue the currency. Through the use of inflation, they are able to reduce the purchasing power of the populous.

I am a believer in the peril that is being presented by automation. Actually, automation is what we were living under for the past 30 years. It is now the entry into the autonomous age that contains so much danger. With advancements in AI, robotics, and 3D printing, we are going to see job replacement like never before.

So where does this leave people?

Fortunately, I foresee the simultaneous entry into crypto-economics. This means that tokens are going to be at the core of what we all do. Those of us on STEEM are already starting to see the possibilities in this area.

I held the idea that tokens will eventually be the basic income that people have to live upon. My question is "are we already starting to see that network being established right here on STEEM"?

The Smart Media Token protocol is going to open up a great deal of innovation. This will allow people the ability to create value around their ideas. By monetizing their project, they have the ability to build a following and reward them in a meaningful way.

@actifit is one of those tokens. The development over the past month shows it is a team that is dedicated to moving that platform forward. This token is basically incentive for people to move. Is there anything that is honestly more basic than that? One gets paid simply for moving around. It is something that every person on the planet does each day.

@air-clinic is a token that is being created to provide incentive to learn and live a healthy lifestyle. It basically is an online health clinic on the STEEM blockchain. Their app rewards one for logging in to read articles and post comments. Content creation is still a part of that ecosystem yet there is so much more. They truly are rewarding people for taking steps to take care of their health.

A big part of lifelong happiness comes from being healthy. Having a great deal of money is nice but not of much use if you are bedridden your last few years. Sure, you can pay for quality care but you are still stuck in a bed. This application is seeking to provide individuals with knowledge of how to prevent different maladies while also enriching people monetarily.

@steemhunt is another token that is already enjoying a great deal of success on the STEEM blockchain. This is along the same lines as Steemit in that it is a content/reward model. The difference is the content creation is from finding deals. Those who like to scour the Internet for new apps, gadgets, and gizmos are rewarded for letting others know about them. This application also uses account-based voting as compared to the stake-based voting system that Steemit and many other applications use.

@steembasicincome is an experiment where people can buy a SBI unit for another (which also gets one for oneself). This unit entitles one to a percentage of the entire voting pool that unit is located in. This means that each post one puts up is upvoted by SBI without end. Therefore, each time one hits the "post" button, SBI pays them.

There are also @deegramofficial and @appics that already announced they are using the SMT protocol to create tokens. This is all in addition to earning STEEM and SBD on the STEEM blockchain using the multitude of applicatoins.

Many of these applications along with different groups have curation trails where one can sign up (through Steemauto). When the curation trail upvotes a post, ones upvote is contained in there. This will earn one curation rewards automatically without having to do anything. Yes it will cost one some voting power but essentially the rewards just roll in.

There are situations where this compounds. @actifit, for example, will not only earn people the SP payout for the upvotes in the curation trail, each post that it upvotes also pays out 1 ACTI token. Thus, one is getting both SP and ACTI for the same upvote. @steemhunt does something similar where upvotes on that platform result in receiving both tokens.

I noticed not long after I joined the STEEM blockchain that this was a compounding machine. Everything builds on top of itself. Today's actions will have an impact down the road. Everything one does on here has the ability to impact one's account. And, anything that reaches the account, if powered up, ends up compounding other efforts. Now, with the advent of the SMT protocol (even though it is not released) we are seeing a number of other options being presented to us.

That said, I am thinking this has more than just the compounding factor. STEEM is going to be a place where people are going to be able to earn the money to pay for their needs in life. Obviously, I am a believer that those on here now, if they are consistent in their activity, are going to fare extremely well. Those who end up joining at a later date, while not in the early adopter stage like now, will still be able to earn tokens on a daily basis that assist in relieving their financial burden.

The STEEM blockchain is quickly becoming a basic income machine.

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Basic Income would incentivize governments to mass murder people in the billions. In the past governments have mass murdered just for thinking or looking differently, guess what they would do to millions of zombie parasites that don't produce anything and are a massive drain on resources. NOT a good idea, stop it already! People have to step up, study to become valuable in the future and earn their worth if they want to live happy and free.

Matrix quote on this matter:

Agent Smith: "Did you know that the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world where none suffered, where everyone would be happy? It was a disaster. No one would accept the program, entire crops were lost. Some believed that we lacked the programming language to describe your perfect world, but I believe that as a species that human beings define their reality through misery and suffering. So the perfect world was a dream that your primitive cerebrum kept trying to wake up from."

How governments would think of worthless people

I think there is also the thing that blockchain is going to likely be the infrastructure that will underlie all of the government, industry and social interaction to make things like UBI more affordable. So, being a part of it now prepares for what is to come.


You are correct, it's just making things so much better. More Blockchains to the people! ⛓

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There’s so many projects getting going here that it’s hard to keep up. I hadn’t heard of @air-clinic but just now delegated 100 SP to it. Another lottery ticket!

I was exploring the idea of income expanding and compounding on itself with the fork coming in January and this post came up, good job of explaining a layered idea of how we may see these applications moving in the future.

This is interesting. Although the activity isn't working right on my Phone, I see the benefit of the blockchain

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This is a nicely written article, I would include some of the very promising communities such as @steemstem & @sndbox promoting science & creativity!
I feel very optimist for being a part of the whole steem community!

These tokens make a likelihood of getting rid of inequality. For this I also think positively.

We are in a good position and is the time to stack more Steem Power. ;)

Super informative, really interesting movements!

As always, very wise words. Good luck to you and love.

Как всегда, очень мудрые слова. Удачи Вам и любви.

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The capitalist in me does not see UBI being a thing in my lifetime. Only time will tell if it becomes a possibility.

I could see how this might serve as a sort of testing ground, prototype or "sandbox" for other basic income projects.

As jobs vanish, perhaps there can come a time where the rich can invest in basic income projects, earn a "return," and meanwhile the recipients can perform some kind of task (like we do here) to build their stake or monthly cash flow. But it's going to be on a much larger scale than Steemit...

Interesting approachs, time will tell us who is in the right path.

Steem is currently helping lot of people in countries with economic crisis, countries such as Venezuela or Zimbabwe. 1 dollar for them means a week of food in some cases.

That sure is beautiful and interesting.

I think the huge amount of people don't will have any advantages on more productivity. I mean the bosses of companies tell since many years how we get more productive and successful. But where is the benefit for the workers? To lose jobs where they are not longer needed? I think "let's get more productive" is a big falsehood. It's just to fool the people. Less people have more money, more people get more poor. It's like this in Germany or Austria (and i think in other western countries too).

Africa? The western system will send his corn, chicken and all this shit to undermine the local markets, steel the local values and will gag them over the IWF, UN, WTO, EOCD, IFC and so on... And if they (these countrys) don't accept, the big players will send (secret) forces to attack them or to change the political persons there.

I'm not a christian, but i think it's not false when we say "The whole world is in the hand of the evil." Isn't?

And at the end if we gain more money? I mean if it would be? The people pay more taxes and buy more shit (which is broken in a few months) where is part of slavery. I think just a few people transform the values of mother earth with the help of the working class into financial profit. And this is how they planned, i think. You - in the eyes of the so called elite - don't should grow up. You have to be a slave. And not many people can detach from this. And if there a way of possibility is growing, it gets undermined by the people where regulate these systems. I mean look at the Soros and Rockefellers with Bitcoin. Any questions? (Yeeeees folks, invest in Ripple! For sure it's safe!) And when everybody is conform with cryptos, what will happen? History tells us.

I think we have to grow individual responsibility for our doings in our small community. Grow your own garden, get healthy that you don't have to eat these pills, build relationships to your neighbors and the local community and so on. But when we grow in relationship with these "elite" (which isn't), we have the wrong partners. We don't will get to freedom or success. They will poison us and our live, our possibilities. My opinion.

Thank you for introducing @air-clinic, @steemhunt and @deegramofficial to me. I didn't know them.

Greetings & be blessed!