Golden Steem Monsters and SBI Shares to Win!! Massive Raffle for Charity

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Hey guys! We would like to announce that the next raffle by shall commence now! Below I will list the prizes and how to enter! This is a re-post of the original one as's account does not use any bid bots and I would like to promote this post at least a little!!


  • First prize: golden epic Steem Monsters card + 20% of total jackpot as SBI shares
  • Second prize: golden rare Steem Monsters card + 15% of total jackpot as SBI shares
  • Third prize: golden common Steem Monsters card + 10% of total jackpot as SBI shares
  • Forth prize: 10% of entries as SBI shares
  • Fifth prize: 5% of total jackpot as SBI shares
  • Total prizes: a golden epic, rare and common Steem Monsters card + 60% of the total jackpot as SBI shares. The remaining 40% will be used to fund donations to our distributors.

How to Enter

  • Send 0.1 Steem or 0.12 SBD to for each ticket
  • Attach in the memo "raffle tickets", or something along the lines of that so we can differentiate between raffle entries and donations
  • Each person may buy as many tickets as they wish, in as many transactions as they wish

Charity Work Documentation

Entries so far: (worth 0 Steem + 0 SBD)


I just realised how short this post actually is, and since I plan to boost this to trending I've decided to add a little bit more to this!

Why I Started

It all started a few months ago when I had first met @reinaldoverdu. He opened my eyes to the injustice that Venezuelans were living in, due to the hyperinflation of their money which had caused many innocent Venezuelans to be left in poverty.

Since then I have been working in my spare time to help promote and the situation in Venezuela so I can better help those who are in need.

Since the Beginning

We have given away around $60 to Venezuelans, which does not seem like a lot to us, but it is a lot to them. I'm hoping that someday, I can raise a total of $10,000 dollars for Venezuela! Below are some photos of the impact we've had so far!

For more information about the photos, please read the "Previous update of where our funds went"!


you did a good job

Good luck! Upvoted!!

The jackpot is coming from the post rewards of the account's post?

The jackpot comes from the tickets! We're hoping to achieve around 100 Steem for this raffle!

Oh man it's so painfully obvious I don't know how I misread that. Thanks!

Can I send like 1 STEEM for 10 tickets in 1 transaction ?

Waao charity is good

What an awesome prize!! Steem Monster Gold Foil cards are the hottest ticket in town! lol! :-)

Thanks @clove71! We would greatly appreciate it if you could mention us in one of your streams or something :)

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Crypto currency is very good, it will play a very important role in the future.

This is an awesome initiative! I'd love to do what I can to help out! My only question is, if I haven't been able to afford a steemmonsters starter pack... Will I still be able to receive the cards if I win anything? If so, then great! If not, I'll probably just make a small donation and just buy a single ticket. :P

Crypto is the best

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